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Gaza War 2014

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Gaza War Diary 9 Thu-Sat. nite Dec. 22, 2016 Day 1204-1206 Shavua Tov & Chag Chanukah Sama’ech 9 Sent Sun. 12/25 7pm

Shavua Tov & Chag Chanukah Sama’ech 9 Sent Sun. 12/25 7pm

Dear Family & Friends,

Finally, I know how to pronounce Chanukah thanks to my brilliant grandchildren.

They were fascinated by the story in Yoram Ettinger’s Chanukah Guide to the Jewish Perplexed 2016 about then General George Washington’s being inspired at Valley Forge when he met a Jewish soldier lighting a Chanukah candle. See #4 within #1 below. BTW, to further that story, several years later, when President, George Washington knocked on the door of that soldier & presented him with a special medallion honoring him for inspiring Gen. Washington to continue fighting what seemed a hopeless battle & winning America’s Independence as a country against the British by using tactics that the Maccabees used in 167 BCE.

I suggest you print this & read one story a night of Chanukah to them with each candle lighting.

My grandchildren laughed (nicely) at me when I said: Happy Hanukah. Why? Because in Hebrew it’s pronounced ­­Chanukah & they are all bi-lingual. [Wish I was!] So, I tickled the 8 year old & told him he couldn’t laugh at me but, he must correct me whenever I make a mistake.

So, on that Happy Chanukah note, comes the really vile news [which I learned just as we were lighting Chanukah candles for the first of 8 nights]:

The UN Security Council passed their long-threatened anti-Israel Resolution & the lame duck President Barack Hussein Obama did NOT veto it! In fact, he probably helped construct it. See below a lot of commentary. If you have You-Tube, please watch segments by John Bolton, Charles Krauthammer, Mike Huckabee & PM Binyamin Netanyahu (& others) to pick yourself up off the floor.

So again, Chag Chanukah Sama’ach! Enjoy your beautiful candles & your families.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

Our Website is a jem (a Jewish gem):

1.Chanukah guide for the perplexed, 2016 by Ambassador Yoram Ettinger

2.Netanyahu calls UN resolution ‘absurd’ & ‘skewed’

3.’UN resolution bad for Israel, bad for US – bad for peace’

4.Amb. John Bolton: US abstention is a ‘stab in Israel’s back’

5.Shaked: We survived Pharaoh, we’ll survive this too

1.Chanukah guide for the perplexed, 2016 by Ambassador Yoram Ettinger

Based on ancient Jewish sages, December 22, 2016

More on Chanukah and Jewish other holidays:

1. Chanukah & Jewish immortality. In 1899, Mark Twain wrote: “Jews constitute but 1% of the human race…, [but] their contributions to literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine and abstruse learning are away out of proportion to the weakness of their numbers. They have made a marvelous fight in all the ages, and had done it with their hands tied behind them…. The Egyptians, Babylonians and Persians rose and then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greeks and Romans followed, made vast noise and they are gone…. The Jew saw them all, beat them all and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies…. All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?”

2. The Chanukah Menorah (a nine-branched-candelabra) commemorates the legacy of the Maccabees, which has been a pillar of fire for the Jewish people, highlighting the prerequisites of spiritual and physical liberty, in defiance of formidable odds: faith, optimism, patriotism, memory and adherence to value and principle-driven culture. The Maccabees have become a universal role-model of national and religious liberation struggle against all odds, the victory of long-term, principle-driven faith over short-term, convenience-driven cynicism and opportunism; the victory of tenacious optimism over pessimism and political-correctness.

3. Israel’s Founding Father, David Ben Gurion: “The struggle of the Maccabees was one of the most dramatic clashes of civilizations in human history…. The Maccabees overcame one of the most magnificent spiritual, political and military challenges in Jewish history due to the spirit of the people, rather than the failed spirit of the establishment ….” (Uniqueness and Destiny, pp 20-22, Ben Gurion, IDF Publishing, 1953)

4. The US connection: * On December 2, 1993, in Billings, Montana, white supremacists tossed a brick through a window of a Jewish home that displayed the Chanukah Menorah. On the following morning, the Billings Gazette – reflecting sentiments of local churches and civic leaders – printed a full-page Menorah, which was pasted on the windows of over 10,000 non-Jewish residents in a show of solidarity. Some Billings’ residents displayed their Not in Our Town spirit, displaying Chanukah Menorahs on Billings’ main street. The Billings’ Chanukah gesture has been commemorated annually. A Chanukah candle-lighting was recently held at the State Capitol in Helena, MT.

*A bust of Judah the Maccabee is displayed at West Point Military Academy, along with those of Joshua, David, Alexander the Great, Hector, Julius Caesar, King Arthur, Charlemagne & Godfrey of Bouillon – “the Nine Worthies.”

*John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Thomas Paine & the organizers of the Boston Tea Party were referred to as “the modern day Maccabees.”

* According to the Diary of Michael and Louisa Hart, George Washington was introduced to Chanukah in December 1777 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. He was challenging the much superior British military. A Jewish solider lit a Chanukah candle, explaining its significance: a conviction-driven, tactical victory against immense odds. Washington replied: “I rejoice in the Maccabees’ success, though it is long past…It pleases me to think that miracles still happen.” On June 19, 1778, Washington implemented the battle tactics of Judah the Maccabee, defeating the British troops.

*”In God We Trust” is a derivative of the Maccabees’ battle cry, an adaptation of Moses’ battle cry against the builders of the Golden Calf: “Whoever trusts God; join me!”

*In 1921, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis stated: “As part of the eternal worldwide struggle for democracy, the struggle of the Maccabees is of eternal worldwide interest….”

*The US Postal Service has issued Chanukah stamps, annually, since 1996.

5. Chanukah’s historical context according to the Books of the Maccabees, The Scroll of Antiochus and The War of the Jews by Joseph Ben Mattityahu (Josephus Plavius): In 175 BCE, the Seleucid Emperor Antiochus (IV) Epiphanies of Syria (one third of the disintegrated Greek Empire) wished to exterminate Judaism & forcibly convert Jews to Hellenic values, suspecting that the Jews were allies of his chief rival, Egypt. In 169 BCE, upon his return to Syria from a war against Egypt, Antiochus (IV) devastated Jerusalem, massacred Jews, forbade the practice of Judaism & desecrated the Temple. The 167 BCE Jewish rebellion featured the Hasmonean (Maccabee) family: Mattityahu, a priest from the town of Modi’in & his five sons, Yochanan, Judah, Shimon, Yonatan & Elazar. The heroic, creative battle tactics of the Maccabees, were consistent with the reputation of Jews as superb warriors, who were frequently hired as mercenaries by Egypt, Syria, Rome & other global & regional powers. The battles of the Maccabees inspired the Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire from the battle against Pompey in 63 BCE through the end of the Bar Kokhba Rebellion in 135 CE.

6. The name Maccabee (מכבי or מקבי) is a derivative of the Hebrew word Makevet (מקבת), power hammer in Hebrew. It is also a derivative of the Hebrew verb Cabeh (כבה), to extinguish. Maccabee, מכבי, is also the Hebrew acronym of “Who could resemble you among gods, O Jehovah” מי כמוך באלים יי)). In Latin, the C is sometimes pronounced like a TZ, and Maccabee could be the Latin spelling of the Hebrew word Matzbee, the commander.

7. Chanukah – the longest Jewish holiday – is the only Jewish holiday that commemorates a Land of Israel national liberation struggle, unlike Passover (Egypt), Sukkot/Tabernacles and Shavuot/Pentecost (the Sinai Desert) and Purim (Persia).

8. The mountain ridges of Judea & Southern Samaria were the platform of the critical Maccabees’ battles: Mitzpah (the burial site of the Prophet Samuel), Beth El (Judah’s first headquarters), Beth Horon (Judah’s victory over Seron), Hadashah (Judah’s victory over Nicanor), Beth Zur (Judah’s victory over Lysias), Ma’aleh Levona (Judah’s victory over Apolonius), Adora’yim (a Maccabean fortress), Elazar and Beit Zachariya (Judah’s first defeat), Ba’al Hatzor (where Judah was defeated & killed) & the Judean Desert. When ordered by Antiochus (Book of Maccabees A: 15:33) to end the “occupation” of Jerusalem, Jaffa, Gaza, Gezer & Akron, Shimon the Maccabee responded: “We have not occupied a foreign land; we have not ruled a foreign land; we have liberated the land of our forefathers from foreign occupation.” Shimon’s statement is still relevant in 2016.

9. Chanukah (חנוכה in Hebrew) celebrates the initiation/inauguration (חנוכ) of the reconstructed Temple. Chanukah (חנוכה) is education (חינוכ)-oriented. According to the First Book of Maccabees, Judah instituted an eight-day holiday on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev 165 BCE (just like King Solomon’s eight-day celebration of the inauguration of the First Temple), in order to commemorate Jewish history, in general, and the inauguration and deliverance of the holy altar and the Temple, in particular. A key feature of Chanukah is the education/mentoring of family members. The Hebrew word, Chanukah, חנוכה, consists of two words, Chanu-Kah ( חנו-כהin Hebrew) which means “they camped/rested” (חנו) and 25 (כ=20, ה=5), referring to the Maccabees’ re-consecration of the Temple on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev.

For more information
on Chanukah and other Jewish holidays, including the Sabbath, annual fast days & the Jubilee, please see: (pdf)

Chanukah guide for the perplexed, 2016 by Ambassador Yoram Ettinger

2.Netanyahu calls UN resolution ‘absurd’ & ‘skewed’

Prime Minister Netanyahu says newest UN resolution is most absurd ever, says it pushes peace farther away. Arutz Sheva Staff, 24/12/16 20:29 During a Chanukkah candle-lighting ceremony on Saturday night, Israeli P.M. Binyamin Netanyahu said the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2334 was distorted & shameful.

“Citizens of Israel,” he said, “I want to calm you down. The decision reached yesterday in the UN is distorted and shameful, but we shall overcome it. The decision makes the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City ‘occupied’ territory – that’s delusional. It says that the Western Wall, the Kotel, is ‘occupied’ territory – that’s just as delusional. There is nothing more absurd than calling the Western Wall and Jewish Quarter occupied territory.”

“This is a failed attempt to force the conditions of a final agreement on Israel. Their last attempt to accomplish this was led by President Carter, who was totally hostile to Israel and just recently said that Hamas is not a terror group,” Netanyahu continued. “Carter passed anti-Israel resolutions in the UN, similar to these resolutions, but he did not succeed. We opposed his resolutions and nothing happened.

“All the American presidents after Carter have stood by the US promise not to allow the UN to force Israel to do anything. Yesterday, US President Barack Obama violated this promise – as well as his own promise from 2011- when he did not use his veto power to veto this anti-Israel resolution in the UN.

“Not only does this decision not bring peace closer, it in fact pushes peace farther away. It is an affront to justice, to truth. Think about how absurd it is. Half a million people slaughtered in Syria, tens of thousands in Sudan, the entire Middle East is in flames and Obama’s government and the Security Council decide to attack the only democracy in the Middle Est – Israel. How shameful!

“My friends, on this first night of Hanukkah, I want to tell you that it will do them no good. We will completely oppose this resolution, as we did when the UN decided that ‘Zionism is Racism.’ That decision was revoked and so will this one be. It just takes time. And it won’t be revoked by our giving in, but by our standing strong with our allies at our side. I remind you that we left Gaza, destroyed communities,removed people from their graves. Did that help us at the UN in any way? Did it improve the UN’s attitude to us? We got thousand of rockets on our heads from Gaza & the Goldstone Report from the UN.

“Friday’s decision is a call to arms for all of Israel’s friends in the US, and all those who are sick of the anti-Israel bias in the UN. Those who come to curse us, will end up blessing us instead,” Netanyahu concluded, referring to the biblical story of Balaam.

Netanyahu also announced he had instructed officials to cut off 30 million NIS ($7.8 million) worth of funding for five UN bodies which are particularly hostile to Israel. More such action will follow, he promised.

In addition, Netanyahu said he had “recalled Israel’s ambassadors from New Zealand and Senegal, two of the four countries which sponsored the resolution and have diplomatic relations with Israel. As well, Israeli aid to Senegal has also been halted.”

UN Resolution 2334 states that all building in Judea, Samaria & eastern Jerusalem is completely illegal, violates international law & harms potential for a two-state solution. The resolution requires Israel to immediately cease all building in all areas outside of the pre-1967 borders & states that the UN will not recognize anything outside the pre-1967 borders unless it has been formally agreed upon by both Israel & the Palestinian Authority. The U.S. abstained.

The Palestinian Authority refuses to discuss beginning direct negotiations with Israel before its preconditions are met.

Netanyahu calls UN resolution ‘absurd’ & ‘skewed’

3.’UN resolution bad for Israel, bad for US – bad for peace’

Netanyahu calls upon Obama administration to block anti-Israel resolution proposed by Egypt at United Nations Security Council. PM Binyamin Netanyahu Arutz Sheva Staff, 22/12/16 19:46 [before the vote passed 14/0 with the U.S. abstaining??!!]

4.Amb. John Bolton: US abstention is a ‘stab in Israel’s back’ Arutz Sheva Staff, 24/12/16 22:12 Fox News discusses newest UN resolution & US abstention with former UN Amb. John Bolton. Fox News interviewed former UN Ambassador John Bolton regarding the Obama administration’s decision on Friday not to veto the UN Security Council’s anti-Israel resolution. See it on YouTube.

“I think certainly the sponsors of the resolution, the Egyptian and some of the others, some of the five permanent members of the council, including Great Britain, obviously had to consult with the Obama administration to tell them what was in the resolution so that it was sufficient for Obama to order an abstention. The Obama administration could have killed this resolution by voting no, it did vote no on a similar resolution in 2011…but this was a stab in the back against the Israelis, it was entirely predictable for people in the pro-Israel community in the United States….we should’ve seen this coming and this is what you get for supporting Barack Obama. “I really think this was an effort to box the incoming Trump administration in, and it violates nearly 50 years of bipartisan policy in the United States,” Bolton said. Amb. John Bolton: US abstention is a ‘stab in Israel’s back’

5.Shaked: We survived Pharaoh, we’ll survive this too

Justice Minister says UN Security Council decision just before Hanukkah is reminiscent of Jewish history.By Nitsan Keidar, 24/12/16 20:02

Ayelet ShakedDavid Kedmi

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) reacted on Saturday night to the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2334, which ordered Israel to stop all building in the “Palestinian territory” of Judea and Samaria.

“Happy Chanukkah to the entire Jewish nation,” Shaked said. “The UN Security Council’s resolution, passed just before Hanukkah, reminds us of something in our history. But this time, we’re strong enough and this decision won’t affect our power in the slightest.”

“There’s something very sad and pitiful about that moment when the Security Council votes for an anti-Israel resolution and the world cheers. It’s the moment that shows all the rot in the UN. Half a million men, women, and children are being murdered in Syria, and this emasculated organization does not even raise a hand to help.

“But when it comes to harming the Jewish state, why not. Syria they protect. There are no resolutions against it. But against the only democratic country in the Middle East there are dozens of resolutions. It’s just like David Ben Gurion said: ‘Um (the UN’s Hebrew acronym is Um, ed), shmum.’* We survived Pharaoh, we’ll survive this, too,” Shaked concluded.

*The Hebrew acronym for the UN is pronounced Oom (umot meuchadot). The repetition of a word with “sh” at the beginning is a form of deprecation.”

Shaked: We survived Pharaoh, we’ll survive this too

6.Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

We are outraged but not surprised – that President Barack Hussein Obama & U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power enabled the passage of an extraordinary, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution this afternoon. Also, the Resolution was filled with falsehoods & distortions. Obama & Kerry’s phony claim that they allowed this Resolution because Jews living in Judea/Samaria eastern Jerusalem would prevent a Palestinian State is a canard. The fact is that almost all Jews living in these very small areas are areas that would never be given away or prevent a State. The reason there’s no Palestinian State is the Arabs rejection of a State in 2000, 2001, 2007 in virtually all of Judea/Samaria & parts of Jerusalem.

Obama and Kerry’s phony claim that they allowed this Resolution because Jews living in Judea/Samaria eastern Jerusalem would prevent a Palestinian State is a canard. The fact is that almost all Jews living in these very small areas are areas that would never be given away or prevent a State. The reason there’s no Palestinian State is the Arabs’ rejection of a State in 2000, 2001, 2007 in virtually all of Judea/Samaria and parts of Jerusalem.

The resolution supports ethnic cleansing of the 750,000 Jewish people from the lawful Jewish homelands in Judea/Samaria & eastern Jerusalem – the site of the Jewish people’s holiest places; calls for discrimination against Jews living in these Jewish homelands; & demands Israel’s withdrawal to the indefensible 1949 Armistice lines – lines that have absolutely no legal standing & would enable Arab terrorists to lob rockets into & endanger the entire Jewish State. The UNSC resolution supports and rewards the radical Islamist PLO-Hamas Palestinian Authority, which pays millions of dollars in salaries to families of terrorists who murdered innocent Jews, names schools, streets & sports teams after Jew killers & promotes Jew murder in their schools, speeches, official Imam sermons & media.

ZOA now urges Congress and President-elect Trump to stop $600 million in US aid to the Palestinian Authority and to cut US funding to the UN. The resolution’s horrors are more fully described in ZOA’s release yesterday, “ZOA Urges Veto of Disgraceful Anti-Israel UN Resolution on Jewish Communities,” Dec. 22, 2016, and in “Eight Anti-Israel Outrages Inside the UN Resolution on Settlements,” by Aaron Klein, Breitbart, Dec. 22, 2016.

Obama & Samantha Power’s enabling of the resolution’s passage confirms ZOA’s worst fears that Obama & Power have anti-Semitic hatred for Israel and the Jewish people. ZOA predicted 8 years ago that “Obama will be the worst president for Israel ever.” Apparently, it was not enough for Obama to push through the catastrophic Iran deal that gives a regime, bent on Israel’s and America’s annihilation, $150 billion dollars & paves Iran’s way to a nuclear bomb. Iran has already increased its funding of anti-Israel & anti-American terror. Obama was not satisfied with giving Iran the means to destroy Israel; Obama’s anti-Semitism runs so deep that he also apparently needed to drive one more knife into Israel’s back.

As ZOA previously warned, there were numerous signs during the past several months that the Obama administration was plotting and paving the way for this anti-Israel anti-Semitic resolution’s passage. There were unwarranted denunciations of Israel by Obama’s U.S. State Department and simultaneous virtually identical condemnations of Israel by Obama’s “echo chamber” at the New York Times and other like-minded media. The White House even crossed out the word “Israel” as the location of Prime Minister Shimon Peres’s burial place. Obama used his eulogy for Peres to in essence falsely accuse Israel of enslaving Palestinians. And a Wikileaks document by a former White House official revealed the administration’s plan. ZOA took out ads in the New York Times warning about what was about to occur. (See ZOA’s Nov. 3 New York Times Ad entitled “After Elections Will Obama Betray Israel at the UN?,”)

Unfortunately, Obama went ahead with his ugly plan to enable the resolution and help the radical Islamist PLO/Hamas terrorists – despite heroic efforts to stop the resolution by many caring people, including: President-elect Trump; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu; President-elect Trump’s excellent nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman; Israeli envoy Danny Danon; U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and Tom Cotton, U.S. Congressman Lee Zeldin, and many other members of Congress; and the ZOA’s own and some other Jewish groups efforts.

President Obama has demonstrated that his anti Semitic radical-Islamist-supporting background before becoming President was what has driven his presidency from day one to the very end of his presidency. Obama worshiped for 22 years at Jeremiah Wrights anti-Semitic black liberation theology church whose pastor often shouted “G-d Damn America” & “G-d Damn Israel” and honored anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Obama’s befriended radical Islamists Rashid Khalidi and “Electronic Intifada” founder and head Ali Abunimah, and anti-American radical Bill Ayers. And Obama directed Woods Foundation funds to support an Arab group that runs anti-Israel activities on U.S. college campuses.

Obama’s first act upon becoming President-elect was to threaten Israel to discontinue defending herself from Hamas rockets in Gaza. It is not coincidental that Israel had to prematurely end her efforts to wipe out Hamas’ rocket arsenals the day before Obama was sworn in in January 2009. And it has been downhill from there, as ZOA has repeatedly documented.

Moreover, President Obama’s duplicity is downright astonishing. Just last week, Obama smilingly praised the Maccabees for their bravery, during the White House Hanukkah party. Yet this week, Obama enabled a UN resolution that states that Israel’s presence in eastern Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria – the very same land that the Maccabees lived in, bravely fought for and rededicated – is “illegal.” (See “Obama’s Hanukkah Speech Should Remind Him-Veto UN Resolutions Declaring Israel ‘Illegal Occupier,’’ Dec. 16, 2016.)

Painfully those Jewish groups that criticized or, like AIPAC and many Federations, refused to support the right of Jews to live in the lawfully designated Jewish homeland in eastern Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria, also deserve a share of the blame for today’s terrible resolution. Even more so sharing partial blame for this resolution are those Jewish groups who condemned Jews living in eastern Jerusalem or the 2% of Judea & Samaria where their homes were built. ZOA hopes those Jewish groups finally learn from this.

Despite all this, we should not lose our faith that Israel will survive and thrive. As Jews and Christians celebrate our respective Chanukah and Christmas holidays of light this weekend, we can all be thankful that the Trump administration will soon take office. Based on the heroic efforts this week of the President-elect and David Friedman, his nominee for Ambassador to Israel, we believe that the Trump administration will make every effort to repair the damage that Obama and Samantha Power have wrought today and throughout the past eight years.

Read more:

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein

IsraPundit by Ted Belman December 24, 2016

7.It is time for unilateral action. By Ted Belman

For the record, the settlements are not illegal either because the Fourth Geneva Convention doesn’t make them so or it doesn’t apply to these lands.

Netanyahu shares some of the blame because he never embraced the Levy Report and never makes the case that the settlements are legal. He just argues they are not an obstacle to peace. He left the field wide open for the UN to pass this resolution.

I believe that this resolution is ultra vires the UN Charter. The UN has no right to set the borders. It may only act to keep the peace. Also remember the hateful Zionism is Racism resolution was repealed.

Something more is needed than just reducing or cutting off US financial support for the UN or the PA. And for certain there will never be a negotiated solution.

It is time for unilateral action. Israel and the US should decide what to do in keeping with the 2016 GOP platform which was unanimously passed. THEN DO IT.

Our response must wait for Jan 20 as there is still time for a Chap 7 resolution to be passed.

I think this resolution will serve as a catalyst for good things for Israel.

It is time for unilateral action. By Ted Belman

8.Obama’s Betrayal by Jonathan Tobin, Commentary 12-23-16

It turned out that nothing could prevent President Obama from firing one last shot at Israel. Despite the pleas of the Israeli government and the warning from his successor that failing to veto a biased UN resolution on the Middle East conflict would be deeply unfair and soon repudiated, the administration broke with decades of U.S. policy, abstained from voting on a resolution that condemns Israeli settlements & abandoned the Jewish state to its enemies at the United Nations Security Council.
Today’s resolution brands the Jewish presence in any part of the West Bank or in parts of Jerusalem that were occupied by Jordan from 1949 to 1967 as illegal. It makes the hundreds of thousands of Jews who live in those parts of the ancient Jewish homeland international outlaws. The excuse given by the U.S. was that increased building in the territories and Jerusalem is endangering the chances of a two-state solution. But, as I noted yesterday when the vote on the resolution was postponed, this is a canard. The reason why a two-state solution has not been implemented to date is because the Palestinians have repeatedly refused offers of statehood even when such offers would put them in possession of almost all of the West Bank and a share of Jerusalem.

The building of more homes in places even Obama admitted that Israel would keep in the event of a peace treaty is no obstacle to peace if the Palestinians wanted a state. Rather than encourage peace, this vote will merely encourage more Palestinian intransigence and their continued refusal to negotiate directly with Israel. It will also accelerate support for efforts to wage economic war on Israel via the BDS movement. This lame duck stab in the back of America’s only democratic ally in the Middle East should only further encourage President-elect Donald Trump to make good on his promise to move the U.S. embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and let the world know that the new administration not only repudiates his predecessor’s betrayal but that the alliance is as strong as ever.

That will have to wait until January 20th and Obama’s exit from the White House. In the meantime, this is a moment for Democratic friends of Israel to apologize for eight years of excusing and rationalizing Obama’s growing hostility to the Jewish state. Though some will disingenuously argue that the president is trying to save Israel from itself, today’s vote must be seen for what it is. Freed of political constraints, the president finally showed his true colors by throwing Israel to the wolves at a U.N. where anti-Semitism & anti-Israel bias is integral to the culture of the world body.
This is a moment when those who have been in denial about the harm the president has done to the U.S.-Israel alliance should admit their mistake. But for the pro-Israel community as a whole, a bipartisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, this is a moment of anger that will hopefully be followed by a determination to work with the next president to repair the grave damage Obama has caused.

I said earlier today in my email to you and others, “If Obama votes for or abstains from this vote, he will have assured and cemented his legacy of being the most vicious, vindictive and ideologically motivated anti-Israel and probably anti-Semitic president in history.“

Well he has so cemented his legacy.

I watched with disgust as Samantha Powers disingenuously tried to make it sound like abstaining from the vote somehow was in keeping with America’s great relationship with Israel, that the resolution reflected the U.S. long standing policy of always seeing the settlements as illegal and they only abstained to allow the motion to pass once they were satisfied it also called on Palestinians to quit their terrorism.

What consummate liars Obama and his people are. The passage of the UNSC motion purports to create new international law that puts Israel at a severe disadvantage and in many other ways badly prejudices Israel’s ability to ever negotiate a fair deal.

Obama and his mouthpieces trying to justify their failure to exercise a veto is disingenuous, if not an outright lie as is their denying they had anything to do with bringing this resolution to the floor of the UNSC for a vote is beyond belief.

Then again, lying comes easy to Obama, even when he knows people know he is lying. Then again he knows he can count on the liberal-left MSM to try to cover for him and soften the lie, if they can’t cover it up altogether.

I am sick and angry about this ugly anti-Israel turn of events orchestrated by the petty, vindictive and malicious bigoted anti-Semite Obama.

I do hope Trump & Republicans respond by cutting all funding not only directly to the radical Islamist Muslim Jew-Israel hating Palestinians, but also to that Jew-Israel hating UN organization, UNRWA.


Dennis Ross warned that the United States would keep Israel spinning and then would abstain when the resolution came to a vote at the Security Council.
This resolution opens Israel to additional negative UN “findings”[see Goldstone Report & UNESCO Reports] and UN resolutions containing sanctions and to adverse action at the World Court.
In view of the Obama administration having cut off resupply to Israel during the Gaza war and the Obama administration having embargoed Ben-Gurion airport [based on spurious safety concerns] this raises serious questions relating to whether Israel can trust it’s security by procuring the F 35 which makes Israel dependent upon continuous US support for missions planning & for re-supply logistics.

United States on Friday abstained as the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution that severely criticizes Israeli settlement construction in land claimed by Palestinians.
The measure — the first the Security Council has adopted on Israel and Palestine in roughly eight years — has been the subject of much furor .
The Obama administration earlier on Friday furiously denied allegations that it has been promoting the U.N. resolution.
Israel had demanded that President Barack Obama’s government veto the measure. The issue is especially sensitive because Obama’s relations with Israel have long been strained and the US abstention is widely viewed as “payback” by President Obama for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s active opposition to the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.
Ahead of the potential Friday vote, a senior Obama administration official denied media reports that the U.S. was orchestrating the resolution and by implication betraying its longtime ally.
“To be clear: from the start, this was an Egyptian resolution. The Egyptians authored it, circulated it, and submitted it for a vote on Wednesday evening before asking for a delay and subsequently removing their sponsorship,” the official said in a statement. “A group of other Security Council members, not including the United States, is now moving forward the Egyptian text.”
The official went on: “Contrary to some claims, the administration was not involved in formulating the resolution nor have we promoted it. We have not communicated to any U.N. Security Council members how the U.S. would vote if the resolution comes before the U.N. Security Council.”
Democratic and Republican lawmakers had urged the Obama administration to veto the resolution, which they say is unfair to Israel and will undermine the long-stalled peace process between the Israelis and Palestinians even more. Obama and his aides have long decried Israel’s construction of settlements in the West Bank and other areas, arguing they undermine promises that the Palestinians will be allowed to one day have their own country. Pro-Israel observers worry that by allowing the resolution to pass this time, Obama is taking a parting shot at Netanyahu, with whom he has chilly relations.
Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) on Friday had renewed his call for the U.S. to veto the resolution, saying that Congress & the Trump administration should cut off funds to the Palestinian Authority if it passed.
“This is an [anti-Semitic], anti-Jewish, anti-Israel resolution. If this resolution passes, Congress and President-elect Trump should cut all foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority,” Zeldin, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said in a statement.

Obama’s Betrayal Jonathan Tobin, Commentary 12-23-16

9.Michael Oren: Obama abstention is ‘betrayal’ & ‘abandonment’

In an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva, Michael Oren, Kulanu MK, Deputy Public Diplomacy Minister talks about Obama’s abstention and what Trump can do about it. By Nitsan Keidar, 24/12/16 22:50

MK Michael Oren – Arutz Sheva Deputy Public Diplomacy Minister Michael Oren (Kulanu), who also served as Israel’s ambassador to the US between the years 2009-2013, gave an exclusive interview to Arutz Sheva on Saturday night.

In his interview, Oren said he estimates the Obama administration has not yet had its last word with regards to Israel. He criticized harshly the US’ behavior in the UN on the subject of the “settlements.”

“This is abandonment and betrayal. Betrayal of us – but not only of us. It’s a betrayal of all of Israel’s allies. Every country which is an ally of the US must ask itself if they can continue to rely on the US. Because if the US is willing to abandon its only democratic ally in the Middle East, we need to wonder how it would act towards its allies in other parts of the world,” Oren said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

“The US has violated its bipartisan policy of fifty years. The unambiguous policy is that there is no substitute for direct negotiations between Israel & the Palestinians. This is a policy which President Obama himself promised to abide by in 2011, when National Security Adviser Susan Rice was still serving as UN Ambassador. Rice herself said there is no substitute for direct negotiations, there was no place in the UN to hold those negotiations, and the US should not dictate a solution to Israel.”

Regarding his own reaction to the UN’s resolution, Oren said, “I feel great sadness when I think about the UN Security Council’s decision. I also see it as a severe and grave decision. This is a decision which defines half a million Israeli citizens as international criminals and the Western Wall as occupied territory. It opens the door to sanctions against Israel. As a nation and as a country, we need to stand united against this decision, BDS, and de-legitimization of all types.

“This decision ignores the Palestinian leaders’ refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and it ignores their refusal to sit with us at the negotiating table. This is a one-sided decision, which might even be called racist against Jews,” Oren said.

When asked if he believed the US had taken an active role in ensuring the resolution would pass, Oren said, “I find it hard to believe otherwise. From my sources – and they are senior officials – that is exactly what happened. But even more than that, I know from about 40 years of experience in the field that these processes don’t happen on their own. They happen when someone puts focused energy into bringing countries to vote. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to believe that this happened without the aid of the US government.”

When Oren was asked if this was what PM Netanyahu was afraid of & if Obama could do anything else in his remaining three weeks, Oren did not answer directly.

“Today Secretary of State John Kerry said he plans to give a detailed speech explaining who caused the argument and who caused the negotiations to fail. His speech will also include what he sees as a solution. I’m pretty sure I can guess what he’ll say in his speech,” Oren said.

“This won’t box in Trump’s administration. What it will do is cause the horse to run out of its stable, so to speak. Condemning settlements and blaming Israel for violating international law is no longer in the hands of the US – it’s in the hands of the UN. The UN can now use these accusations to sue Israel in the Hague International Court, and to sanction and boycott Israel.

“We need to keep watch, and to augment our legal defenders, so they can properly protect us. We need to spend money and resources on a political ‘Iron Dome,’ not just a physical one. We need to invest more in skilled people who know how to fight boycotts. And we need to recognize the fact that we are preparing for a war, as we know how to do so well. We have overcome greater threats in our past, and we’re still here, lighting the first Hanukkah candle. This holiday reminds us of how we overcame similar difficulties in the past, and how we will overcome them now and in the future.

“President-elect Trump tweeted his intention to get even with the UN. There’s precedent for that. The US ceased funding UNESCO after it agreed to recognize a Palestinian state. It was Obama who made that decision to stop the funding. There are precedents for it. The UN is very dependent on US funding, it’s their weak spot. Maybe that’s something which should make us feel hopeful,” Oren concluded.

Kulanu MK: Obama abstention is ‘betrayal’ & ‘abandonment’

10. Mike Huckabee: ‘Have some common decency’ toward Israel

Mike Huckabee criticizes Obama administration for US abstention during recent UN Security Council vote. By Uzi Baruch, 24/12/16 22:05

Gov. Mike Huckabee by Arutz Sheva

See on YouTube

11.UN Resolution 2334: Obama unleashed by Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 24/12/16 22:33c What the UN resolution really says is: “We will not stop anti-Semites. We will not help the Jews, Stab, shoot, car-ram and blow them up at will.” Europe will get it back in spades.

Prof. Phyllis Chesler, a Shillman-Ginsburg Fellow at the Middle East Forum & recipient of the 2013 National Jewish Book Award, is the author of 16 books, including Women & Madness, Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman & The New Anti-Semitism. She has written 4 studies about honor killing, Her latest books are An American Bride in Kabul, (Palgrave Macmillan) & Living History: On The Front Lines for Israel & the Jews. Prof. Chesler may be reached at her website

Although Egypt was ultimately persuaded to abandon it, the Obama administration refused to veto the UN’s punitive pro-Palestinian resolution against Israel. Here is Obama unleashed, displaying his loyalty to the Muslim world and his contempt, hostility, even hatred for the Jewish state.

This resolution represents a Muslim and an Islamist point of view; a politically correct Western point of view; and a very United Nations point of view.

Four temporary members of the Security Council (countries that are almost completely “judenrein”), rushed forward to re-introduce it: Muslim-majority Malaysia, and Senegal, and New Zealand and Venezuela. Ten members of the Security Council joined these co-sponsors & voted for it.

This resolution is poisoned fruit of decades of Big Lie propaganda funded by Arab Muslims and by left-wing Westerners. It is beyond the “Zionist=Racism” resolution, beyond goon squads at the 1980 Copenhagen World Conference, beyond mob riots against Israel at the 2000 UN conference in Durban.

The UN has been effective in only one thing: Legitimizing and legalizing Jew-hatred in the world.
I have no idea what legal power this resolution—or any UN resolution–really has internationally. The UN has been unable to stop—or to effectively prosecute–a single atrocity, including genocide, that member nations have committed since the UN came into being. It has never even attempted to punish those who practice gender and religious apartheid. The most barbaric Muslim-on-Muslim violence and Muslim-on-infidel violence has never been addressed by the United Nations.

Indeed, as I have written many times, the UN has been effective in only one thing: Legitimizing and legalizing Jew-hatred in the world.

This Resolution is cognitively equivalent to Hitler’s diabolical lesson of May, 1939, when he sent 937 Jews out of Germany on the doomed luxury ship, the St. Louis. Cuba refused to honor its promise to allow the primarily German Jews, who had visas, to de-board; FDR, (so foolishly beloved by Jews), refused to allow the ship to dock in nearby Florida. The captain, Gustav Schroder, had no choice but to return to Europe. Schroder docked in Antwerp; some Jews stayed there, some made their way to England, France, and Holland. Soon enough, two hundred and fifty four of these refugees–precious Jewish souls–were murdered by the Nazis.

Hitler said, in effect: “Okay, world. You want to save the Jews? Take them, here they are.” But there were no takers. Hitler then knew that he was free to do whatever to the Jews. He murdered six million of us with the world’s approval and indifference. Other than the blessed handful of righteous Gentiles, the heroic and sacrificial actions of the Jewish Palestinians in Holocaust-era Europe, and the various Jewish refugee rescue groups—the entire civilian world stood by and did nothing. I hesitate to describe this world as “civilized.”

The fourteen countries that have just voted in favor of singling Israel out for committing an “international crime” against the Palestinian people by building alleged “settlements” on alleged “Palestinian” land; and Obama’s United States, who let it be known that his Ambassador would not exercise its veto power, are all saying to the world: “We view Israel’s Jews and the renting of land to Jews or Jews who build on their own Holy Land, as criminals. Arrest them wherever you can. Boycott them at will. We will not stop you nor will we help the Jews. Stab, shoot, car-ram and blow them up. We see that you are in the right.“

Clearly, unbelievably, Europe has still not yet realized that, if they once more sacrifice Jews to an evil fate that they themselves will soon inherit the same whirlwind of Muslim terror; that welcoming Muslim refugees in the 21st century (while refusing to welcome the Arab and central Asian Christians who are being persecuted by Muslims), cannot atone for all the anti-Jewish pogroms, the European Holocaust, or for their own previous colonialist history. Europe has a problem, but this is not the solution. This is civilizational suicide.

The majority of UN member states are either failed entities and/or dictatorships which are cruel to their own people and to all those whom they view as their enemies.

In my view, President Trump’s administration should cease funding the United Nations; withdraw all favors being currently rendered to its corrupt and incompetent personnel; demand that the UN leave Turtle Bay and re-locate to Geneva—or Uganda. That’s just for starters. UN Resolution 2334: Obama unleashed by Prof. Phyllis Chesler

12.’Fight against anti-Israel UN resolution isn’t over yet’

Danny Danon, Israeli ambassador to the UN, says Israel must remain vigilant against constant attempts to harm the country at the UN. By Nitsan Keidar, 23/12/16 10:09

Danny Danon by Yoni Kempinski

The delay, perhaps indefinitely, of the UN Security Council vote on an Egyptian-sponsored resolution ordering Israel to cease all “settlement activity” does not mean that the struggle against anti-Israel resolutions at the UN intended to harm Jewish rights in Judea and Samaria is finished, according to Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon.

Egypt represents the Arab League on the Security Council The resolution was not Egypt’s initiative, but the League’s, complying with the request of the PA. Egypt delayed the vote at the request of president-elect Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“We are still in the middle of a very complex process, a battle on multiple fronts.” Danon told Arutz Sheva. “This postponement is certainly important, but the fight is still not over. The Palestinian proposal is still going around and being discussed in the corridors of the UN. The Prime Minister leads the campaign in Jerusalem, while we work here in New York with the diplomats and delegations. We tell them the truth. This resolution is not good for Israel, the peace process, or even the Palestinians.”

What response have you received to the proposed resolution?

“Many are waiting to hear the US position on the issue. There are many states which act in accordance with the US position, which has not yet been stated. Our expectation is that our good friend [the US] will veto it as it did in 2011.”

Did you receive any indication on how the US intended to vote?

“There was no indication on this matter. [This is] also a result of the delay [of the vote]. The Americans are [still] examining the issue. We made it clear to the Americans that this is a sensitive period and that it it is therefore important the the US policy will continue [as it has always been] during this administration and the next administration. At this point a decision has not been made, and it should be made by the president himself. My guess is tht the Americans will not rush to reveal their hand, unless they have to. They will reveal their hands only once they are confident that the issue will come up for a vote.”

Would you say that the Egyptian resolution was dropped from the agenda altogether?

“There are discussions at the Arab League in Cairo at this time, where they discuss the resolution and the timetables. Everything is dynamic at the UN. A resolution can be submitted to the Security Council and discussed in just a few hours. We are prepared and are always on alert. It is clear that there are many attempts to harm us [at the UN].

“I would like to point out this resolution is a Palestinian & not an Egyptian resolution. Egypt is represented on the Security Council, but it was the Palestinians who formatted & promoted the resolution.”

Danon noted that the PA is seeking a political victory over Israel before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. “This is a transition period between presidents, and they are trying to take advantage of it. This is a biased, one-sided resolution, which affects the State of Israel and calls for the creation of mechanisms for a boycott of the settlements in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. This is something we cannot accept & the American people would not accept.”

Why would countries that support us on other issues turn their backs on us at the Security Council?

“Those countries subscribe to the mistaken theory that the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria [are the cause of the conflict]. I toured Maaleh Adumim a few days ago with 14 ambassadors. They could not believe that the city is a ‘settlement’. In their eyes, a ‘settlement’ is a hill which was taken illegally from the Arabs. Once they were in Israel it changed their perception. Unfortunately Europe and other countries still approach the ‘settlements’ as the obstacle to peace.”

‘The fight against anti-Israel UN resolution isn’t over yet’

13.Erdan: Cut off UN funding & annex the ‘settlement blocs’

Internal Security Minister calls for Israel to respond to UN by cutting Israeli funding to UN & immediately annexing “settlement blocs”. By Elad Benari, 25/12/16 01:31

Gilad Erdan by Yoav Ari Dudkevitzh/Flash 90

Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) on Saturday evening said that Israel should annex the so-called “settlement blocks” in response to the UN Security Council’s approval of a resolution calling on Israel to halt construction in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem.

As well, said Erdan who spoke at a Hanukkah candle lighting in Kfar Maccabiah, Israel should cut the funding it provides to the UN.

“There is so much darkness and hypocrisy in that UN resolution on Israel. The Middle East is burning & yet they choose to attack Israel. Hypocrisy & shamelessness. The ones who welcomed last night’s resolution were Islamic Jihad, Hamas & other enemies of Israel,”

“My dear friends, just as we survived Pharaoh, so will we survive this. Just as we defeated the Greeks, we will win this time. It is not for nothing that (President-elect) Trump tweeted that the world is going to change.” he said.

“We need to act to cut off all our funding to the UN. We should announce the immediate annexation of the settlement blocs. This would be a crushing reply to [Palestinian Authority chairman] Abbas who goes and incites and avoids any negotiations. We must resume construction in all parts of the land,” added Erdan.

Earlier on Saturday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called the UN resolution “distorted and shameful”.

“The resolution determines that the Jewish Quarter [in the Old City of Jerusalem] is ‘occupied territory’. This is delusional. The resolution determines that the Western Wall is ‘occupied territory’. This too is delusional. There is nothing more absurd than calling the Western Wall & the Jewish Quarter occupied territory. There is also an attempt here, which will not succeed, to impose permanent settlement terms on Israel,” Netanyahu said at the lighting of the first Hanukkah candle at an event in salute of wounded IDF and security forces veterans and victims of terrorism.

“We reject this resolution outright, just as we rejected the UN resolution that determined that Zionism was racism. It took time but that resolution was rescinded; it will take time but this one will also be rescinded. Now I will tell you how it will be rescinded. It will be rescinded not because of our retreats but because of our steadfastness and that of our allies,” he continued.

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IsraPundit by Ted Belman December 20, 2016

14.David Friedman’s Jewish antagonists By Caroline B Glick, JPOST

What is not at all clear is how the American Jewish community will fare in the coming years.


David Friedman, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to serve as the next US ambassador to Israel, has his work cut out for him.

Right after Trump announced his appointment, the nameless bureaucrats at the State Department mounted a rebellion. Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, the permanent members of the State Department’s Israel policy shop let it be known that Friedman is not to their liking.

“These are the people,” the Post’s Washington reporter Michael Wilner wrote, “behind the carefully worded reactions to breaking news developments in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.”
They operate on the basis of their shared catechism. Euphemistically stated, that writ of faith is that the US’s “influence… is only as strong as the legitimacy they maintain… as a fair and balanced arbiter.”

In plain English it means the permanent bureaucracy believes the US must be hostile to Israel.

Now its members are worried. They “now fear that [their] influence may diminish under… Trump, after his announcement on Thursday night that Friedman would be Washington’s ambassador to Israel.”

The holy grail of the State Department on Israel is fairly straightforward. It doesn’t matter that the Palestinians siphon off hundreds of millions of dollars from their US-funded budget each year to pay terrorists and incite terrorism.

It doesn’t matter that the US-funded Palestinian Authority indoctrinates the Palestinians in a Nazi-like, exterminationist view of Jews.

The Palestinians’ actions and intentions are either completely irrelevant or justified in the State Department’s intellectual universe because like the Palestinians, the State Department’s permanent staff believes that the Jews are responsible for the absence of peace.

Specifically, the State Department believes there is no peace because of the Israeli Right & the Israeli government’s annoying habit of respecting Jewish civil and property rights in Judea & Samaria.

Now, here comes Friedman, who sees no point in going along with this anti-Israel nonsense. Friedman not only doesn’t view Israel’s refusal to deny civil and property rights to its citizens in Judea and Samaria as a reason to oppose Israel. He supports these rights. He even supports Israel’s legal right to govern Judea and Samaria.

Friedman also sees no reason to continue the 68-year-old US policy of refusing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Like Trump, Friedman supports respecting the federal law that requires the US government to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Given his stalwart rejection of the State Department’s organizational belief structure in relation to Israel, it makes sense for the permanent Israel- bashing policy establishment to oppose him.

What makes less sense is for American Jewish organizations and lawmakers to oppose his appointment. According to years of survey data of US Jewry, the vast majority of American Jews support Israel. They support moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. They support respecting the legal rights of Israeli citizens. And they support Israeli democracy.

But since Trump announced that Friedman is his choice to serve as US ambassador to Israel, opposition to his appointment has not been led by Muslim anti-Israel activists. It has been led by Leftist Jewish activists.

Part of the opposition is a function of thin skin.

Friedman is an outspoken critic of the anti-Israel pressure group J Street. J Street clearly doesn’t like being called out for its consistent animosity toward Israel. Among other things, Friedman maintained that J Street is neither a Jewish organization nor a pro-Israel organization.

This is an inconvenient truth that J Street would like to obscure. But it is the truth.

In 2009 Lenny Ben David exposed that J Street’s political action committee was lavishly funded by Arab American and Iranian American lobbyists and activists. The head of J Street’s campus outfit, J Street U, is a Muslim.

J Street’s executive director Jeremy Ben Ami worked as senior vice president for Fenton Communications before he received seed money from George Soros to found J Street as a means to weaken Jewish American support for Israel.

Fenton Communications was hired by a Qatari foundation to lead an 18-month long anti-Israel campaign in the US with a special focus on US campuses.

J Street, of course, doesn’t like being called out. So it has waged a no-holds barred campaign to demonize Friedman. Over the weekend, two congressmen who are supported by J Street, Jerome Nadler and John Yarmuth, voiced their opposition to Friedman’s appointment.

The main problem J Street and its comrades at Americans for Peace Now and the New Israel Fund have with Friedman is not personal. It is existential.

Once he is installed as ambassador, it will become much more difficult for them to mask their animosity toward Israel.

The vast majority of Israelis do not ascribe to the State Department’s anti-Israel catechism. The vast majority of Americans also reject it. But so long as the official policy of the US government has been to view Israel as responsible for the absence of peace, and to support the Palestinians despite their opposition to peace and their support for terrorism, Israel’s antagonists on the Jewish American far Left have been able to maintain the conceit that they are pro-Israel.

With an ambassador on the ground implementing a policy that rejects these absurdities, they will lose their patriotic cover. They won’t be able to say that the Israeli government is acting in opposition to the US government by defending Jewish civil rights. They won’t be able to claim that Israel will endanger its relationship with the US, and so undermine the American Jewish community if it rejects the irrational two-state policy that dictates the only acceptable Israeli policy is one that promotes the establishment of a terrorist run, antisemitic Arab state west of the Jordan River.

J Street was Soros’s brainchild. In 2006, the far-left financier wrote an article in The New York Review of Books calling for the establishment of a leftwing group that could undermine the Jewish community’s support for Israel by insisting that AIPAC did not speak for the American Left in its championing of a strong US-Israel alliance. Since its inception in 2007, J Street has been instrumental in breaking the American Jewish consensus on communal support for Israel. In so doing, J Street has played a major role in facilitating the far Left’s takeover of the Democratic Party.

With Rep. Keith Ellison’s sudden emergence as the front-runner to win next month’s election to serve as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee, the far Left’s takeover of the Democratic Party is essentially complete. As a former member of the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam & a major supporter & beneficiary of the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned leadership of the American Muslim community, Ellison’s rise means the Democratic Party can no longer be viewed as a pro-Israel party.

As a consequence, American Jews are now being required to choose between their support for the party and their support for Israel.

Since the election, Jewish groups have taken steps that indicate their choices. The decision by Jewish Federations of North America, Hadassah, Anti-Defamation League, Conservative & Reform movements and other more minor groups to boycott the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organization’s Hanukka party last week was one major signal. The party, co-hosted by the Embassy of Azerbaijan, took place during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Azerbaijan. The groups chose to boycott the party because it was held at the Trump Hotel in Washington.

Then there is Hillel International’s scandalous decision, announced at its annual conference earlier this month, to have Hillel organizations on campuses in the US champion Muslim rights on campuses. In other words, the premier Jewish organization on college campuses intends to champion the rights of the very students who stand at the forefront of the campus war against Jewish students.

A week after the election, the American Jewish Committee announced it has joined forces with the Islamic Society of North America to form a Jewish-Muslim Advisory Council to lobby the Trump administration. ISNA is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood & Hamas. Its members have been indicted for funding Hamas terrorists. The Muslim Brotherhood is committed to the annihilation of Israel & the Jewish people.

With his close, personal ties to Trump, Friedman will be uniquely positioned to implement the next administration’s policies toward Israel. Given the Republican majority in the Senate, it is clear that his nomination will sail through the approval process in the Senate.

What is not at all clear is how the American Jewish community will fare in the coming years. If its members decide that they are okay with their organizational leadership’s decision to abandon Israel on behalf of the far Left, which has swallowed the Democratic Party, in all likelihood, they will not fare very well at all.

David Friedman’s Jewish antagonists By Caroline B Glick, JPOST


15.“conquest by migration” = “invasion” = “hijra” in Arabic By David Bedein


Home Israel Resource Review

by David Bedein – December 21, 2016

The word for “invasion” in Arabic is “hijra”
(هجرة and هِجْرَة ), “conquest by migration”.

One of the two ways of JIHAD is to conquer lands of infidels, known as the Abode of War (Dar al-Harb, دار الحرب ), and to transform them into an abode of Islam (Dar al-Islam دار الإسلام) by way of JIHAD OF THE WOMB (الجهاد الرحم).

BTW: the Mohammedan calendar STARTS exactly with Mohammed’s “Hijra”.

“conquest by migration” = “invasion” = “hijra” in Arabic By David Bedein


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Gail Winston is co-founder of the Winston International Institute for the Study of Prejudice.

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