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Sha’i Ben-Tekoa: “Brussels: What No One Is Saying” March 22, 2016



From the Mind of Sha’i ben-Tekoa
Webcast Transcript:

Date: Thursday, March 22, 2016

Parasha: Tsav / צו

Title: “Brussels: What No One Is Saying”

Copyright Sha’i ben-Tekoa 2016

“Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim” It is the evening of the 4th day, yud-gimmel beAdar bes, Parashas Tsav, tav-shin-ayin-vav, the evening of the 1st day, Tuesday, 22 March 2016, webcasting from the eye of the storm.

So, as I said the last time, we must be thankful that our governments and the security forces, IDF, GSS, Police and Border Guard have so hamstrung the belligerent Muslims here; they are reduced to these knife attacks and vehicular homicide.

Think of it: it has been a while since we suffered the kind of satanic orgy of blood Brussels was blasted with today at the airport arrivals hall and in a metro station, 34 dead at least; who knows how many wounded.

The whole city was paralyzed again as after the Muslim massacre in Paris when they were hunting for the cell of angels from Hell, agents of the Shaitan, as the illiterate Arabs mispronounced the Hebrew Satan.

This is common, you know, in Arabic. Rabbi Ibn Ezra in 12th century Spain, when Islam still ruled most of it, said Arabic was like a desert Hebrew spoken by illiterate nomads. The Arabs are the offspring of Ishmael who went to live in the desert with his bow and arrow and sired millennia of outlaw highwaymen whose specialty was preying on people in transit.

There we saw again today in Brussels how these subcivilized, barbaric Muslims target an airport and a subway station, both places of people in transit.

The Muslims who lived along the north coast of Africa were known as pirates because they preyed exclusively on civilian, commercial vessels in the name of the Jihad. Once aboard a captured vessel, the crew looted everything not nailed down. This was considered pay for the common Muslim sailors. The ship and cargo belonged to the captain who also had to pay the ruling junta of Janissaries a percentage.

The Barbary Pirates were not pirates but the official, sanctioned navies of these powers. And their livelihood at sea paralleled what their Muslim brothers were doing on land, preying upon pilgrims and caravans of commerce crossing their deserts. The Barbary Pirates were doing the same thing, only at sea. Their targets were also people in transit when people are most defenseless and vulnerable. 9-11, before it was a mass murder, was a form of piracy.

Anyway, the ibn Ezra may have been persuaded to think along these lines when thinking about the Arabs who were still illiterate even after almost 2,000 years of Jews reading the Five Books. G-d gave them to Moses and the sons of Israel in the year 1313 BCE. Muhammed began his career in the year 622 CE and the Koran was the Arabs’ first book, so 1,937 years after the Jews began reading and living by their first Book the Arabs got theirs. Ibn Ezra may have puzzled over how the Arabs turned the Hebrew letter sin into shin and vice versa. For example, we say shalom and they say salaam. We say si’ah, the word for “faction,” and they say shi’a, the origin of the Muslim sect, whose name literally means “faction,” that part of the Muslim umma/people that broke away and fights the original group for power. Sunni and the Shia have been murdering one another spasmodically over fourteen centuries. It is a way of life between them. And this is another example of the speech and brain defect of the Arabs messing up sin and shin. We say si’ah and they say shi’a. Kind of an eternal kind of lisp.

Anyway, what caught my attention this day following the latest horror in Belgium, in Brussels, the same city where two years ago a Muslim shot up the Jewish Museum and murdered, I think, four …what caught my attention was nothing said by all the commentators and politicians and journalists but what was not said.

The security and foreign policy experts spoke of intelligence gathering and resources and tougher immigration controls, etc. to deal with this problem.

But not said at all was the word “Islam,” the religion itself, unmodified by such words as “radical” or “extremist.” Ted Cruz and John Kasich shook their fingers at “radical Islam” and I heard others talking about “extremist terrorists.”

The Muslim secret agent in the Oval Office, at the moment in Havana, Cuba posing under a portrait of “Che” Guevara, performed as usual. He said, “We must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith against the scourge of terrorism.”

Yes, indeedy, ladies and gentlemen, the scourge, the enemy is terrorism, which of course has no known land-based center to attack. It has no army, no navy, no language, no religion. I ask, “Where can we find this enemy called ‘terrorism’ to destroy it/him?” This is a variation on his statement after Ft. Hood when he said that Islam had nothing to do with that massacre. And here from Havana, Barack Hussein, named for the second shahid/martyr in Islam, godfather of the Shiites, says that “regardless of nationality like the Arab nation or faith – like Islam…” In other words, pay no attention to the language spoken by the angels from Hell today in Brussels; pay no attention to the words they were reported to have shouted in their last, ecstatic moments in this life, “Allahu Akbar!” Pay no attention.

The President of the United States of America, ladies and gentlemen, has once again told people to look away and not to identify the horror with any particular nationality like the Arab nation or particular faith community. Islam had nothing to do with this, Obama said, after Ft. Hood and he has done it again.

In fairness, though, he is not alone. As I say, all day we heard of the terror threats that Belgian intelligence had been given but did not act upon; how the Paris mastermind was able to live for four months in his Muslim neighborhood in Brussels with surely a support team and the ‘omerta’ in the neighborhood about ratting on him to the police.

We heard about the operational realities but not one word from any politician or area expert who said the real problem, the bottom line was, Islam. Not “radical Islam.” Not “extremist Islam” but just Islam the religion in its roots. The word “radical” comes from the Latin word radix for “root,” so a “radical Muslim” is not unrepresentative of Muslims but the opposite: he is the most rooted and representative of all.

The fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not violent like these jihadis — these horny suicide boys looking to score with a captive harem of virgins they can violently deflower for all eternity — but that is due to their indolence. The masses are lazy, not that enthusiastic. The majority of Muslims are not violent, yes, but the same majority also applauds those who are. This is what happened when the villain Obama toppled Mubarak and the semi-literate Egyptians went to the polls. They elected the Muslim Brotherhood.

As in 2006 here, when the Arabs went to the polls, Hamas swamped the allegedly secular Fatah cult.

I said before that what was not said today was most interesting. Besides the absence of the word “Islam” plain and simple, was the silence out of Araby. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I heard the king of Saudi Arabia, whose official title is Guardian of the Two Mosques, the one in Mecca and the one in Medina, home country of Islam, say after such horrors, “This is not Islam and I do not approve”? The correct answer is “Never.”

Saudi Arabia has a hierarchy of priests, and surely the top guy has also never been heard denouncing such evil.

We never hear from the civil dictators in the Muslim states either. Where is Erdogan in Turkey speaking out against what just happened in Brussels? Where are the kings of Morocco and Jordan protesting these alleged outliers who do not represent the true Islam?

Because of this silence, the West, the rotting liberal democracies of the West, have never been able to properly name the adversary. You know, in World War II, the West fought the Japs and the Krauts, Japan and Germany, whose countries were targets. And I ask, “How do you target terrorism?”

We heard today that “It’s a world war, it’s World War III,” but not the name of the countries in this war. For sure, we heard people saying the West is under attack, but the enemy was never really identified. Most commonly, like Obama, even Republicans spoke of the “war on terrorism” and what to do about it.

Ted Cruz, as I said, spoke of “radical Islam,” Kasich did too. At first, he spoke the truth, but then made a U-turn in mid-sentence. Listen carefully to what the governor of Ohio said: “We’ve really been at war with Islam for a long time now, radical Islam, not with Islam but radical Islam.”

When I say it is impossible to make war against terrorism not even “radical Islam,” whatever that is. Where are its targets, its military bases, its capital, its ports, its weapons factories? Where is this place called terrorism? Where is this place called radical Islam? In truth, Kasich and Cruz spoke the contemporary mantra. It is an across-the-board phenomenon. Kasich at first referred to Islam being at war with the West but then walked it back immediately, and all in the same sentence.

Yes, the comments today by politicians and pundits were most interesting for their silence about what I believe is the true enemy. Not terrorism which is a tactic but the ideology behind the tactic. Kasich rightly said this is a “war directed against the West and all of civilized society.” He said, and was not alone, that “…obviously the intelligence community is behind the eight ball and needs to be rebuilt immediately.”

But here again we are back to operational issues without a name for this enemy and the ideology he believes in.

Never mind the enemy does not shy from speaking his ideology; it is no mystery. After the horror, ISIS twitted, “Brussels, if you continue your war against the religion of Allah, then this is our response.”

The elephant in the room of Western civilization these days is Islam — original, authentic Islam — that does not belong in the West and never should any Muslims have been allowed to build a mosque in the West. Trouble is, the West shot itself in the foot by allowing immigration from Islam to fill the lowest jobs in society. Israel too is guilty of this. The Torah miSinai is explicit in the command to make no deals with the inhabitants of Canaan that the Children of Israel would find when they arrived. The command was to drive them out — as Ishmael was driven out.

The West, Europe, let these people in, and then by their own civilized notion of freedom of religion. let them built their mosques.

I believe Europe has the power to save itself but not the spirit.

The U.S. by contrast, Australia too, Canada, Eastern Europe, are not yet lost and can save themselves if they clear their minds of clichés about the Three Great Monotheistic Religions and the Three Great Abrahamic religions.

Sorry. In the West, all the liberal democracies are the product of Judeo-Christian civilization, and one can find a coat of religion of many colors; Buddhists and Hindus, Sikhs and Baha’i, and Jains, etc. and that is great.

But Islam is different. Islam is the exception to the generality that tolerates a panoply of religions in society because they are mostly benign in their behavior and there can be no restrictions on a person’s deepest beliefs about life.

But again, Islam is the exception, and the West has to get over its narcissistic addiction to the untruth that all religions are of equal worth.

When the British ruled India, they were confronted by the common Hindu practice of suttee, by which the surviving widow of a dead husband whose corpse was about to be burnt, must lie down next to him and be burnt to death with him.

The Brits, when they were still Christians, couldn’t tolerate that and set out to put a stop to it. They also warred against the Thuggee sect — whence the English word “thug” — and defeated those homicidal religious maniacs too. Check out “Gunga Din,” one of the great Hollywood movies starring Cary Grant.

What the West has lost is the sensibility of one of its greatest people ever, Winston Churchill, who wrote two books about fighting Muslims and suffered no constraint in describing Islam as an abomination of a culture. The West has lost that ability and that is a major obstacle to thinking clearly about ISIS and their horrors that are just the same as the PLO’s horrors in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

The PLO as well, the Arab offspring of outlaw desert robber forebears, attacked air terminals and hijacked airplanes and killed people at ticket counters at airports. Today it was the arrivals hall at the airport in Brussels where there is no security check to match the one boarding air passengers have to go through; and it was the arrivals area at Lod Airport in 1972 when three Japanese Communist terrorists hired by the PFLP struck and massacred arriving passengers using machine guns and hand grenades.

In this sense, the horror today at the airport in Belgium was nothing new.

Yeah, the reactions of major players today were interesting and revealing. Not only is Hillary Clinton a criminal for breach of security regulations in the matter of handling classified materials, a felony; not only as she been infamous in her career as a liar over decades, her response today reveals her perfect incompetence as the leader of a nation confronted by this menace.

Here’s what she said: “The idea that terrorists are continuing to strike at the heart of Europe and now Brussels, and the number of casualties from what looked to be a fairly sophisticated, coordinated attack is deeply distressing. We’ve got to stand in solidarity with our European allies, as they have stood with us on so many occasions, and we have to intensify our efforts to find and prevent terrorists from ever doing this again. It is going to be a long challenge because of a lot of factors, including the easy accessibility to powerful explosives and the mobility of terrorists in today’s world, but we’ve got to be absolutely strong and smart and steady in how we respond.”

To quote Gertrude Stein, “There is no there there.” First, she tells us it is “distressing” that these things are still happening in Europe. And we have to intensify our efforts to find and prevent terrorists from ever doing this again.”

I’ve said it before: this woman has never had an original thought and seems to think one problem is the “easy accessibility of powerful explosives.”

What is she suggesting? We have to find a way to make powerful explosives less accessible? That’s the problem?

But again, in her defense, like everybody else, not a word, not a peep about Islam as the root cause of this cancer on civilization.

About the only bright spot this week in the matter of homicidal Muslim maniacs was news here that last Sunday the Ministerial Committee for Legislation was to discuss new legislation calling for the death penalty for terrorists.

Absolutely. It is part of the rot in Western civilization that as the culture has lost the ability to speak plainly about the barbarism of Islam, the conventional wisdom is that the death penalty is itself a primitive punishment. If it is wrong to kill, it is wrong to kill.

No. Admittedly, it is a bit a paradoxical but the proper response to the criminal death of an innocent by an evil murderer who has unjustly taken his victim’s life, his punishment must be the loss of his life, and society as a whole must execute that punishment via its instruments of law and order. Murder is the ultimate crime that requires the ultimate punishment.

So, I hope the government succeeds in legislating the death penalty for terrorists whose sentences should be carried as soon as possible after the crime.

I hope Netanyahu agrees and fights for this law to return morality to Israeli jurisprudence. Or, more accurately, institute a death penalty it never had. (There is nothing to return to.)

And speaking of Netanyahu: he today by satellite told the AIPAC Conference in Washington that he hoped the U.S. would “continue to reject any move towards a UN Security Council resolution backing statehood for the Balestinians.”

Not a good sign. It suggests his sources have said the Muslim anti-Semite in the Oval Office is thinking in those terms. Bibi surely knows that these AIPAC conferences include sending participants to meet with their representatives in Congress and make known their desires by doing a little, unpaid lobbying for Israel. It sounds like Bibi was telling them, “Please, bring this up with your congressman and/or senator.” The people of Israel, they might say, are afraid of what this antiJew wants to do before he leaves office and by implication, these AIPAC attendees are requested to ask their congressmen to do what they can to stop him.

Lastly, some good news and some bad. Defense Minister Ya’alon addressed high school students at Kfar Blum yesterday and told them that as Chief of Staff in 2004 when Breaking the Silence was formed, he understood they were making charges against IDF soldiers but refused to name the soldiers making these allegations to the Chief of Staff & his staff in the IDF and worse, they were spreading the accusations aboard. He understood that they were up to no good.

For sure, the army has no interest in soldiers abusing people and has a record of punishing soldiers who do. The right thing to do was to inform the IDF of these charges, not leave the country to slander the IDF with anonymous accusations. These are not good people.

The bad news is that the new attorney-general Mandelblit from the national religious camp, a career officer in the army, has said that barring Reform Jews from using kosher mikvaot for their ceremonies would be “unconstitutional,” and never mind that that Israel has no constitution. Rather, whenever an Israeli official talks like this, you know its taurine excreta. I suspect he was influenced by Netanyahu who does not want to see this legislation.

These Reform activists are a pain in the neck.

Anyway, it is time for my annual break. As usual, I’ll be gone for 4 Sabbaths. I’ll be speaking in Passaic, NJ on April 2nd at Tiferet Israel. On April 12, in the afternoon I will be speaking at the Yeshiva High School in San Diego and in the evening for the ZOA at a Chabad House there.

So Purim sameach/Happy Purim, and the next webcast probably be in the middle of khol hamoed Pesach, the week after the Passover Seder. As usual, replays of 11 of last year’s better webcasts will be posted in my absence.

Leila tov, chag sameach, veShabbat shalom miEretz Yisrael.


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