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Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria

Published in ISRAEL TODAY

The battle lines are drawn for Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, without which, the security of Israel is at extreme risk.  Israel cannot defend Jerusalem if she decides to surrender Judea and Samaria as a territorial sacrifice for the ‘sake of peace’.  The Arab/Muslim world, supported by the Soviets, Muslim (non-Arab) countries, non-aligned nations, Europe, Japan and Africa (for the sake of oil), and the Vatican will continue to press Israel to give up sovereignty of Jerusalem, if Judea and Samaria follow the precedent of Sinai.

We will not permit the loss of Jerusalem, or Judea and Samaria, as that loss is implied by the linkage interpretation of the Camp David Agreements, and the Reagan Plan [plus every other ‘Plan’ that has since followed].  Giving up under U.S. pressure would not only make Israel’s defense impossible, it would also break the morale of Israel’s population.  Then Israel’s fate could well become that of the Lebanese Christians.  The Arabs will not mind, but American Jews should.

Many frontier Zionist pioneers in Judea and Samaria left their comfortable homes in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York, Chicago and other countries to create pioneering facts intended to keep a Jewish presence in the Land of our Heritage.  If there is to be true peace, there is no reason for this part of our Land to be “Judenrein”.  If there is no true peace, then it would be national suicide for our children [and our children’s children] to be obliged to defend Israel along truncated borders.

Israel is continually urged by the world to freeze these pioneer outposts…to make room for a Palestinian, radical, irredentists ‘homeland’. This ‘homeland’ intends to make East or ‘Arab’ Jerusalem its capital.  The United Nations considers 60% of Jerusalem to be part of the West Bank.

What is East or ‘Arab’ Jerusalem?  All the Land Jordan occupied [illegally] in 1948?  Including the Jewish Quarter where every single Jewish synagogue was destroyed by the Jordanians?  Our ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives?  Mt. Scopus where Hadassah Hospital and Hebrew University were cut off after the massacre by the Muslim of 77 Jewish doctors and nurses?  The Western Wall of the Jewish Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, where access was denied to Jews from 1948 to 1967, contrary to international agreements and guarantees [and is still challenged today]?

Does the United States recognize Arab/Muslim sovereignty over the parts of Jerusalem which Jordan captured during the 1948 War?  Only Pakistan and Britain recognized Jordanian sovereignty over any part of Western Palestine.  No other nations, including the United States, ever did.

The Bible is filled with prophecies of the Jews’ return to Jerusalem.  In the 2,700 years since the two destructions and dispersals, Jews have prayed daily for their return to Jerusalem.  Zionism is Zion.  Zion is Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is Israel.  We have peace in Jerusalem now that the Eternal Golden City is united.  All faiths now worship in freedom.  All holy places are protected.  Jerusalem has been the physical and spiritual capital of the Jewish people for more than 4,000 years.  There has always been a strong Jewish presence, except when forcibly kept out, and a continuous Jewish presence since 1267.  Jews have been the majority of the population in Jerusalem since 1850.

American Jews voted for Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan on faith, in part, because they both promised to uphold the Democratic and Republican Parties’ platforms by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, and moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Now, to our dismay, President Reagan, in his September 1982 “Peace Plan” which he keeps reiterating, has promoted a policy of pressuring Israel into surrendering vital territory to appease the Arab/Muslims.  At the same time, enemies of Israel are being shipped the most advanced American weaponry that even American NATO allies have not yet received.  Again, we are being deceived and Israel’s survival is at risk.  [Nothing has changed since 1984, except if may have gotten worse!]

The pressure of successive American administrations on Israel is, to no small extent, our own fault.  American Jews have permitted our Presidents to endanger Israel’s security.  They may have argued:  “You don’t have to agree with our reasoning; you are free to cause another war by not doing so; you will ultimately be responsible for killing your own young men, but don’t depend upon future American support, air or arms.”  We may not know what really occurs in talks between the U.S. and Israel.   However, the attitudes of our American governments are our responsibility, insofar as they are formed upon the dominant public opinion as molded by and in the Media.

We have empowered our Government to develop such manipulative techniques as attested to in the memoirs of the Camp David negotiations.  By our silence and passivity, we encouraged Carter’s pursuit of pro-Arab/Muslim State Department policies.  [To this day!]  Our failure to act has been compounded by the divisions in our local Jewish communities and our lack of political foresight and understanding.   Israel shouldn’t have been put in a position where she is forced to mortgage her economic future by relinquishing territory, oil and strategic defenses for a cold peace.  Similarly, when then Sec. of Defense Caspar Weinberger instituted confrontational policies and undermined Israeli actions in Lebanon, we should have raised louder voices.

Leadership in the Jewish community has been developed to meet the urgent needs of fundraising to provide essential community services.  These leaders may, or may not, be the best leaders for political action, especially if they are cautious to avoid conflict with American administrations who institute their policies against the best interests of Israel and the survival of the Jewish people.

However, since the perception of the community as a whole, is that the job is being done, it is difficult or impossible for new leaders, with political or public relations experience to play a meaningful role.  The job of political public relations (Hasbara) for Israel is not being adequately pursued by Jewish leadership in America.  Israel does not have the necessary budget to engage in such a vital undertaking.  Israel is now [in 1984 and still today] asking the Diaspora communities to assume direct responsibility for Hasbara but, we have not yet begun to tackle this job.

The American Media make mayhem of misunderstanding.  In the midst of Israel’s tremendous sacrifice of the Sinai Desert for peace, the Media (perhaps briefed judiciously by the U.S. State Department) immediately began an attack, which has not [to today] lessened, upon Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem by the techniques of linkage plus a false interpretation of the Camp David Accords.

It should be painfully clear to all Jews in the Diaspora, that the job of Hasbara is ours and ours alone.  We may never match the millions of petrodollars poured into Arab/Muslim propaganda but, nothing can match the zeal of turned-on Jews, ready to defend the survival of Israel.

Judea and Samaria are Israel’s key to survival.  Jerusalem is our soul; Israel is our heart and upon Israel’s survival depends our own.

GAIL WINSTON, Director of M.E.I.R., Mid East Information Resource


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