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Lavi: Lion of the skies

Originally published on 07/03/1986 | by Emanuel Winston

The Israelis are pouring all known avionic technology into a state-of-the-art aircraft called the Lavi (Lion). In addition, they have gathered their considerable combat experience and made strenuous demands of their designers and suppliers to exceed... Read More


Killing the LAVI

Originally published on 05/16/1998 | by Emanuel Winston

Simply put, the Western alliance, based upon current planning and available equipment, does not have, and will not have, a ground support aircraft that can also survive a sophisticated combat environment well into the year 2000.... Read More


IAI Lavi

May 16th, 2013 by Wikipedia

The IAI Lavi (Hebrew: לביא, “Lion”) was a single-engined fighter aircraft developed in Israel in the 1980s. Developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the choice to develop the Lavi was controversial, both with the Israeli public... Read More


High-Tech Chutzpah

Originally published on 01/01/1987 | by Emanuel Winston

On July 21, 1986, the Lavi fighter jet, a product of Israel Aircraft Industries, was “rolled out” to an enthusiastic reception of 2,000 invited guests. The crowd included Israeli dignitaries of all kinds, as well as... Read More


Eyewitness to Jack Kemp

Originally published on 08/23/1996 | by Emanuel Winston

Photo: Gail Winston congratulating Jack Kemp on his speech extolling the benefits of the Lavi and Israeli/American cooperation July 21, 1986. Kemp is holding his prized model of the Lavi fighter for which he fought valiantly. For... Read More

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