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Gaza War Diary 9 Thu-Sat nite. Jan.19-21, 2017 9 Day 1231-1233

Dry Bones by Ya’acov Kirshcen: “Swan Song”


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Dear Family & Friends Gaza War Diary 9 Thu-Sat nite. Jan.19-21, 2017 9 Day 1231-1233

Why was the Paris Conference held for 70 countries? Read the story #2 below:

“One Sheep, 70 Wolves & a Great Shepherd” by Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.

Seventy [70] is a significant number in Judaism: 70 people of Ya’acov (Jacob) went down to Egypt during the famines predicted by Yosef, his son sold into slavery who rose to viceroy to organize Egypt’s food before the famine & keep all the people who came down alive.

See article # about the 70 nations of the world who grew from Noah’s 3 sons after the flood.

It says in the Torah that in the Ends of Time, the Moshiah (Messiah) will come & all 70 nations of the world will come to pray at G-d’s Temple & acknowledge that He is the One G-d & pray to Him.

My husband, Emanuel Winston, z’l, urged Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir NOT to attend the Madrid Peace Conference because it also was planned as what Manny called a “Kangaroo Court” – all the world’s ‘70’ nations ganged up against the one solitary, peaceful sheep: Israel. Being called a “sheep” then was not derogatory as it was after WWII & the Holocaust – as it ‘seemed’ as if we were unresisting sheep being led to the slaughter by the Nazis. But, he did, & a critical piece of Israel’s Sovereignty was lost. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was wise not to go. B”H.

More on to come by Gail Winston on: “70 nations shall rise up against Israel”.

Yesterday, Saturday January 20th, was the great expulsion of one American government & the inauguration of a new & different American government.

It was also Shabbat here in Israel, 7 hours ahead of President Trump’s historic inauguration, so we were in Shabbat while you’all in my Old Country could watch this awesome event. Hope you enjoyed the moment.

Here is a link to the full President Donald J. Trump inauguration speech in case you missed it:

Next week we go back to work, reshaping people’s negative opinions about their new President & a sea-change of the US Administration opinions & actions for the Jewish State of Israel.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

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1A.Dramatic Sovereignty Now poll eve of President Trump’s inauguration

1.“Paris conference ‘last gasp for breath from yesterday’s world”: PM Binyamin Netanyahu

2.One Sheep, 70 Wolves, & a Great Shepherd by Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

3.Anti-Israel UN resolution inspired terror, Israeli envoy charges

4.Pope Francis Strengthens Palestinian Refusal to End Hostilities with Israel

5.Arab-Israeli kills policeman during demolition of illegal structures

6.Arlene Kushner: “Hypocrisy & Audacity” My Most Recent Post From Israel 1/19/17

7.Arlene Kushner: “The Days Are Short” 1/13/17
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10.The disastrous capitulation in Hebron. By David Wilder, Hevron

1A.Dramatic Sovereignty Now poll eve of President Trump’s inauguration

WomeninGreen: to womeningreen Overwhelming Majority of Jewish Israelis for Sovereignty Now Over Judea & Samaria

Inauguration-Eve Poll reveals Israeli sentiments on resolution of conflict.
JERUSALEM – An Israeli public opinion poll, released on the eve of President Trump’s Inauguration, shows an overwhelming majority of Israelis are ready for
Sovereignty – Now.
A new poll finds that the vast majority of the Israeli population would like to see Israeli sovereignty being applied over Judea & Samaria. Only 7% of the public is interested in
establishing a Palestinian state in these areas.
The poll, released on Thursday, Jan. 18, was conducted between January 10 & 15 among a representative sample of the adult Jewish public in Israel, by the Maagor Mohot Research Institute directed by Prof. Yitzhak Katz.
The poll surveyed a random probability sample of 514 responders online, with a 4.5% margin of error.
29 percent of those asked support the establishment of autonomy in Judea & Samaria under Israeli sovereignty, 19 percent support a gradual application of Israeli sovereignty, while 29 percent believe that Israeli sovereignty should be fully and immediately applied. Only 7% supported the establishment of a Palestinian state in Judea & Samaria. 18 percent replied with ‘I don’t know’.
Calculating the percentages of respondents with an opinion (that is without the respondents who replied ‘I do not know’), the balance of the results is as follows: 35% support autonomy under the sovereignty of Israel, 21% support a gradual Israeli sovereignty, 35% prefer immediate & full Israeli sovereignty & 9% support establishment of a Palestinian state in Judea & Samaria.
The poll also reveals that the vast majority of the Israeli public believes that a Palestinian state will not be established because of persistent refusal on behalf of the Palestinian Arabs. The poll was taken ahead of the upcoming Sovereignty Convention, scheduled to be held in Jerusalem on February 12, 2017, by the Women in Green movement & the Besheva newspaper. Its main points are being released now, ahead of the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.
“Prime Minister Netanyahu is a man of history,” said Yehudit Katsover & Nadia Matar of the
Sovereignty Now movement founded by Women in Green. “This is an historic opportunity to lead Israel forward to sovereignty & peace. The people of Israel are ready for Sovereignty Now.”
“The Trump Administration has given clear signals that now is the time for Israel to dream big,” said Sam Solomon of Sovereignty Now. “The people of Israel are ready, our strongest ally America is ready, & now we call upon our leadership to rise to this historic opportunity to lead Israel to sovereignty & peace.”
Note : the poll was ordered by the Sovereignty Now movement (founded by Women in Green) in preparation of the upcoming Sovereignty conference on February 12th

Dramatic Sovereignty Now poll eve of President Trump’s inauguration

1.“Paris conference is ‘last gasp for breath from yesterday’s world”: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Paris conference to send Trump a warning over Israel & Palestinians: Meeting to say two-state solution is under threat as Palestinians voice concern about support for settlements in Trump camp By Patrick Wintour, Paris Diplomatic editor, Sun. 1/15/17 11.57 gmt Modified Mon.1/16/17 17.06 gmt

· The international community will send Donald Trump a strong warning that only a two-state solution can solve the Israel-Palestinian crisis, amid signs that the EU is willing to diverge from the US on Israel policy.

A conference in Paris on Sunday of more than 70 countries, organised by the French government & coming five days before Trump is inaugurated, will warn that the two-state solution is under threat & urge both sides in the conflict to resume talks.

It comes as Palestinians expressed concern that Trump advisers endorse the controversial Israeli settlement programme & want to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

The Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has warned that such a symbolic move could derail the peace process.

Critics have claimed that the conference, the second organised by the French in less than a year, is pointless, since neither Abbas nor the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will be present.

Netanyahu has called the event futile, rigged & “a relic”, saying: “It’s a last gasp of the past before the future sets in.”

The French had at one point hoped the conference might lead to an agreement for Netanyahu and Abbas to meet, but that is off the table.

Instead, Abbas, pleased with the direction of European diplomacy, will meet the French soon after the conference.

In a statement alongside the conference, the French foreign minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, defended the initiative. “For more than six years, the absence of a peace process has given way to a deceptive status quo,” he said. “Palestinians are seeing their future state shrinking as settlement expansion continues at an unprecedented speed. This, in turn, generates more occupation, since there is never one without the other.”

The French say the conference, to be addressed by the president, François Hollande, is not just a vital symbolic show of support for a two-state solution, but a chance to set out practical incentives for peace, including aiding Palestinian capacity-building and help for civil society, to promote dialogue.

Despite Israeli objections to the conference & disapproval from the Trump team, the US secretary of state, John Kerry, will attend & he is eager for the event not to be dismissed as a swansong for his frustrated efforts to seek peace.

In a move that gave the conference a new relevance, the US broke with precedent in December by refusing to veto a UN security council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements as “illegal & dangerously imperilling the viability of the two-state solution”. The resolution also called on “states in their relevant dealings to distinguish between the territory of the state of Israel & territories occupied since 1967”.

The clause, repeated in the draft Paris communique, has been taken as a green light for campaigns to boycott goods from ”illegally occupied” territory. The EU will meet this week to discuss how the proposal could be developed.

Guardian view on Trump & Israel: stick to script | Editorial

The draft communique, under negotiation over the weekend, also reaffirms existing international resolutions, urges both sides to restate their commitment to a negotiated two-state solution & disavows officials who reject it.

The text urges the protagonists to “refrain from unilateral steps that prejudge the outcome of final status negotiations”.

In a sign that the Obama administration had lost patience with Israel, Kerry followed the UN vote with a lengthy speech on 28 December detailing the scale of settlement activity & the threat it posed to a contiguous Palestinian state. Describing the Israeli government as the most rightwing in the country’s history, he warned that Israel would never have true peace with the Arab world if it “goes down the path of one state”.

Although Israel has voiced concerns that the Paris conference may be used as a lever for a UN resolution, the more likely theatre for further activity is the EU, including over boycotts of goods generated within occupied territories. More broadly, it may represent the start of a EU foreign policy more independent of Washington.

Britain, caught between its support for a two-state solution & desire to gain traction with the Trump administration, was deciding at what level to attend the conference.

To complicate matters further, the Russians are holding separate meetings in Moscow this week with Palestinian groups.

Trump has pledged to pursue more pro-Israeli policies, but in nomination hearings last week, neither the proposed secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, nor the expected defence secretary, James Mattis, supported moving the embassy from Tel Aviv. But David Friedman, Trump’s choice for ambassador to Israel, has said he looks forward to working “from Israel’s eternal city, Jerusalem”.

A move to Jerusalem would endorse the disputed city as Israel’s capital.

Paris conference is ‘last gasp for breath from yesterday’s world’: Netanyahu

2.One Sheep, 70 Wolves, & a Great Shepherd by Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

The Gemara1 explains that one of the reasons the Jewish people were threatened with annihilation — Heaven forfend — during the time of the Purim story was because “they derived pleasure from the banquet of that evil person [King Achashveirosh].”

The text indicates that it was not because of our attendance at the banquet — which was mandatory,2 and moreover the food and drink served was kosher3 — that the harsh decree came about. Rather it was because we “derived pleasure.”

What was it about deriving pleasure from this banquet that was so appalling that it nearly resulted in the destruction not only of those who attended, but even of those who were not invited?

Our Sages4 liken the existence of the Jewish people in times of exile to a “solitary sheep that finds itself surrounded by 70 wolves.” Thus, “great is the Shepherd who protects and guards His flock.” Consequently, the continued existence of the Jewish people is sometimes dependent upon miraculous means — the watchful eye of the “Great Shepherd.”

The Jewish people are assured of G‑d’s protection only when our conduct is consonant with relying on Him for protection. However, when we choose to rely entirely on natural means — on one or more of the “70 wolves” — then we remove themselves from His divine protection5 and place ourselves at the mercy of natural forces.

The reason our “pleasure” was the cause of such a terrible decree will be understood accordingly: It was not punishment for a sin, but rather the natural consequence of our conduct.

After the king had elevated the evil & anti-Semitic Haman to a position of exceptional power, the situation of the Jewish people was similar to that of the “solitary sheep that finds itself surrounded by 70 wolves.” At the same time, our conduct — “deriving pleasure…” — forfeited miraculous protection.

For this invitation to the feast was so important to the Jews of that time, they were so extremely honored by the invitation, that it caused them a great deal of pleasure. Thus they partook not because they had no choice, but because of their delight in being invited.

Since the Jewish people themselves gave credence to one of the “70 wolves” and took pleasure in being invited by “that evil person,” they annulled their supernatural guardianship. Instead, they placed themselves at the (natural) mercy of the “70 wolves” — something that threatened the continued existence of the solitary sheep.

It is true that while the Jews are under the dominion of another nation they are obligated to honor that nation,6 obey its laws,7 and pray for that country’s peace and welfare.8 Thus, when King Achashveirosh invited the Jews to attend the feast, they were compelled to do so.

Nevertheless, they should have understood that the existence of the Jewish people is not at all contingent on any king of flesh and blood, but wholly dependent on G‑d. Moreover, the ongoing existence of the Jews is a miracle clothed in the garments of nature — “great is the Shepherd” who guards us in a manner that transcends the world.

Thus, their pleasure that so important an evil person as King Achashveirosh — upon whom they felt their lives depended — invited them to a meal, indicated that they had forsaken their trust in G‑d and had placed their faith in the hands of one of the “wolves.”

This also helps us understand why Purim is unique among all Festivals that celebrate G‑d’s miracles on our behalf, in that it commemorates a miracle that was completely clothed in nature.9

The reason for this is as explained. Since the evil decree came about because the Jewish people chose to rely totally on the forces of nature, the Purim miracle therefore revealed, within nature , that G‑d’s conduct with the Jews — even as they exist in the natural realm — is truly above and beyond the natural.

Based on Likkutei Sichos , Vol. XXXI, pp. 170-174.


1. .Megillah 12a. See also Shir HaShirim Rabbah 7:8.

2. .Esther Rabbah 7:18.

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9. See Torah Or, Megillas Esther, p. 93c ff., 100a ff.

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More from Lubavitcher Rebbe; adapted Sholom B. Wineberg | RSS

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One Sheep, 70 Wolves, & a Great Shepherd

3.Anti-Israel UN resolution inspired terror, Israeli envoy charges 1/17/17

Photo of Shir Hajaj, Yael Yakutiel, Erez Orbach & Shira Tzur

Held by Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon who blasted the UNSC on Tuesday. (IsraelinUN)

UN Resolution 2334 & Kerry’s speech that followed served as an inspiration to Arab terrorist who murdered 4 young IDF soldiers last week in Jerusalem, Israel’s ambassador to the UN affirmed.

The United Nations Security Council convened Tuesday for its first meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since adopting anti-Israel Resolution 2334 last month, which condemned Jewish communities in eastern Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as obstacles to peace.

“Last month the Security Council voted to adopt Resolution 2334 and this chamber erupted into applause with almost every nation represented voicing its approval of a resolution condemning Israel. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, murderous terrorist organizations who are openly committed to the destruction of the State of Israel, joined the Council in welcoming this resolution,” stated Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon.

“Last week a Palestinian terrorist used his truck to ram into a group of soldiers who were visiting Jerusalem, killing four Israelis and injuring dozens of others,” continued the ambassador, showing photographs of those killed in the terror attack, all between the ages of 20 and 22.

“Shir Hajaj, Yael Yakutiel, Erez Orbach & Shira Tzur were murdered by a Palestinian who was led to believe that he could use terror and violence to remove the Jewish people from Jerusalem. He will not succeed,” Danon declared.

Addressing the Security Council members, Danon continued:

“The day after the Security Council vote, Fatah, the movement of Mahmoud Abbas, posted a cartoon on their official Facebook page. It showed a dagger in the shape of a map of Israel, colored with a Palestinian flag. Not Judea and Samaria, all of Israel. Under the dagger was a pool of blood, & next to it said, ‘Thank you,’ & listed each Council member who voted for the shameful resolution.

“The Palestinian Foreign Minister’s immediate reaction to the resolution and Secretary Kerry’s speech was to declare: ‘No to Israel as a Jewish state.’ The Palestinians leadership received the message. They now understand that they should continue to spread lies and incitement,” the Ambassador concluded.

By: World Israel News (With files from Israel’s Permanent Mission to the UN)

Anti-Israel UN resolution inspired terror, Israeli envoy charges

4.Pope Francis Strengthens Palestinian Refusal to End Hostilities with Israel by Giulio Meotti 1/19/17

§ By opening the Palestinian embassy during this critical time of intensified anti-Israel animosity, was the Pope justifying the Palestinian-Arab attempt to isolate the Jewish State and to impose on it unacceptable conditions of surrender through international pressure?

§ Unfortunately, Pope Francis’s papacy has been marked by a long list of anti-Israel gestures which did not advance the cause of peace the Pope claims to champion.

§ The Pope also met with Palestinian “refugees,” as if the 1948 war were the source of conflict between the two peoples, instead of centuries of Muslims having displaced Christians and other non-Muslims from Persia, the Christian Byzantine Empire, North Africa, Southern Spain, and most of Eastern Europe.

§ The Pope called Abbas an “angel of peace”. Really? An angel of peace? According to Shmuely Boteach, “Abbas spent his life murdering Jews,” by financing the Munich terror attack in 1972, by inciting against Jews and by glorifying Palestinian terrorists. The Pope, in short is praising a corrupt supporter of terrorists, a torturer who has abolished any democratic process in the West Bank.

§ During these four years, Pope Francis has continually put significant barriers in the way of peace between Israelis & Palestinians — a peace based on dialogue, mutual respect & the end of conflict. Instead, this supposed man of peace has strengthened Abbas’s refusal to negotiate with the Jews — the Christians’ “elder brothers”, as Pope John Paul II bravely called them & to end hostilities with them. If this is his view of Caritas, what a tragic shame.

Mahmoud Abbas’s activities in Rome began on January 14, with the formal opening of the Palestinian Embassy to the Vatican.

The “Palestinian president,” now in the twelfth year of his four-year term, then met with Pope Francis for the third time since the start of his papacy four years ago. The high-profile get-together took place in the middle of the Palestinian attempt to bypass peace talks with Israel and to internationalize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A few weeks ago, the UN Security Council, in Res. 2334, condemned Israel for its “settlements”; failed to mention any wrongdoing, countless Palestinian stabbings & car-rammings of Israeli civilians & the Obama Administration, which had planned & orchestrated the UN ambush, refused, for the first time in 40 years, to veto the anti-Israel resolution, ensuring it would pass.

This week, on January 15, 2017, the “Palestinian question” dominated the French “peace conference” in Paris. By opening the Palestinian embassy during this critical time of intensified anti-Israel animosity, was the Pope justifying the Palestinian-Arab attempt to isolate the Jewish State and to impose on it unacceptable conditions of surrender through international pressure?

Unfortunately, Pope Francis’s papacy has been marked by a long list of anti-Israel gestures that did not advance the cause of peace that the Pope claims to champion.

When the Pope visited Israel in 2014, he was photographed praying at Israel’s security barrier, which had been created simply to stop the wave of Palestinian suicide bombing attacks against Israeli civilians. The Pope stood before graffiti that compared Palestinians with Jews under the Nazis. “Bethlehem looks like the Warsaw Ghetto”, the graffiti read. If it does, it only looks that way because, since the once Christian-majority city Bethlehem was transferred to total Palestinian Authority control in 1995, most of its beleaguered Christians have fled, due to Muslim persecution.

Pope Francis approaches the separation barrier near Bethlehem, May 25, 2014, on which was painted graffiti that comparing Palestinians with Jews under the Nazis: “Bethlehem looks like the Warsaw Ghetto.” If it does, it only looks that way because, since the once Christian-majority city Bethlehem was transferred to total Palestinian Authority control in 1995, most of its beleaguered Christians have fled due to Muslim persecution. (Image source: Al Jazeera video screenshot)

Sadly, Francis’s homily, delivered in Bethlehem, did not contain the language of peace; just admonition of Israel: “Are we like Mary and Joseph, who welcomed Jesus and cared for him with the love of a father and mother? Or are we like Herod, who wanted to eliminate him?” Was Pope Francis, as Caroline Glick wrote, likening the Israelis to Herod, when historically is the Palestinians who, like Herod, have wanted to eliminate the Jews?

The Pope also met with Palestinian “refugees”, as if the 1948 war were the source of conflict between the two peoples, instead of centuries of Muslims having displaced Christians & other non-Muslims from Persia, the Christian Byzantine Empire, North Africa, Southern Spain & most of Eastern Europe.

Pope Francis then accepted an invitation to visit — along with Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem — the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most sacred site also the third holiest site in Islam, after Mecca &Medina. But this is the same Palestinian Mufti who justifies terrorism against the Israelis by saying, among other inflammatory declarations, that “the Hour of Resurrection will not come until you fight the Jews.”

A year before his visit in the region, Pope Francis, greeting the Catholic faithful at the General Audience in Rome, said:

“I ask you to pray for the peace in the Middle East: in Syria, in Iraq, in Egypt, in Lebanon and in the Holy Land, where the Prince of Peace is born”.

Was it so difficult for the head of the Catholic Church to say the word “Israel,” instead of the sanitized “Holy Land”?

Previously, when he visited the shrine of St. Francis in Assisi, the Pope said:

“Let us listen to the cry of all those who are weeping, who are suffering and who are dying because of violence, terrorism or war, in the Holy Land, so dear to Saint Francis, in Syria, throughout the Middle East and everywhere in the world.”

Again, the Pope refused to mention any Israeli Jews among the victims of terrorism.

In the days before the launch of a devastating “Third Intifada” against the Israeli civilians, the Pope called Mahmoud Abbas an angel of peace. Really? An angel of peace? According to Shmuely Boteach, “Abbas spent his life murdering Jews,” by financing the Munich terror attack in 1972, by inciting against Jews and by glorifying Palestinian terrorists. The Pope, in short is praising a corrupt supporter of terrorists, a torturer who has abolished any democratic process in the West Bank.

In May 2015, on “Naqba Day” (“Catastrophe Day”) — commemorating the day of Israel’s birth, when 7 Arab countries launched a war against Israel to wipe it out in its cradle, but lost the war — Pope Francis gave the Palestinians another symbolic victory by signing the treaty which formally recognized a “State of Palestine.”

During these four years, Pope Francis has continually put significant barriers in the way of peace between Israelis and Palestinians — a peace based on dialogue, mutual respect and the end of conflict. Instead, this supposed man of peace has strengthened Abbas’s refusal to negotiate with the Jews — the Christians’ elder brothers,” as Pope John Paul II bravely called them — and to end hostilities with them. If this is his view of Caritas, what a tragic shame.

Giulio Meotti, Cultural Editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author.

Pope Francis Strengthens Palestinian Refusal to End Hostilities with Israel

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Pope Francis Strengthens Palestinian Refusal to End Hostilities with Israel by Giulio Meotti

5.Arab-Israeli kills policeman during demolition of illegal structures

Officer 1st Sgt. Erez Levi, 34 from Yavneh, married & father of 2 children

An Israeli policeman was killed when an Arab Israeli rammed him with his car. Another officer was wounded. The police were operating to demolish illegally built Bedouin structures.

An Arab Israeli rammed his vehicle into a group of police officers on Wednesday, killing one of them before he was shot dead. Another officer was moderately wounded in the attack.

Officer 1st Sgt. Erez Levi was operating with police forces in southern Israel to execute a court-ordered operation to demolish illegally built Bedouin structures when he was murdered.

Levi, 34, from Yavneh, was married and a father of two children.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said a local man sped toward the forces deployed to the Bedouin village Umm al-Hiran village.

The terrorist, later identified as Yaakub Abu al-Qiyan, is said to be a member of the Southern Wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel, and police are investigating whether he had connections to the Islamic State (ISIS) group. He was also an employee of Israel’s educational system.

After the vehicular attack, clashes broke out between police forces and rioting residents, during which several policemen were wounded. Local residents claim police used excessive force to remove protesters, including live fire.

Amnesty International was quick to call for a probe into reports of police brutality.

Israeli Arab Member of Knesset (MK) Ayman Odeh, head of the Arab Joint List, was lightly wounded in the clashes. Police say he was injured by a stray rock thrown by the rioters. After receiving initial treatment from police medics, he was evacuated to a hospital.

Odeh claimed he was shot by officers.

“This is a direct order from (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu who wants to inflame the area,” he told IDF Radio. “This is a disgrace.”

He also published a statement claiming President Reuven Rivlin called him to inquire about his health. The president’s office denied such a conversation ever took place.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan accused Odeh of inciting violence by lying about what actually happened. Erdan said he hoped the incident would not spark further divisions between Jews and Arabs in Israel, but that if it happens, public figures like Odeh bear responsibility.

“He was there to inflame tensions and incite to violence,” Erdan told IDF Radio. “He contributed to a very serious event that may also have criminal implications for him.”

Other Arab MKs arrived on site, confronted police forces and further aggravated tensions.

The illegal structures were ultimately demolished.

Wednesday’s evacuation involves a long-running dispute between the State of Israel and the formerly nomadic Bedouins.

Israel moved the Bedouins to the state-owned land some 60 years ago because they were spying for the Jordanians. At the time, they were told that the settlement was temporary. Years of legal battles ensued, and the state now wishes to relocate the Bedouins to government-designated towns.

President Reuven Rivlin later released a statement calling the incident “a terrible event” in which Levi “was murdered by a terrorist in an abhorrent terror attack.”

“I spoke this morning with Chief of Police Roni Alsheikh and with Arab regional authority heads. We must differentiate in the clearest of ways between the terrible terror attack carried out this morning and the actions of law enforcement in demolishing the illegal buildings,” Rivlin stated.

He addressed all leaders across Israel, “particularly in the Arab community,” saying “this is a stressful and difficult time, and we must all work together and do everything in our power to bring calm, in words and in actions.”

The police called on the Bedouin community to discard from its midst the “budding of extreme ideologies which are centered around terrorism.”

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News AP contributed to this report.

Arab-Israeli kills policeman during demolition of illegal structures1


6.Arlene Kushner: “Hypocrisy & Audacity” My Most Recent Post From Israel 1/19/17

Some of you may have seen this – “Hypocrisy and Audacity” – already, in which case apologies for the duplication. What I know is that many hundreds did not see this because GMail has gone over the top. In spite of all the precautions I took, my posts were apparently labeled as spam and rejected. I very much would like my readers to see this, and so am trying again, via Netvision. This is very temporary, as my new blog should be up some time next week and I will then post from there, utilizing my own domain name. Hope this goes through!

If you didn’t receive my posting prior to this most recent one – “The Days Are Short” – you can find it here:

“Hypocrisy and Audacity” January 16, 2017

The bottom line here is that the ridiculously timed and seriously hostile Paris Peace Conference held on Sunday, and attended by over 70 nations, fizzled into not much. The Arab states all sent ministers & most EU nations did as well.

The final resolution, which is still far from anything Israel accepts, was a considerably watered down version of what had been anticipated. There was no mention of Israel as illegal everywhere past the Green Line, and eastern Jerusalem was not identified as “occupied.” Nor was there declaration of intent to bring the conclusions of the conference to a vote in the Security Council later this week – a possibility that had generated much concern.

Basically, the resolution stood for a “two-state solution,” and called on both parties not to take unilateral actions that would prejudge the outcome of negotiations. It also called for a halt to violence and “ongoing settlement activity.”

The watering down of the resolution was attributed to two factors.

There was, first, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who had responded with rage to the Security Council Resolution 2334. It was understood that promoting another such resolution would in the end not be productive. What is more, Netanyahu lobbied intensively against the conference.

At yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu referred to the conference as the “final palpitations of yesterday’s world. Tomorrow will look a lot different, and tomorrow is very close.”

The allusion to tomorrow leads us to the second factor: according to Ha’aretz, “Trump’s team was said to have objected strenuously to the very holding of the conference, especially at this time, five days before Trump’s inauguration, during a meeting with French officials last week.”

The stance of the UK was a pleasant surprise. First, Britain questioned the wisdom of applying international pressure, which might “harden positions” on both sides.

Then the Brits, presumably in a trust-building gesture to the in-coming Trump administration, sent a low level delegation & not the senior diplomats sent by many other nations.

If we are looking for a demonstration of hypocrisy (I would call it chutzpa on steroids) I would say it was provided by Secretary of State Kerry. He called Netanyahu from the conference to reassure him that the US was there to protect Israel from an “unfair” resolution.

This is the man who lambasted Israel in outrageous terms in his last talk, and is a high official of the nation that abstained from the vote on Resolution 2334, thereby permitting it to go through.

I would say that Obama and Kerry both took a look at the exceedingly negative response generated by the recent US stance on Israel and said “Oops, this is not making us look good.”

Nothing they could do would make them look at this point.

But when we speak of hypocrisy and audacity, nothing beats the French (who, we should be reminded, voted for Resolution 2334).

On Sunday, at the venue of the conference, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayraul told French TV that he thought president-elect Trump, once elected, would find it “impossible” to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, as he has pledged to do.

“When you are president of the United States, you cannot take such a stubborn and such a unilateral view on this issue. You have to try to create the conditions for peace,”

Hmm… placing an embassy in western Jerusalem, which would belong to Israel even if there were a “two-state solution” is considered by Ayraul to be “a unilateral view,” but voting for a resolution that identified Israel as an “occupier” everywhere over the Green Line is balanced & creates conditions for peace.

Then, most egregiously, “over the top” offensive of all, we have this: Professor Gerald Steinberg, head of NGO Monitor, has pointed out that the French support “some of the most immoral & viciously anti-Israel & anti-peace organizations.”

A report released by NGO Monitor indicates that (emphasis added): “The French government funds numerous French, Israeli & Palestinian organizations that support & promote BDS (boycott, divestment & sanctions) campaigns against Israel, despite the fact that such boycotts are illegal under French law.

The Platform of French NGOs for Palestine (The Platform) is one such grantee. One of the Platform’s government-funded projects is explicitly geared towards influencing elected officials, media, and public opinion regarding the conflict – an obvious abuse of taxpayer money. The Platform supports boycott campaigns targeting Israel and partners with organizations instrumental in BDS efforts.

France directly & indirectly funds several other NGOs with alleged ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group.”

France is a lost cause that would best focus on the horrendous internal situation it confronts. For me perhaps the real issue is the fact that so many nations are ready to turn a blind eye to how France behaves, attending the conference & thereby giving it a semblance of credibility.

With this all, there was a bright side, as pro-Israel demonstrators from Lev HaOlam & other groups gathered to protest the conference.


Lev HaOlam/Arutz Sheva

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Arlene Kushner: “Hypocrisy & Audacity”

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7.Arlene Kushner: The Days Are Short: January 13, 2017

It’s the countdown to the swearing in of Trump as the new president of the United States – and this cannot come soon enough.
For those who have not yet seen it, I want to call your attention to the following:
In response to the horrendous UN Security Council resolution 2334, which outrageously claims that Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem is illegal, the Legal Grounds Campaign has produced a powerful video. An initiative of my Legal Grounds co-chair Jeff Daube, it was filmed at the 3,000 year old cemetery on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, which embodies the historical connection of the Jewish People to the Land.

The video is here:
Please! send this to your lists and put it on your FB pages without delay.

Ask that people share it further. Request that they speak out strongly against the resolution.
Encourage them to send it to their elected representatives in Congress or Parliament, urging them to block any further action in the UN that is destructive to Israel.
Time is of the essence here. If there will be further UN action, it will occur right after the Paris conference on the 15th and before the inauguration on the 20th.

See what Israel’s ambassador to the UN has to say about the Paris conference and the threat of an additional Security Council resolution immediately following:
“This conference constitutes a reward to the Palestinians for continuing to avoid negotiations while promoting terrorism….

“The hypocrisy and the obsessive focus on Israel has reached new heights. These one-sided initiatives not only fail in bringing us closer to peace, but they actually encourage terrorism like we saw in last week’s horrific attack in Jerusalem.

[W]e are witnessing an attempt to promote a last minute initiative before the new US administration takes office. Supporters of the Palestinians are looking for further anti-Israel measures at the Security Council.”
Kerry will be attending the conference. PA representatives will be in Paris but it is unclear as to whether they will be in attendance.
I believe we will be in very good shape after the inauguration. I have just learned that leaders of Judea and Samaria – the mayor of Efrat, Oded Ravivi, who is also head of the Yesha Council’s foreign affairs department, and the mayor of Ma’aleh Adumim, Benny Kasriel – have been invited to the inauguration. There is more than one way – moving the embassy to Jerusalem – for Trump to make a statement about the legitimacy of Israel in Jerusalem, and Judea and Samaria.
“This is a harbinger of things to come,” declared Yesha Council spokesperson Yigal Dilmoni.
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Arlene Kushner: “The Days Are Short”: January 13, 2017

8. Arlene Kushner “Heading Forward”: January 8, 2017

Were that I had only good news to report. But painfully this is not the case. And in a situation such as we are facing now, the good news, which does exist, must wait.

There seems no end to this:

In the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem today (Sunday) a flatbed truck rammed into members of the IDF who had alighted from a bus.4 young soldiers, all in their 20s, 3 women & a man, were killed.16 others wounded to varying degrees, some seriously. \

Credit: Indianexpress

After the first ramming, the terrorist went into reverse in order to return and ram the soldiers again; some ended up under the truck and had to be rescued.

The soldiers, members of the IDF’s officer’s training course, were participating in the army’s “Culture Sundays” program, in which troops are taken to important historical & national sites. They were at the Promenade, the Tayelet, a walkway with magnificent views of the Old City & the City of David below.

The terrorist, a resident of eastern Jerusalem’s Jabel Mukaber neighborhood, was shot dead at the scene. The truck had an Israeli license plate and he had an Israeli driver’s license.
We do not become inured to such incidents, nor – Heaven forbid – should we. That would mean a loss of our humanity.

But what I see as clear as anything is that we cannot back off in fear. It falls to us (& I speak as a resident of Jerusalem) to indeed head forward with full determination to speak out for who we are & what our rights are, especially during this time of political transition & historical anniversaries (about which more below). Those who wish us dead would not be content in any event unless we all leaped into the sea.

There is a bitter irony inherent in this situation that must not escape us. For this incident has happened as our nation is embroiled in tensions over the military court finding that Sgt. Elor Azariya is guilty of manslaughter for shooting dead a wounded terrorist. I had wanted to write about Azariya today, but will defer in some part to Caroline Glick, who wrote a very powerful article on the subject:

Elor Azariya in court Credit: carolineglick

Here we are, discussing whether it is “legal” according to IDF rules & “moral” to shoot dead a terrorist who had been taken down. Worrying about what the world will think of us if our soldiers are too prone to shooting terrorists,thereby putting our soldiers at a disadvantage.

The first person to shoot at the terrorist today was a civilian, tour guide Ethan Rond, because the soldiers hesitated. “Purity of arms” it is called: great moral care as to when to shoot. This had been inculcated into the soldiers, especially at present.

I call it insanity. And I grieve for our nation.

The IDF announced it is investigating why so many soldiers fled the scene of the terror attack in Jerusalem Sunday afternoon & did not try to eliminate or apprehend the terrorist.”

Moshe Feiglin wrote an opinion piece declaring that Azariya was the only moral one on the scene that day, because terrorists should be killed.

There is a valid case to be made for this – no, a strong case. What is certain is that – even beyond the issue of whether terrorists deserve to live – they must be afraid of us & now they are not.

They celebrated today’s terrorist atrocity in Gaza, which is to be expected. But there are reports that Arabs on the scene also applauded. Make note of this, please, when you read about efforts to negotiate “peace.”

In pain, and in celebration, we must head forward. And so here I pick up on what I had intended to write before the attack:

Less than two weeks to go and counting…

Credit: ticotimes

Until Donald Trump is sworn in on January 20th, there will be unease about what else Obama might yet pull. But my best guess is that he’s done. Not because he’s suddenly developed a soft spot for Israel, but because his last gambit at the UN was not well received. Obama cares about his legacy, such as he imagines it to be. And indication that he plans nothing more is coming from such White House advisors as Ben Rhodes.

Of course, we do have that insane “peace conference”’ in Paris on the 15th, a mere five days before Obama leaves office.

But let’s hold tight.

Last Tuesday, former Governor Mike Huckabee spoke at a Knesset session arranged by.

MK Miki Zohar (Likud) Credit: s1.kikar

Governor Huckabee was brought to Israel by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce.

I was there in the conference room where he spoke & was delighted. A number of right-wing/nationalist MKs gathered to welcome him: Bezalel Smotrich (Habayit Hayehudi); Shuli Moalem-Refaeli (Habayit Heyudi); Yehuda Glick (Likud); etc. etc. Each spoke about our rights to the land & it was lovely to hear.

Governor Huckabee’s talk provided both inspiration and solid, tough advice.

Governor Mike Huckabee Credit: Hamodia

He tore apart both Kerry’s speech & the UN resolution. He spoke with great conviction about our rights to our land. There is a saying: Do it big or go home,” he told the MKs gathered about him. You need to do it big & you are already home.”

See here for both a link to his full statement and pictures of the gathering:

Other news is encouraging, as well:

As most of my readers are undoubtedly aware, we are approaching the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, when we liberated Judea, Samaria & eastern Jerusalem. A good part of the world, ignoring or distorting international law& embracing the Palestinian Arab narrative, has consistently referred to Israel as an “occupier” of these areas.

Now, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has declared her intention of marking this year as a time of celebration: a time for highlighting the legal & moral rights to the Land of Israel & combating the notion that Israeli is in these areas “illegally.”

“I want the State of Israel to be proud of the fact that 50 years after the Six Day War, we achieved such amazing milestones in so many areas,” she told The Times of Israel. “This should be a year not only of showcasing the beauty of our history and our past, but also a year of looking toward the future.”

Credit: Texasscribbler

Hotovely envisions a huge permanent exhibition, utilizing virtual reality technologies, that would be entitled something like “Coming Home.” It would celebrate the Jews as the indigenous people of the Land:

“We’re often seen as a country without roots, a new country that represents an ancient people but whose roots in this land are very short. The idea is to bring us back to the bigger picture. There is a terribly beautiful story of a nation that all these years remained connected to this land & we want to tell it with innovative visual means & open it for the greater public….

What is occupation? Who did we occupy [Judea and Samaria] from? It was not under Palestinian sovereignty. It is in no way possible to say it is a occupation in the regular sense of one country occupying another country.” (Emphasis added)

Unfortunately, at present the funds for this exhibit are not yet available, but hopefully will be in due course.

Coincidentally, November 2017 also marks the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration – which recognized all of Palestine from the river to the sea as a Jewish homeland and served as the basis for the Mandate, which followed.

Mahmoud Abbas has already declared this year of the Balfour Declaration as a year for publicizing the “wrong” it did to the “Palestinian people.” So Israel officially & all of us who care about Israel’s rights unofficially, have our work cut out for us in publicizing the truth.

Become pro-active: Put information on your Facebook pages, write letters to the editor.

Journalist Yisrael Medad has proposed substituting “land redemption activity” for “settlement activity” wherever possible. He’s on the right track: we must use terminology that reflects the reality, while rejecting those expressions – such as “occupation” – that give credence to the Palestinian Arab narrative. They have been very clever in inserting these pejorative terms into the dialogue, and it’s past due for us to undo this. Not “settlements” – which has taken on a negative connotation – but “Jewish communities” or “Jewish towns and cities.” “Residents of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria,” not “settlers.”

It irritates me more than a little that much is also being made of the fact this year marks the 70th anniversary of UN Resolution 181, which called for the partition of Palestine into a Jewish state & an Arab state. Kerry referred to this in his horrendous speech.

So, it also must be emphasized at every turn that:

1) This was a General Assembly resolution, which was just a recommendation & carries no weight in international law &

2) The Arabs rejected it, thereby rendering it null & void in any event.

All else that I had hoped to address today will wait until a future posting. We have some interesting times ahead.

© Arlene Kushner. This material is produced by Arlene Kushner, functioning as an independent journalist. Permission is granted for it to be reproduced only with proper attribution.

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Arlene Kushner “Heading Forward”: January 8, 2017

9.Arlene Kushner “Standing Tall with Tears” 1/11/17

The four soldiers who were killed in the terrorist truck ramming on Sunday have been named:

Lieutenant Yael Yekutiel (20) Cadet Shir Hajaj (22)

of Givatayim of Maaleh Adumim

Cadet Shira Tzur (20) from Haifa Cadet Erez Orbach (20) from Alon Shvut

Courtesy Credit: Onlysimchas

Erez Orbach and Shira Tzur had joint Israeli-American citizenship.
All four were buried on Monday, in separate funerals. May their memories be for a blessing.
Every one of these terrorist murders, every innocent life that is taken in an act of hatred, is a tragedy. What I have observed, time after time, is that those who are destroyed in these terrorist acts are often special people.
Erez Orbach, for example, studied in Neve Shmuel Yeshiva in Efrat, then continued his studies in a Hesder yeshiva (combining study and army service). Because of medical problems, he was exempt from army service, but didn’t accept that. He fought for the right to serve, and made his way into officers’ training school.
A volunteer from ZAKA – an organization of selfless individuals who deal with bodies of the deceased, particularly those murdered in terror attacks – wrote a piece, anonymously, for the JPost on Tuesday. He was at the scene at Armon Hanatziv on Sunday – gathering the belongings of those who had been attacked, helping to determine which items belonged to which victims. He said this:
“I was working alongside a close friend. Together we had attended countless grim scenes, but nothing prepared us for what happened next. As we assisted the forensic officer and army representative in identifying the body of a young officer, we heard the victim’s phone ring. On the screen are the words: Dad is calling…Dad is calling…Dad is calling…
We held the phone as if frozen. We four have a lot of experience in handling disasters, but we fail to function.
Dear pure & holy one, heaven bound, your father is looking for you, calling you endlessly. He still does not know that your Father in heaven has accepted you with a loving embrace.
“May your memory be for a blessing.”
This act of terror has been termed a “lone wolf” act, as it was thought to not have been done under the tutelage of a group such as Hamas. But an unknown Palestinian Arab group known as “the martyr of Baha Alyan collective” is claiming responsibility and saying the terrorist was part of their group; they are threatening more attacks. Baha Alyan was himself a terrorist (naturally).
Whether the terrorist belonged to that collective or not, it seems clear his act was not spontaneous – he didn’t just jump into his truck and decide to run over people. Four members of his family are suspected of having known in advance what he planned. Several family members were taken into custody because it is thought they knew and yet failed to report his intentions. I believe his father has been released but his brothers are still being held.
This is frequently the case: the sentiments of the terrorist are shared by family members. His sister called what he did a “most beautiful martyrdom,” for which she thanked Allah.
The terrorist’s body will be buried, and not returned to his family for a funeral. Their home will be quickly destroyed. What I’d like to see – and will not – is that all of his family, all who knew of and condoned his act, would be sent far, far away.
The behavior of the terrorist can be traced to multiple malign influences. Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested at the scene of the attack that the terrorist appeared to be an admirer of ISIS, and suggested the attack was similar to some of the recent attacks seen in Europe.
And we should not, ever, ignore the pervasive influence of the Palestinian Authority via its constant incitement. Very properly, Deputy Defense Minister Tzipi Hotovely fingered the PA education system. But let us not ignore statements by Mahmoud Abbas (our “partner for peace.”) Most recently, he has made threats with regard to president-elect Trump’s promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, saying it would cause a “new violent uprising.”
Yet it is not just Abbas – from whom I expect such statements – who has been saying this: It is also Secretary of State John Kerry, who said in a CBS interview:
“You’d have an explosion, an absolute explosion in the region, not just in the West Bank & perhaps even in Israel itself, but throughout the region. The Arab world has enormous interest in Haram al-Sharif, as it is called, the Temple Mount, the Dome & it is a holy site for the Arab world.”
I will come back to the matter of moving the US embassy to western Jerusalem below. What I ask here is why Kerry posits this as a concern for the Arab world, with its presumed devotion to the Temple Mount. For the Mount is in eastern Jerusalem, while, according to the “two state solution,” western Jerusalem, which is where the embassy would be, is supposed to remain in Israeli hands.
With this statement, he sets up a problem where none should exist even from his distorted two state perspective. Put more directly: Kerry is an inciter. He’s condoning violence by Arabs, justifying it. Hoping, of course, to discourage Trump from his promise. Were he truly a diplomat seeking peace, he would have warned the Arab world that under no circumstances would violence be sanctioned. But we know that this is not what he is. He is a vile man, and we’ll be as happy to say goodbye to him as to Obama on the 20th.
I want to return to the issue of soldiers who may be reluctant to shoot for fear of repercussions. That question was raised with regard to the terror attack on Sunday. When I last reported, guide Ethan Rond, who was the first to shoot at the terrorist, claimed that the soldiers had hesitation about firing, and the IDF was about to do an investigation.
The IDF has since reported that some of the soldiers did fire, and Rond says he was apparently mistaken. I stand corrected then, as this new information has come available.
And yet, I am not satisfied that this resolves the issue on a broader scale: that there is never hesitation on the part of soldiers to shoot – hesitation that might put them at risk.
I do not want to link this possible hesitation only to the Azariya case – although I pointed out the ironic juxtaposition of the two situations in my last post.
During testimony given by Maj.-Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan at the Azariya trial, he “expressed heavy concern that this case is harming the IDF every day it continues and harming future soldiers’ ability to defend themselves and to know how to act.” (emphasis added)

Maj.-Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan – Credit: 1.bp
His words, spoken before the court ruling, should not be taken lightly. What I have learned now, after that ruling, is that many soldiers feel enraged, and that there are soldiers who, in response to what happened to Azariya, are hesitant to shoot.
A platoon commander, a first sergeant in the field, with whom I spoke this week, referred to “ivory tower thinking” on the part of higher ups who make the rules.
There are two factors that are not sufficiently considered, as he sees it: 1) that sometimes the soldier is an 18 year old, and immature, and 2) that there is insufficient time to make a considered decision. There might be three seconds in which to either shoot or die. Yet those who judge these situations do not take these matters into consideration adequately.
There are rules as to when a soldier can shoot, and when he can shoot to kill. In the latter case, only when the situation is life threatening. But making that determination can be complex: An Arab holding a Molotov cocktail in his hand isn’t life threatening? He only becomes life threatening when he raises his arm to throw it? Or how about rock throwing, which can be lethal, especially when aimed at cars? It is not necessarily seen as such, and defining the risk can be tricky.
As soon as a soldier shoots someone, a process is begun, and the perception is that the higher-ups are very stringent in how they assess a situation. Some soldiers prefer not to shoot rather than be embroiled in an investigative process.
I would never suggest that there should be no rules on when shooting is permitted, or that there should never be an investigation. What I do see is that the soldier in the field who operates in good faith under difficult circumstances needs to know that the system has his back. That he – and not world opinion as manipulated by leftist media – is the first priority. That “purity of arms” is a flawed policy, one that is manipulated by Palestinian Arabs who are up to no good and are well aware of the constraints on the soldiers.
See this Arutz Sheva article on the subject from two years ago:
Returning to the issue of moving the US Embassy to western Jerusalem, two contradictory reports have surfaced: One says (emphasis added): The incoming Trump administration plans to move ahead with its plans to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem regardless of criticism from Arab nations, CNN reported Monday.

”According to the report, US President-elect Donald Trump’s team has informed regional allies of the plans.”
And the second (emphasis added): David Friedman, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for the post of Ambassador to Israel, may work out of Jerusalem while the US embassy remains in Tel Aviv, according to a report by Channel 2…

According to the report by Channel 2, the Trump Administration has decided, after extensive talks with all parties, to implement a compromise solution.

Under the proposed compromise, incoming Ambassador David Friedman would take up residence near the American Consulate in Jerusalem and work there, while the US embassy remained in Tel Aviv. This would be an unusual step, as Ambassadors normally live in proximity to their embassies.
We will have to sit tight and see how this plays out. It would truly be a pity if threats of violence affected Trump’s decision – it would set a very negative tone. This is how the Arabs consistently play it (on the Temple Mount, for example), and it is beyond infuriating – infuriating, actually, that authorities are cowed by the threats. David Friedman has a home here in Jerusalem already but might require one closer to the Consulate. He has indicated a desire to work in Jerusalem as ambassador.

The American Consulate that is referred to above is in Talpiot.

credit: Wikimapia
It is on a property that is quite big and could readily accommodate a second building to be utilized as embassy; rumor has it that this is where it would be placed. If this turns out to be the case, Friedman would require residence near the embassy anyway. It is possible, we do not know, that the transition would be done in stages. For the ambassador to operate out of Jerusalem already confers upon Jerusalem a recognition that is a departure from previous US policy.
There are other things that might be done quickly by the Trump administration that would positively alter a very troubling American status quo.
At present, the State Department refuses to acknowledge Jerusalem as part of Israel in official documents. Thus, for example, all babies born of American parents in hospitals in Jerusalem receive American birth certificates that indicate place of birth is “Jerusalem,” with no country mentioned. Similarly, I’ve had to renew my American passport since living here, and it indicates that it was renewed in “Jerusalem.” A simple order would change this.
And then there is the disturbing fact that there are actually two American consulates in Jerusalem. The one described above does normal consular work; this is where I went to renew my passport. The “other” consulate is on Agron Street, near the center of town.

Credit: wikipedia
This consulate is a diplomatic mission that actually functions as an embassy to the PA. This is because the US, thankfully, does not recognize the PA as a nation in which it can locate a full embassy. Consulates normally are satellites of an embassy and work under the jurisdiction of that embassy – report to the embassy. This consulate does not. It does not report to the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, but operates independently and reports directly to the State Department.

It is actually quite startling. Here is an office of the US located in Jerusalem, and it does not utilize Hebrew – only English and Arabic. (I’ve met with people in this consulate, and have seen their business cards.)
An order should go out from the president, or the State Department, that forthwith this consulate must report to the US Embassy to Israel.
(Thanks to my Legal Grounds co-chair, Jeff Daube, on these suggestions for quick action.)
Please see and broadly share “Kill the Two State Solution,” by the brilliant Daniel Greenfield, writing as Sultan Knish (emphasis added).
“The two-state solution, a perverse euphemism for carving an Islamic terror state out of the land of Israel and the living flesh of her people, is in trouble…
“The two-state solution is a zombie. It can’t be dead because it never lived. It was a rotting shambling corpse of a diplomatic process. If you stood downwind of the proceedings, it looked alive.

“Up close there was only blood and death…
“The problem that the two-state solution was solving was the Jewish Problem; the existence of Israel…
The two-state solution didn’t end the violence. It turned it up to eleven. It didn’t even create a Palestinian state. But it did a moderately decent job of solving the Jewish Problem by killing Jews.

It killed thousands of them. It filled cemeteries, ethnically cleansed towns and villages, and brought war to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for the first time in a generation. It turned terror from an aberration into a routine. It made death into a way of life for the Muslim population controlled by the terrorists and the Jewish population targeted by them. It endangered the existence of Israel for the first time since 1973.

“The two-state solution isn’t dead. It is death.

“The ‘solution’ has turned children into orphans and left parents weeping at the graves of their daughters. It has sown hilltops with dragon’s teeth of rockets and sent cities fleeing to bomb shelters. It has ushered in an endless age of wars against terrorists who can’t be utterly defeated because that would destroy the two-state solution.”
How painfully, horrifically true this is. Israelis who were here before Oslo (I was not) talk about how much kinder & better relations with the Arabs were – before the terrorists were brought from Tunisia to forge “peace.” Time & again I have observed, with a sense close to despair, the ways in which our government has stepped back from the really tough action required because it was thought we had to show the world (because the world “demanded”) conciliation & concessions for “peace.”
This must stop. Now.
We may be headed towards better times at last, if the good people refuse to cave to threats. Which is why I pray that Trump will set the tone and refuse to cave on the embassy relocation.

Credit: thelonelytraveler
© Arlene Kushner. This material is produced by Arlene Kushner, functioning as an independent journalist. Permission is granted for it to be reproduced only with proper attribution.

If it is reproduced and emphasis is added, the fact that it has been added must be noted. Posted on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 04:47AM by Arlene |

Arlene Kushner “Standing Tall with Tears” January 11, 2017:

10.The disastrous capitulation in Hebron. By David Wilder, Hevron

Twenty years later – We overcame, we persevered, 20/01/17

David Wilder is a spokesman for the Jewish community of Hevron. He maintains a blog called “The Wilder Way” on Arutz-7’s Israel National News website. This week marks an auspicious date, as it ends with the inauguration of the incoming President of the United States.

However, my view of the week of January 20th is of a completely different perspective. This year, this week marks the 20th anniversary of the signing, Knesset vote and implementation of the so-called “Hebron Accords,” which, as a continuation of Oslo, split the city of Hebron.

On March 15, the Israeli cabinet voted in favor of the Hebron Protocol. The next day the Knesset voted to implement the accords. The next day, Friday, the city was officially split. The IDF vacated/abandoned the Hebron military HQ, with Col. Gadi Shamni, the commander of the Hebron region, being last to leave. On Sunday, January 19, Arafat, celebrating the ‘liberation’ of the city, visited the former Israeli military compound, high on the hills in Hebron, to the cheers of tens of thousands. Some 80% of the city was transferred/abandoned to Arafat & the Palestinian Authority. In reality, the agreement left Jews with access to 3% of Hebron, while the Arabs had access to 97% of the city.

After over 35 years in Hebron & nearby Kiryat Arba, I’ve witnessed many & various events, some quite joyous & others, almost unbearably sad. But this day, which will undoubtedly be recalled as one of the most awful episodes in the annals of Jewish history, has left me stunned, even two decades later.

The Arab celebrations were totally out of hand. Israeli security forces didn’t even try to prevent disturbances in the center of Hebron. Living then in Kiryat Arba, I remember walking down to Friday night Shabbat prayers at Mearat Hamachpela & then continuing on to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood, basically too numb to really feel anything. Over the next weeks & months, when driving around the community, I could not bring myself to believe that the Israeli government, led by Binyamin Netanyahu, had actually signed & implemented this suicidal agreement.

Why suicidal?

A strategically vital land area was all but totally turned over to the Arabs. The hills surrounding the Jewish community officially belonged to Arafat. But as a symbolic gesture, an Israeli military jeep was stationed along side a PA jeep overlooking the Jewish neighborhoods. On the eve of Rosh Hashanah in the year 2000, the Oslo War, aka the 2nd Intifada began. The Israeli vehicle disappeared. For the next two years Arab terrorists utilized the land we gave them as a base from which to shoot at us.

It was clearly evident, prior to the signing and implementation of the accords that the result would be catastrophic. We went so far as to produce a movie, called “Hebron in Danger” in English & Hebrew, predicting in graphic detail the consequences of the agreement. We were laughed at & ridiculed. After all, the era of peace was at hand.

Not long before the government’s approval, Hebron leaders met with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem. Future MK Orit Struk said, “Bibi, look me in the eye and tell me the Arabs won’t shoot at us from the hills.” His response: “Orit, if one shot is fired, I’ll send in the tanks.”

On the morning of the cabinet vote, then minister Natan Sharansky came into Hebron. We took him to the peak of the Abu Sneneh hills, to the south of the community, to show him once again, the dangers incurred by the accords.

Upon his return to Jerusalem, Sharansky met with Netanyahu & exclaimed, “Bibi, this agreement is endangering the Jews in Hebron.” Netanyahu put his arm around Sharansky’s shoulders & retorted, “Natan, do you think that I would do anything to endanger the Jews in Hebron?”

No danger, no danger at all.

But statistics published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs show partial results of ‘no danger at all.’ Between 1969 and 1996, a period of 27 years, 29 Jews were killed in the Hebron area. From 1997 to 2016, that is 19 years, some 60 Jews were murdered in the same area. These numbers do not include the thousands wounded, and the tens of thousands of attacks, stabbings, shootings, fire-bombings, and rock attacks.

Ironically the agreement between Israel & the PA, granted Hebron’s Jewish community a degree of legitimacy. In other words, they recognized our existence. Except in reality they didn’t. Arafat himself, speaking in Hebron, said, “Hebron is a springoard … so that we can establish our independent Palestinian state.”

His appointed head of the Hebron region, Jibril Rajoub, speaking about the Jewish community said, “They are big stones on our chest & we have to take them off,”

On January 16, 1997 Netanyahu, speaking in the Knesset, said “… I would like to appeal to the residents of Hebron. I know that you are fearful today & I would like to say to you, brothers & sisters, that we are concerned for you, that we do not see you as an insignificant appendage. We see you are dear brothers. We are concerned for each & every one of you. We do not see you as 400 insignificant Jews, but as our representatives… in the last analysis, every agreement is dependent upon the goodwill of the signatories. I call from this podium upon the Palestinians & our Arab neighbors to support the agreement, to fulfill all its provisions, in order that security should be preserved…Until now, Hebron has been a symbol of division & conflict because of the hostility between Palestinians & Israelis. Now we have an opportunity to prove that Hebron can also serve an opposite example – one of cooperation, of co-existence, a paradigm of peace.”

My only explanation of these words is that he must have been hallucinating when he wrote the speech. Sure, we were representatives, teaching Israelis how to ‘die with dignity.’

The day before, with the cabinet agreement approving the Hebron Accords the following statement was tacked on to the decision: “The Government will act to maintain all conditions & requirements necessary for the existence, security & consolidation of the Jewish community in Hebron.”

The problem was that these words were written with invisible ink. They disappeared almost immediately upon the accord’s implementation. As all know, Bibi has a very selective memory. It seems he forgot this clause shortly thereafter.

Where are we, 20 years down the road?

Past: On September 7, 1995 Binyamin Netanyahu, candidate for Prime Minister, while visiting Hebron, issued the following statement:
“The Jewish settlement will remain in Hebron permanently. If someone tries to take it away, my friends & I will be here & they will have to take us away as well. It will be a fatal mistake to bring hundreds of armed Palestinian policemen here & there will be a small area where the Jews can pass & where the police & IDF can operate. If there will be a conflict, the IDF will not be able to function & will quickly collide with the Palestinian forces. This is a prescription for tragedy. There is one body responsible & that has to be the IDF”.

Present: On December 11, 2016 Netanyahu told 60 Minutes that he remained committed to the two-state solution & hoped the Trump administration would assist in achieving it.

“I’m willing to negotiate with [the Palestinian Authority] at any moment,” said Netanyahu. “I haven’t reversed my position. I’ve said, ‘Look, we will solve this because we want 2 nation states at peace & with the proper security arrangements.’ 2 states for 2 peoples…. that’s where I’m focused.”

“I’d like to have President Trump, when he gets into the White House, help me work on that. I’d like to see if the Arab states can help me achieve that. It’s a new reality. A new possibility.”

In other words, Netanyahu has learned nothing, but absolutely nothing from the decisions & their consequences over the past two decades. He is willing to continue down a path of pain, terror, & Jewish blood.

The most appropriate action he could take this week is to make a special trip to Mearat Hamachpela in Hebron, stand on the steps leading up to the edifice, and apologize, to first and foremost our Patriarchs and Matriarchs, who have witness to this continued desecration of the sanctify of G-d. He must apologize to the family of Rabbi Shlomo Ra’anan, murdered in his bedroom in August, 1998. He must apologize to the family of Shalhevet Pass, 10 months old, shot in the head by an Arab sniper.

He should stand and recite the names of all of those killed in and around Hebron from January 1997 through the present, just as victims of the Holocaust’s names are read from the podium in the Knesset.

Then he must state, unequivocally, that the Accords were a mistake& a failure, that Oslo was a mistake & a failure & then, with one hand on his heart & the other on a Bible, swear to put a total end to any talk of further concessions, leading to a Palestinian State. Perhaps one symbolic act could conclude the event: A palestinian authority flag be placed within a coffin, and then buried in the local Arab cemetery.

An idea, dead & buried. Only then & really only then, can we start to look forward to the future, to rectify the enormous errors, costing so many lives & begin to live as Jews, as Israelis, on Our Land.

The concluding words of my essay, written on January 14, 1997: “The immediate future will be very difficult – of that I have no doubts or illusions. If the Jewish People were able to overcome the results of a Holocaust that left 1/3rd of our people murdered& in spite of that were able to create a viable state only three years after the furnaces were extinguished, we can & overcome anything. It will not be easy, but we will persevere.”

Little did I know then how difficult it actually would be. But I was correct. We overcame, we persevered. And we will continue to do so. Forever & ever & ever. Let no one think otherwise.

The disastrous capitulation in Hebron. By David Wilder, Hevron

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Gail Winston is co-founder of the Winston International Institute for the Study of Prejudice.

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