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Members of the American Congress

Originally published on 01/01/1997 | by Emanuel Winston

We, Americans, have unleashed powerful, uncontrollable forces against a friendly democratic ally.  We have done this under the rubric of “peace”, although we know there will be no peace.  The Oslo Accords were our version of... Read More

US Policy

Saudi Arabia, the next Iran?

May 6th, 2013 by Emanuel Winston

“In 1985 President Reagan sought authority to sell Saudi Arabia forty-two additional F-15s, antiaircraft missiles, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and Blackhawk troop-carrying helicopters. Again, the proposal raised a storm of opposition in Congress and had to be... Read More

US Policy

Strength defines peace

Originally published on 02/06/2001 | by Emanuel Winston

Today’s Debate: Editor: Mideast Peace Opposing View by Emanuel A. Winston: Arab Nations Simply Don’t Respect Policy of Appeasement Ariel Sharon may be hated by the Arab nations for his role in defeating them in the... Read More

US Policy

World Trade Center

Intelligence failure

Originally published on 09/11/2001 | by Emanuel Winston

The hijackings of four planes that attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon might have been picked up by Israel’s HUMINT (Human Intelligence) through the Mossad but that talent was killed off by the Bush/Baker Administration. ... Read More

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