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Published on 03/09/2006 | by Emanuel Winston | Archived in: Israel Policy


Tax Funds To Hamas – An Alternative Solution


Presently, temporary Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has withheld the next payment of tax and customs’ fees from Hamas. Most in the government and media know that Olmert is placing money in escrow temporarily so he can look forceful before the March 28th elections. After that he will deliver the money into the hands of whoever is controlling the Palestinian Authority and that will be Hamas.

They will then be the paymaster to the combined forces of Hamas and Fatah’s armies. This amounts to 60,000 well-armed terrorists (whatever the world wishes to call them). Moreover, all the cash dollars will, in one way or another, continue to build the Global Terrorist Network — in training, equipment, explosives and payments to families of suicide volunteers.

While Israel wishes to avoid the condemnation of the supportive European Nations and the U.N., she should not fund the purchase of guns and explosives that will be used to kill their own families. Therefore, I propose the following as an alternative solution:


Since the World speaks of maintaining a Humanitarian Solution with the recognition that most donor monies go into the hands of terrorists, simply change the method of payment.

Instead of providing fungible cash money, transfer the equivalent in food, medicine, medical equipment and such things which are immediately useful for the humanitarian needs of the people. If Hamas gets the money directly, not only is it used first for weapons but, there is no guarantee that it ever reaches the people.

Nothing should be provided that Hamas can trade or barter for guns, explosives or the upkeep and safe-houses for terrorists be they called policemen or whatever euphemistic name they may be called, since it is well-known that from the days of Yassir Arafat through the Abu Mazen period, most of the money is never acquired by the real men, women and children who are not terrorists. A policy of providing butter instead of Cash- for-Guns should be welcomed by the Europeans, Americans and the United Nations. Food for the people should be delivered to “honest” brokers on the so-called Palestinian side who (hopefully) will not then raise the true value price and sell it on the black market.

Medical supplies should be delivered directly into the hands of the medical staffs of hospitals before it can be stolen by Hamas and re-sold. Recall how Arafat’s terrorist army in Lebanon would drain the blood of patients in the hospitals and use it for their “solider-terrorists.” Even building materials such as cement and lumber would be transferred as materials-for-cash.

Granted there will always be crooks on both sides who may find a way to cash in on the well-meant humanitarian transfers. But a good media campaign of human interest stories, demonstrating the “humanitarian” actions by Israelis both in goods and services such as medical treatments for Arab children in Israeli hospitals, well-known in Israel but not acknowledged abroad, will prove quite beneficial. This effort would require a solid committee established by the Knesset and out of the hands of the likes of Olmert and Peres. It must be transparent.

If the E.U. or the Arabist State Department objects because they want the cash to flow to support an army of terrorists…too bad. They will have to explain their motives to their electorate.

Providing food, medicine and medical equipment is the highest form of humanitarian aid. Who could object other than the terrorists and terrorist nations who want the War of Terror to continue? This aid coming from Israel will be grudgingly appreciated by the Arabs/Palestinians even though they voted for a continuation of terror through Hamas.

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About the Author



Manny Winston, my late husband, flew from Chicago to Israel to volunteer during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. He arrived with US secretary of state Henry Kissinger’s first ceasefire on October 21; I followed on October 30th.

Manny was picking grapefruit at Kibbutz Dalia when his friend, the artists, Sol Baskin called with a permit to enter the war zone. They drove to meet Gen. Ariel “Arik” Sharon at the Suez Canal. “Shalom” Baskin was part of the Mahal volunteers from America to the IDF, and a commissioned officer in Mahal. He was Arik’s commanding officer during the 1948 War of Independence, and they remained friends.

Manny brought his two Leica cameras and photographed an outstanding photo exposé on October 29 and 30. He saw and smelled the “killing fields” He met with Sharon, the young soldiers who had survived the destroyed tanks and he saw how the blown tank turret, flipped upside down destroyed the lives of those brave souls inside.

Manny did see these effects and, because he was a true Renaissance man, a graphic thinker who was a painter, sculptor and political analyst, he envisioned a solution to the weak point of the tank. He described a technique to conquer that weakness to Sharon, who sent him to Maj.-Gen. Israel Tal, the developer of the famed Merkava tank.

Manny’s “leap of imagination” created what became “Blazer” or “Reactive” Armor. He designed rectangles of hollow metal boxes with an explosive charge inside. These ‘so-called’ “skirts” were placed around the neck of the tank turret so that when hit, the explosive charge therein would push the incoming ballistic missile out, thereby saving the tank and its crew. This was compatible with the primary goal of Gen. Tal’s Merkava tanks: Defense of the Tank Crew.

That, along with speed, maneuverability, effective shooting and protection against damaging desert sand, were what made the Merkava “The Tank a Jewish Mother Would Love,” as Manny called it.

He also designed a better bridge for crossing the Canal – easier to carry and assemble, and less susceptible to the huge holes the tanks had already created on the day’s existing bridge.

Manny continued to submit creative concepts for defense and offense to Israel’s military industries – for which he received his Israeli citizenship and security clearance. Many of his concepts and ideas were adopted throughout the years. He never asked for credit or remuneration but even today, I see his concepts being used, either in action or in military articles. Someday I hope to publish the “WINSTON DEFENSE DESIGNS,” either online or in a book – a very big book, with his original drawings.

The Yom Kippur War was a seminal turning point in Israel’s history. We did win. It was a miracle, given the forces mounted against us, in number and backed up the Soviet Union.

We have 40 mounted color photographs by Emanuel A. Winston, ready to show at a traveling or permanent exhibition, which will enhance our appreciation of what our men and generals went through and achieved.

The Yom Kippur War was also a seminal turning point in the lives of the Winston family. It was our second trip to Israel. We had tried to make Aliyah in 1962 but didn’t succeed. I made Aliyah on November 7, 1979. Manny died on June 12, 2012, and is now buried on the Mount of Olives.

I sold the home he built in Highland Park, Illinois, in August 2012, and brought his manuscripts and published papers, to the home I built in Israel in 1992. Two of our sons and their families also live in the Jewish state.

My heartfelt message for you, the reader, is to invite all my friends, family and Internet friends to come to Israel. This is where a Jew can be truly Jewish.

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