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This is a YouTube of the father of the 7 precious children, Gabriel Sassoon. Please watch it

The Sassoon family’s fire tragedy is all of our tragedy.  How can we possibly get our minds around this huge loss of life – 7 beautiful children.  We can’t.  Perhaps all we can do is a serious, practical Pekuach Nefesh.  To save the soul of a single life we must take practical action.  At the very least buy (or check your) Smoke Detectors!!!  Have extra batteries.  If your children cannot afford to buy them, you buy them for your kids & put them up!  Buy some fire extinguishers & check them regularly.  Check the electric wires of appliances.  Fix or throw out the ones with frayed wires & be sure nothing electrical is near cloth or paper.

מבט עם יעקב אילון – יממה לאחר הלוויות עם אבי משפחת ששון

He asks one thing please.  Give blessing for his wife & daughter, recovering from serious smoke inhalation & burns.  Daven for his wife ‘Gila bas Francis’ & his daughter ‘Tzipora bas Gila’.  He said that would help.

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