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Gaza War Diary 8 Wed-Thu. Feb. 22-23, 2017 Shabbat Shalom Day 1263-1264 8 2am

Dear Family & Friends,  Yes, Jonathan Pollard & Manny Winston do look alike. Manny had those same eyeglasses, plaid shirt & “Schlakes” (suspenders). We knew Jay from very early on in his 30 years of prison. We received a FAXed 17 page letter from him in prison…the first FAX on our new FAX machine. We met his parents, z”l; they were at our daughter’s wedding in 1989. We organized a rally by Soviet Jewish (former) Prisoners of Conscience for his release. We did many other things – in addition to writing indefatigably – to bring the truths of his vicious incarceration to the public eyes, hoping their angry clamor for his release & true justice in his case, would speed his release.

His 30 years in maximum security, including 10 years in solitary, would have broken a lesser man, but Jonathan Jay Pollard was immensely strong & brilliant – about geo-politics as well. Now that he’s technically out of jail but still under draconian restrictions, we must still lobby & pray fiercely for his true release. Note the heavy ‘watch’ on his left wrist. I think that’s his GPS (electronic ball & chain) that keeps him from going to shul on Shabbat because it needs to be charged more often than 26 hours (Shabbat length).

May G-d’s “Wings of Eagles” bring him home to Israel, very soon & speedily & in our time!

Emanuel A. Winston, z’l, wrote his first of dozens of stories about Jonathan J. Pollard on the day he was arrested. Why? Because this was the 4th major headlined, front-page scurrilous story in a long series of nasty, dirty newsprint. Every story of that year involving Israel was front-page scandal – until it was dis-proven in the back pages.

Please look up some of Manny’s commentaries of Jonathan’s ‘broken bones’ on our Website: Click on “Books” in the title: “POLLARD BOOK”. Here is a very short list #s1-4 of some major media sources plus 10 of Manny’s key articles:

1. “Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People/

1920-1992″ by John Loftus & Mark Aarons St. Martin’s Press 1994

2. “Room With A View of virtually every Jewish citizen, organization & charity in the

world” by Geoffrey Paul London Jewish Chronicle Oct. 28, 1994

3. “Defense Dept. Imposes Loyalty Test on American Jews” INSIGHT Magazine of the

Washington Times June 27 to July 4, 2006

4. “Operation Scope” Wall St. Journal January 17, 1992

List of articles (10 key ones listed out of 68) by E. Winston re: “Shadow Government:

A. “Spying on Friends…Or Enemies” December 20, 1988 Chicago Sun-Times

B. “The Agony Of The Pollards” June/July 1988

C. “Jonathan Pollard Discovered A Shadow Government11/11/88

D. “In The Shadows Of Jonathan Pollard” January 15, 1993″

E. “Bias In U.S. Foreign Policy” December 24, 1998

F. “Why Won’t Clinton Release Pollard?”December 9 & 30, 1998

G. “Treason At Highest Levels: A Story That May Never Be Told” Jan. 10, 1999

H. “Israel Spies On Arabs In America” December 15, 2001

I. “Trolling For Jews” June 26, 2005

J. “A Jew Who Subverts Jews” December 8, 2002

I can only hope & pray that the full story of America’s ongoing betrayal of Jonathan Pollard will someday be fully revealed, justice will be done & he will come home to live in freedom in Israel!

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta x 2/Mom

See the POLLARD BOOK on our Website:

1.Senator Menendez & the Pollard Effect By Caroline B. Glick, Jpost

2.Netanyahu praises Trump for ‘strong stand against anti-Semitism’

3.’Attack on free speech’ as Irish university cancels Israel event

4.Trump condemns ‘painful’ anti-Semitic incidents

5.Clinton: Trump must speak out against anti-Semitic incidents [Did She?]

6.’No Jews’ posted in Toronto condo building

7.At least 10 JCCs in US targeted in 4th wave of bomb threats 4th time in 5 weeks.

8.San Francisco mayor calls Jewish city supervisor ‘Gestapo’

9.Trump condemns ‘painful’ anti-Semitic incidents

10.Will failure to resettle Amona residents cause coalition crisis?

11.Netanyahu: ‘We have a joint mechanism’ on construction

12.Trump names Lt. General McMaster new national security adviser

13.A Real Example of Fake News by Daniel Greenfield

14.The end of Palestine By Daniel Greenfield

15.Don’t waste Trump’s presidency’

16.Gideon Sa’ar: No concessions for regional effort By Gil Hoffman

17.Exclusive: My week with “the settlers,” Israel’s heroes: Part 1

18.Galut & Geula, Part 2 By Tzvi Fishman

19.Pres Malcolm Turnbull of Australia greets PM of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu

IsraPundit by Ted Belman February 21, 2017

1.Senator Menendez & the Pollard Effect By Caroline B. Glick, Jpost

Pollard’s disproportionate punishment is a powerful expression of official, state-sanctioned anti-Semitism in America.

Esther & Jonathan Pollard

Speaking to his ministers on Sunday about his visit last week to Washington, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heralded a new era in US-Israel relations. To a degree, he was correct.

When US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump greeted Netanyahu & his wife Sara as they alighted from their car at the southern entrance to the White House, Trump demonstrated that the 8 years of hostile treatment Israel suffered at the hands of his predecessor Barack Obama were no more.
But unfortunately, Obama wasn’t the only thing that was wrong with US-Israel relations.

There is also a problem with anti-Semitism.

Rather than confront the problem head on & where it does Israel & American Jewry the most damage, Netanyahu shied away from contending with the issue.

This was a mistake.

Just hours after he left town, another American Jew was targeted by an anti-Semitic slander of the sort Netanyahu failed to address during his Trump meeting.

Thursday afternoon, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee held a confirmation hearing for Trump’s ambassador designate to Israel, attorney David Friedman.

Friedman is a Jewish attorney. He is unapologetic about his support for Israel. The fact that unlike his liberal Jewish predecessors, Friedman does not make his support for Israel contingent on Israel’s willingness to appease the territorial & other demands of the PLO , made him the subject of withering criticism at the hands of several Democratic lawmakers.

While unpleasant, the scathing criticism Democratic senators leveled against Friedman was within the bounds of legitimate debate. They support a different, less supportive policy toward Israel than the policy that the Trump administration is developing. They receive support from ‘Liberal’ Jewish groups that insist there is no contradiction between funding Palestinian terrorists (in the name of the chimerical 2-state solution) & supporting Israel.

What was NOT within the bounds of legitimate debate however, was a question that Democratic Senator Robert Menendez posed to Friedman. Noting that Friedman is “very passionate about Israel”, Menendez asked Friedman to assure the senators that his loyalty & commitment lay with the US, rather than with Israel.

Menendez’s query was beyond the pale because it wasn’t about Friedman’s positions. It was about his Judaism. Inherent to Menendez’s question was a barely disguised insinuation: Jews who are passionate about Israel cannot be trusted by their fellow Americans.

There are many distressing aspects to Menendez’s decision to use an anti-Semitic line of questioning against Friedman. It is distressing, for instance, that liberal Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League did not condemn the liberal lawmaker for trafficking in anti-Semitism.

But by far, the most distressing aspect of Menendez’s allegation that Jews who support Israel passionately & unapologetically are inherently disloyal to the US was its familiarity. The canard that Jews are inherently disloyal has been the bane of the Jewish community in America for generations.

It doesn’t matter how much you love America. It doesn’t matter how much of your life you devote to advancing the interests of America. If you are a Jew & you support Israel, then your loyalty to America will be questioned.

This brings us back to Netanyahu & his failure to address the issue of anti-Semitism in his meeting with Trump.

There is one issue where Netanyahu is uniquely positioned to fight the canard that pro-Israel Jews are disloyal to America.

That issue is the plight of Jonathan Pollard.

Pollard was sentenced to life in prison in 1985 for transferring classified materials to Israel. He was paroled in 2015.

Pollard’s plight is important for two reasons that bear direct relevance to Menendez’s anti-Semitic behavior at Friedman’s confirmation hearing & to the problem of anti-Semitism in America.

First, Pollard is proof of American anti-Semitism.

To be sure, Pollard failed the loyalty test. America trusted its secrets to Pollard 35 years ago when he served as an analyst in US Naval Intelligence. He betrayed that trust when he revealed American secrets to Israel.

[Gail Sez: I disagree with Caroline on this issue. We forget, 35 years later, that several US Presidents had signed an MOU Memorandum of Understanding, with Israel to exchange vital information for Israel’s defense against hostile actions by the Arab & Muslim world. Under then US Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger & Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, Deputy CIA Director (who was furious that Israel had successfully bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1991). From that point on, they deliberately withheld this life-&-death information from Israel. Weinberger tried to insure a “Level Playing Field for the combined Arab confrontation States arrayed against Israel. (What exactly was the Weinberger – Inman relationship with Saddam which enraged them?)

Saddam was already manufacturing WMD. Oh, is that supposedly an “urban legend”? No, it is true & was admitted to publically by Caspar Weinberger on January 16, 1991. Weinberger revealed his knowledge of Saddam Hussein’s intentions to use gas capability against Israel during a radio interview at 3:49 AM – which we heard in our sealed room in a Jerusalem suburb during the first SCUD attack on Israel, January 16, 1991. Weinberger said: “It’s a shame that Saddam is using poison gas against Israel.” In 1983 when Pollard protested the embargo of this information from Israel, he was told by his superiors: “Don’t tell the Jews. They’re too sensitive about gas.” These vicious lies were probably Jonathan Pollard’s first motivation to tell Israel – to blow the whistle!

BTW, during that 1991 Gulf War when Saddam lobbed 39 SCUD missiles at Israel, from January 16, 1991 until Purim of that year, Israelis carried with them their own personal Gas Masks & baby anti-gas tents. We knew Jonathan Pollard’s leak of this information was the reason Israel created their own designs & manufactured millions of Adult & Children’s gas masks & plastic baby anti-gas tents for infants & very young children to be held in to breath safely while the air raid sirens blared. We were very grateful to Pollard for his historic, beneficial leak of this vital life-&-death information &, in his honor, we called our gas masks: “Pollies”. As in: “Don’t forget your Polly.”

America began to withhold these types of information from Israel: Life & Death issues of Arab/Muslim arms that could kill Israeli Jews. As a civilian American Naval Analyst, Jonathan saw arms being supplied to Israel’s sworn enemies: like Yasir Arafat. In fact, at some point in the Pollard IN-justice case, we learned Jonathan saw a large shipment of arms by America in the Middle East. Jonathan thought these were Arms to Arafat in his declared War against the Jewish State.

However, we later learned that, in fact, these arms were part of the American “Arms for Hostages” in the Iran-gate Scandal. George Herbert Walker Bush was then Vice President & heavily involved in this illegal shipment. We believe to this day Pollard was the “Whistle-blower” who exposed this drastic scandal & for that reason, all (or at least, almost all) officials in this ‘deadly deal’, felt they needed to bury this Jewish Whistle-blower 3 floors deep, for Life without Parole.

Weinberger requested this sentence from Judge Aubrey Robinson, by accusing Jonathan of far greater exposures of military secrets than were actually true. They also threw every possible false accusation against him to destroy his reputation to the American, Jewish & Israeli public – should some of his knowledge emerge in his self-defense. They accused him of being a drug addict, alcoholic, homosexual, in it for the money (which he refused), & more – all false, of course. Yes, the Americans running him did eventually bribe him with wedding gifts, promises of positive recognition but, the amounts allegedly given him &/or promised him never were actualized.

BTW, Jonathan never had a trial…just a ‘Grand Jury’ investigation because Pollard agreed to a plea bargain. In exchange for adequate medical care for his very ill first wife, Anne Henderson Pollard, he would tell ‘all’; she would receive proper care; & Pollard would receive a light sentence. The officials lied. By Gail & Emanuel Winston, z’l.

[Now back to Caroline Glick’s article of Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017]

Pollard though, is not unique. Korean Americans, Japanese Americans, Italian Americans, French Americans, Irish & German Americans have also transferred American secrets to foreign governments with which they felt a kinship. To the extent they transferred secrets to states that are allies of the US, they received prison sentences ranging on average between two to five years, served their terms in minimum security prisons until they were released back into society & free to leave the US.

Pollard, in contrast, was railroaded by the US justice system. [Gail Sez: He was indicted for passing classified information to an ally, NOT FOR SPYING, although that charge is almost always mentioned in even the current media reports. The officials in charge of his ‘case’ wanted to ‘break’ him – as a ‘lesson’ to deter any other Jews who cared passionately about Israel.]

He was given a life sentence & served for 30 years in maximum security prisons. He spent his first 10 years in prison in solitary confinement. Over the 30 years he sat in prison, US national security officials & lawmakers on both sides of the partisan divide called for successive presidents to commute his sentence. They all refused.

When Pollard was finally paroled in November 2015 his nightmare of persecution didn’t end. Instead he was given draconian parole conditions that no prisoners are subjected to in state or federal prisons. Not only is Pollard barred from leaving the country, he is barred from leaving Manhattan.

He cannot practice Judaism because he is confined to his apartment from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. so he cannot attend morning & evening prayers. He cannot keep Shabbat because he is required to wear a GPS tracking device that he must charge in an electrical outlet every few hours, including on Shabbat when such activities are prohibited. He cannot get a job because anyone who hires him will be required to allow the government total access to their computer network.

Pollard’s disproportionate punishment is a powerful expression of official, state-sanctioned anti-Semitism in America. Since 1985, it has served as a warning to American Jews & as a license to anti-Semites like Menendez to discriminate against American Jews.

For 30 years, as Pollard served out his life sentence at a maximum security prison, no one needed to do anything more than mention his name to put fear into the hearts of American Jews. The message was clear. It doesn’t matter what you do. We will destroy your life if you are too supportive of Israel.

As for US relations with Israel, successive administrations have held Pollard over the heads of Israeli governments. On the one hand, they would dangle the prospect of his release in front of their Israeli counterparts to exact concessions. The concessions were invariably made & the promise to release Pollard was always withdrawn.

On the other hand, Pollard’s crime & his incarceration, afforded successive administrations the ability to use anti-Semitism as a political tool against Israel domestically. Every few years when public support for Israel hit a new high, a mid-level national security official would give a background briefing to reporters & raise allegations of Israeli ‘spying’, along the lines of Pollard’s actions. The subsequent reports would instigate a public debate about Israel, riven with anti-Israel & anti-Jewish vitriol.

During his meeting with Trump, Netanyahu chose not to bring up Pollard & Pollard’s scandalous parole terms. Instead, Netanyahu sufficed with discussing Pollard’s plight at his meeting with Vice President Mike Pence. According to media reports, the two men agreed that Ambassador Ron Dermer will work with the administration on the issue. What that means was left open to interpretation.

Given the devastating role the Pollard affair has played in US-Israel relations, it is understandable that Netanyahu wouldn’t want to bring up Pollard at his first meeting with Trump. Who wants to bring up unpleasant subjects when you’re trying to build a new relationship with a new US president?

But while understandable, Netanyahu’s decision to minimize his discussions of Pollard’s plight & then delegate the issue to the VP Pence & his ambassador, Ron Dermer, was the wrong way to build that relationship.

Every day Pollard is subjected to prejudicial treatment by the US justice system is another day that the US is officially persecuting an American Jew, not because he breached his oath to protect US secrets, but because he did so as a Jew.

As Menendez’s bigotry toward Friedman made clear, every day that this continues is a day when it is acceptable to slander loyal American Jews simply because they passionately support Israel. Every day that Pollard languishes under effective house arrest is another day when it is acceptable to question the good intentions of America’s greatest ally in the Middle East.

In other words, to rebuild its alliance with the US, Israel needs more than a warm embrace at the White House. It needs to receive Pollard at Ben Gurion Airport.

Senator Menendez & the Pollard Effect By Caroline B. Glick, Jpost

2.Netanyahu praises Trump for ‘strong stand against anti-Semitism’ 2/22/17

President Trump shakes hands with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington


Netanyahu praised Trump a day after the US president condemned the many bomb threats against Jewish community centers throughout the US.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed appreciation on Wednesday for President Donald Trump’s recent condemnation of anti-Semitism.

“It’s very important that President Trump took a strong stand against anti-Semitism,” said Netanyahu, while speaking at Sydney’s Central Synagogue on Wednesday to the city’s Jewish community.

On Tuesday, Trump spoke out unequivocally against the many anti-Semitic bomb threats on Jewish community centers throughout the US. Trump made his remarks after touring the National Museum of African-American History & Culture.

“We have a battle against those who seek to demonize our people & the resurgent anti-Semitism that we see in many parts of the world,” Netanyahu added. “It is something that we need to fight together.”

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News

Netanyahu praises Trump for ‘strong stand against anti-Semitism’

3.’Attack on free speech’ as Irish university cancels Israel event by Gary Willis 4.Trump condemns ‘painful’ anti-Semitic incidents Arutz Sheva Staff and AFP , 2/21/17 היום, 5:26 PM

4.Trump condemns ‘painful’ anti-Semitic incidents Arutz Sheva Staff and AFP , 2/21/17 היום, 5:26 PM

5.Clinton: Trump must speak out against anti-Semitic incidents [Did She?]

Hilary Clinton calls on US President to speak out against bomb threats against JCCs & other US anti-Semitic acts.

By Gary Willig, Tuesday 2/21/17, 4:10 PM


6.’No Jews’ posted in Toronto condo building/ Anti-Semitic notes found on doors of

several units at condo building in Toronto. By Ben Ariel, 2/20/17 , 5:16 AM

7.At least 10 JCCs in US targeted in 4th wave of bomb threats 4th time in 5 weeks.

Monday 2/20/17 JTA, 9:19 PM

8.San Francisco mayor calls Jewish city supervisor ‘Gestapo’

San Francisco city supervisor demands apology from mayor for comparing him

to the Gestapo over a disagreement over a bill. JTA, 2/21/17, 7:08 PM


9.Trump condemns ‘painful’ anti-Semitic incidents

US President says bomb threats against JCCs ‘reminder of work to root out hate & evil.’ Arutz Sheva Staff and AFP, Tuesday 21/02/17 17:26


Donald Trump – Reuters

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday decried anti-Semitic threats against Jewish community centers as “horrible” & painful” promising to work to bridge divisions in the country.

“This tour was a meaningful reminder of why we have to fight bigotry, intolerance & hatred in all of its very ugly forms,” Trump said in remarks after visiting the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington.

“The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community & community centers are horrible & are painful & a sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate, prejudice & evil.”

Nearly a dozen Jewish community centers received bomb threats that prompted evacuations on Monday.

At the weekend, more than 100 headstones were damaged at a Jewish cemetery in St Louis, Missouri, the facility’s director said.

The White House issued a statement condemning “hatred & hate-motivated violence” in response to a question from an NBC reporter about the anti-Semitic incidents without mentioning anti-Semitism or the specific incidents.

Earlier, Hilary Clinton called on Trump to condemn the anti-Semitic incidents.

“JCC threats, cemetery desecration & online attacks are so troubling & they need to be stopped. Everyone must speak out, starting w/ @POTUS,” Clinton tweeted Tuesday morning.

10. Will failure to resettle Amona residents cause coalition crisis?

Bayit HaYehudi Party leadership calls on its MKs to force government to fulfill promise to Amona residents or renounce coalition.

Arutz Sheva Staff, 23/02/17 20:59


Tour of site of potential new town – Jewish Home Party

The executive board of the Bayit HaYehudi/Jewish Home party held an emergency meeting Wednesday night over the failure to begin construction on a new town for the residents of Amona despite the promises of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu,

The executive board, which consists of 13 party members, demanded that the elected representatives of the Jewish Home party in the Knesset, Minister Uri Ariel & MK Bezalel Smotrich, force the coalition to fulfill its commitment to implement the promise made to the residents of Amona.

Minister Ariel and MK Smotrich met with Binyamin Regional Council head Avi Roeh to see the site where the evacuees from Amona may be asked to move.

They also visited the seminary dormitory in Ofra where many of the former residents of Amona are being forced to say & witnessed the hard conditions with which the evacuees are forced to cope.

At the emergency meeting, the executive board announced that if “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu renounces his commitment to the establishment of a new settlement for the displaced residents of Amona, the elected representatives of the Jewish Home Party must renounce their commitment to this coalition on every issue & act in accordance with their commitment to their constituents.”

The board members also wrote that the “respect for government decisions is as important as the decisions of the Supreme Court. The establishment of this new community is demanded from the government following the devastation & destruction of a community in the land of Israel.”

“As those who are opposed to creation of a Palestinian state in the heart of our country, expect our elected officials to stand firm on renewing planning & construction in Jerusalem & throughout Judea & Samaria & to make sure that the government of which we are a part does not leave certain areas with a construction freeze or limited construction.”

Bennett: Shaked has achieved the unbelievable

Steven Spielberg’s mother passes away

Related Stories

· ‘Amona residents forsaken’

· Amona residents skeptical about PM’s commitment to them

· ‘PM will not renege on Amona commitment’

· Ofra residents to court: Seal off our homes, don’t destroy them

· ‘We might not be able to keep our promises on Amona’

· Amona residents protest outside government offices

11.Netanyahu: ‘We have a joint mechanism’ on construction

Returning from Washington, Netanyahu refuses to address report that he’s backing down from new community to replace Amona.

Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 17/02/17 21:37

Netanyahu on the flight from Washington to Israel – Arutz Sheva

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday afternoon would not discuss reports that he was reconsidering his promise to establish a new Jewish community in Samaria for the former residents of Amona.

A report by Channel 2 on Thursday claimed that the Prime Minister was reassessing the viability of his obligations under the agreement and was weighing his options in the matter following his meeting with President Donald Trump on Wednesday, in which Trump said, “I’d like to see you hold back on settlements a little bit.”

But on Friday, as he landed in Israel following his visit to Washington, Netanyahu made no reference to the report.

“We have set up a joint mechanism & I believe there will be cooperation between the parties,” he said.

Netanyahu told reporters that the visit to the United States “was a great visit. We have a common strategic vision & cooperation & there are things we want to upgrade.”

Earlier on Friday, Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett called on Netanyahu on Friday to fulfill his promise to the residents of Amona.

“Promises must be kept,” wrote Bennett on Twitter, adding, “The Prime Minister signed on an agreement to establish a new town for the residents of Amona. I’m sure that he will stand by his promise.” Netanyahu: ‘We have a joint mechanism’ on construction

12.Trump names Lt. General McMaster new national security adviser

US President Donald Trump announces Lt. General H.R. McMaster to replace Michael Flynn as national security adviser. By Gary Willig, 20/02/17 22:24

Trump & McMaster – Reuters

US President Donald Trump announced Monday that he had chosen Lt. General H.R. McMaster to replace Michael Flynn as his national security adviser.

Trump made the announcement at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Trump said that Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who has served as the acting national security adviser since Flynn’s resignation last week, will continue to serve as the chief of staff for the National Security Council.

“That combination is something very, very special.” Trump said of the two generals.

McMaster currently serves as the is Director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center & Deputy Commanding General, Futures, of the US Army Training & Doctrine Command.

Trump said that he has “tremendous respect” for all of the candidates he met with, including former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that a number of White House officials who are loyal to Flynn wanted Bolton to replace him as national security adviser. Trump said that Bolton will work with his administration in a “somewhat different capacity”.

Trump names general as new national security adviser

13.A Real Example of Fake News by Daniel Greenfield 2/22/17

“Huge Growth in Anti-Muslim Hate Groups During 2016: SPLC Report,” wails NBC News. Number of anti-Muslim hate groups tripled since 2015,” FOX News bleats.

ABC News vomits up this word salad. “Trump cited in report finding increase in US hate groups for 2nd year in a row.”
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, anti-Muslim hate groups shot up from only 34 in 2015 to 101 in 2016.
What could possibly account for that growth?
The SPLC decided to count 45 chapters of Act for America as separate groups.
How do you get a sudden rise from 34 to 101 hate groups? It helps to suddenly add 45 chapters of one group. Act for America isn’t a hate group. It’s also just as obviously not 45 groups.
It didn’t come into existence last year.
Act for America was only listed as one group in the 2015 list. It shot up to 45 now.
The SPLC this year listed the Los Angeles chapter of Act for America as a separate group. But the chapter has been around for quite a few years.
Furthermore Act for America boasts not 45, but 1,000 chapters across the country. Why list just 45 of them? Look at it from the SPLC’s perspective. Next year, it can add 200 chapters & claim that anti-Muslim hate groups once again tripled. Then it can do the same thing again the year after that.
That way the Southern Poverty Law Center can keep manufacturing an imaginary Islamophobia crisis.
The list has added Bosch Fawstin: an artist who was the target of the first ISIS terror attack in America during the assault on the Draw Mohammed cartoon contest. The SPLC announced that it was adding the Eisner nominated artist to its list of hate groups after he survived the attack.
Bosch Fawstin is a courageous activist. He’s also an individual. As am I. The SPLC also has me up as a hate group. Other individual bloggers on the list include Atlas Shrugs, Refugee Resettlement Watch, Bare Naked Islam & Citizen Warrior.
The above is excerpted from an excellent article by Daniel Greenfield. Read the whole thing here: How the Southern Poverty Law Center Faked an Islamophobia Crisis.

Share it with your friends.

February 22, 2017

14.The end of Palestine By Daniel Greenfield

Palestine is many things. A Roman name & a Cold War lie. Mostly it’s a justification for killing Jews.

Palestine was an old Egyptian-Saudi-Soviet scam which invented a fake nationality for the Arab clans who had invaded & colonized Israel. This big lie transformed the Leftist Islamist terrorists run by them into the liberators of an imaginary nation. Suddenly the efforts of the Muslim bloc & the Soviet bloc to destroy the Jewish State became an undertaking of sympathetically murderous underdogs.

But the Palestine lie is past its sell-by date.
What we think of as “Palestinian” terrorism was a low-level conflict pursued by the Arab Socialist states in between their invasions of Israel. After several lost wars, terrorism was all that remained. Egypt, Syria & the USSR threw in the towel on actually destroying Israel with tanks & jets, but funding terrorism was cheap & low-risk. The rewards were disproportionate to the cost.

For less than the price of a single jet fighter, Islamic terrorists could strike deep inside Israel while isolating the Jewish State internationally with demands for “negotiations” & “statehood”.

After the Cold War ended, Russia was low on cash & the PLO’s Muslim sugar daddies were tired of paying for Arafat’s wife’s shoe collection & his kefiyah dry cleaning bills.

The terror group was on its last legs. “Palestine” was a dying delusion that didn’t have much of a future.

That’s when Bill Clinton and the flailing left-wing Israeli Labor Party which, unlike its British counterpart, had failed to adapt to the new economic boom, decided to rescue Arafat and create ”Palestine”.

The resulting terrorist disasters killed thousands, scarred two generations of Israelis, isolated the country and allowed Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other major cities to come under fire for the first time since the major wars. No matter how often Israeli concessions were met with Islamic terrorism, nothing seemed able to shake loose the two-state solution monkey on Israel’s back. Destroying Israel, instantaneously or incrementally, had always been a small price to pay for maintaining the international order.

The same economic forces that were transforming the world after the Cold War had salvaged “Palestine”. Arafat had lost his sponsors in Moscow, but his new sugar daddy’s name was “Globalism”.

The Cold War had been the focus of international affairs. What replaced it was the conviction that a new world tied together by international commerce, the internet & international law would be born.

The demands of a clan in Hebron used to be able to hijack the attention of the world because the scope of the clash between Capitalism & Communism could globalize any local conflict. Globalization was just as insistent on taking local conflicts & making them the world’s business through its insistence that every place was connected. The terrorist blowing up an Israeli pizzeria affected stock prices in New York, the expansion prospects of a company in China & the risk of another terrorist attack in Paris. Interconnectedness, from airplane hijacking to plugging into the international’s Left alliance of global protest movements had become the best weapon of Islamic terrorists.

But now globalization is dying. And its death may just take “Palestine” with it.

A new generation of leaders is rising who are actively hostile to globalization. Trump & Brexit were the most vocal rebukes to trans-nationalism. But polls suggest that they will not be the only ones. The US & the UK, once the vanguards of the international order, now have governments that are competitively seeking national advantages rather than relying on the ordered rules of the trans-national safety net.

These governments will not just toss aside their commitment to a Palestinian state. Not when the Saudis, Qataris & countless other rich & powerful Muslim countries bring it up at every session.

But they will be less committed to it.

45% of Americans support the creation of a PLO state. 42% are opposed. That’s a near split. These historical numbers have to be viewed within the context of the larger changes sweeping the country.

The transnationalists actively believed that it was their job to solve the problems of other countries. Nationalists are concerned with how the problems of other countries directly impinge on them without resorting to the mystical interconnectedness of everything, from climate change to global justice, that is at the core of the transnational worldview.

More intense competition by Western nations may make it easier for Islamic agendas to gain influence through the old game of divide and conquer. Nations facing terrorism will still find that the economic influence of Islamic oil power will rally the Western trading partners of Islam against them.

But without the trans-national order, such efforts will often amount to little more than lip service.

Nationalist governments will find Israel’s struggle against the Islamic invaders inconvenient because it threatens their business interests, but they will also be less willing to rubber stamp the terror agenda the way that trans-nationalist governments were willing to do. The elimination of the trans-national safety net will also cause nationalist governments to look harder at consequences and results.

Endlessly pouring fortunes into a Palestinian state that will never exist just to keep Muslim oil tyrants happy is not unimaginable behavior even for a nationalist government. Japan has been doing just that.

But it will be a less popular approach for countries that don’t suffer from Japan’s energy insecurity.

Trans-nationalists are ideologically incapable of viewing a problem as unsolvable. Their faith in human progress through international law made it impossible for them to give up on the 2-state solution.

Nationalist governments have a colder and harder view of human nature. They will not endlessly pour efforts and resources into a diplomatic black hole. They will eventually take “No” for an answer.

This won’t mean instantaneous smooth sailing for Israel. It will however mean that the exit is there.

For two decades, pledging allegiance to the 2-state solution & its intent to create a deadly Islamic terror state inside Israel has been the price demanded of the Jewish State for its participation in the international community. That price will not immediately vanish. But it will become easier to negotiate.

The real change will be on the “Palestinian” side where a terrorist kleptocracy feeds off human misery in its mansions downwind of Ramallah. That terror state, conceived insincerely by the enemies of the West during the Cold War & sincerely brought into being by Western trans-nationalists after the Cold War ended, is a creature of that trans-national order.

The “Palestinian Authority”, a shell company of the PLO which is a shell company of the Fatah terrorists, has no economy worth speaking of. It has foreign aid. Its diplomatic achievements are achieved for it by the transnational network of foreign diplomats, the UN, the media & assorted international NGOs. During the last round of “negotiations”, Secretary of State John Kerry even attempted to do the negotiating on behalf of the Palestinian Authority in the talks with Israel.

Take away the transnational order & the Palestinian Authority will need a new sugar daddy. The Saudis are better at promising money than actually delivering it. Russia may decide to take on the job. But it isn’t about to put in the money & resources that the PA has grown used to receiving from us.

Without significant American support, the Palestinian Authority will perish. And the farce will end.

It won’t happen overnight. But Israel now has the ability to make it happen if it is willing to take the risk of transforming a corrosive status quo into a conflict that will be more explosive in the short term, but more manageable in the long term.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, in stark contrast to rivals on the left like Peres and on the right like Sharon, is not a gambler. The peace process was a big gamble. As was the withdrawal from Lebanon and the expulsion from Gaza. These gambles failed and left behind scars and enduring crises.

Unlike the prime ministers before & after him, Netanyahu has made no big moves. Instead he serves as a sensible steward of a rising economy & a growing nation. He has stayed in office for so long because Israelis know that he won’t do anything crazy. That sensible stewardship, which infuriated Obama who accused him of refusing to take risks, has made him one of the longest serving leaders in Israeli history.

Netanyahu is also a former commando who participated in the rescue of a hijacked airplane. He doesn’t believe in taking foolish risks until he has his shot all lined up. But the time is coming when not taking a risk will be a bigger risk than taking a risk. Eventually he will have to roll the dice.

The new nationalist wave may not hold. The transnational order may return. Or the new wave may prove darker and more unpredictable. It’s even possible that something else may take its place.

The status quo, a weak Islamist-Socialist terror state in Ramallah supported by the United States, a rising Muslim Brotherhood terror state in Gaza backed by Qatar & Turkey & an Israel using technological brilliance to manage the threat from both, is already unstable. It may collapse in a matter of years.

The PLO has inflicted a great deal of diplomatic damage on Israel & Hamas has terrorized its major cities. Together they form an existential threat that Israel has allowed to grow under the guise of managing it. The next few years may leave Israel with a deadlier & less predictable struggle.

“Palestine” is dying. Israel didn’t kill it. The fall of the transnational order did. The question is what will take its place. As the nationalist wave sweeps the West, Israel has the opportunity to reclaim its nation.

The end of Palestine By Daniel Greenfield

15.Don’t waste Trump’s presidency’ By Benny Tocker, INN

Yoram Ettinger, the former Israeli consul in Washington, DC, on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to take advantage of President Donald Trump’s time in office to carry out meaningful moves.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Ettinger said Trump understands that a Palestinian state would be a “great burden” and is thus open to other alternatives.

“Israel must leverage these next four years and not spend the credit on being cautious and tiptoeing around so as not to offend the president,” he said. “We have to understand that the American president works using American considerations & he understands that a Palestinian state would be great burden, so he is going down a completely different path.”
“The question is whether Israel will leverage this to bolster its national & security needs in Judea & Samaria, Jerusalem & the Golan Heights or if it will waste it on excuses of caution and tiptoeing around,”
added Ettinger.

The former consul praised UN ambassador Nikki Haley’s speech, in which she blasted the UN for its obsession with Israel & vowed to work to end the UN’s biased treatment of the Jewish state.

“This is truly a new era of an administration that represents the trend of anti-establishment & anti-political correctness regarding Israel. One manifestation of this is, of course, the recent statements by the United States & the speech we heard yesterday from the new ambassador. It is important that this change will be reflected not only in words but also in action. For example, reducing the US’ financing of the UN,” said Ettinger.

IsraPundit by Ted Belman February 22, 2017

16.Gideon Sa’ar: No concessions for regional effort By Gil Hoffman, Jpost

T. Belman. I totally agree. Regional Arabs will act in their best interests without an Israeli sweetener. They need us & we don’t need them. I have often stated a deal with the region’s Arabs will not bear fruit & that the region is as intransigent as ever. Keep an eye on Sa’ar.

Poll shows former minister is front-runner to replace Netanyahu.

Israel should not be forced to pay a diplomatic price for security cooperation with moderate Sunni states in the region, former minister Gideon Sa’ar said Tuesday at an international conference on Strategic Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean, organized by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies & B’nai B’rith International, at Bar-Ilan U.
The statement was seen as critical of those who have called for a regional approach to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, opposition leader Isaac Herzog & Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid.

“The joint strategic goal of Israel and moderate Arab regimes must be to build a joint security effort that would create a wide regional front against Iran and Islamic terrorism,” Sa’ar said. “This front will cooperate with Western forces under the leadership of the United States. It would be a strategic change in direction that would answer the needs of the times and bring about strategic cooperation between Israel, moderate Arab states, the US & Europe.”

Sa’ar said “The effort would be based on overlapping interests on the security level & that the Arab regimes depend on such cooperation no less than Israel does.

“Therefore”, he said “there was no reason for Israel to have to give up anything on the diplomatic front to persuade them to take part in the effort.”

“Not only will adding a diplomatic political component not strengthen the security structure, in some ways it could harm it,” Sa’ar said “One way or another, Israel does not have to pay a price for this cooperation with fundamental concessions that harm our essential interests on the Israeli-Palestinian front. A diplomatic aspect can only exist if moderate Arab countries are interested in cooperating, in solving the conflict & not in placing the responsibility for solving it & putting all the pressure on Israel.”

He added that the establishment of a Palestinian state that would be “another non-functioning Islamist state, near Bar-Ilan & Tel Aviv,” would be a bad idea, whether it happened in a regional process or in direct talks.

Sa’ar went head-to-head at the event with the new Turkish ambassador to Israel, Kemal Okem. “Turkey is no longer a stabilizing force in the region,’’ he said. “It is not, today, a democracy.”

Sa’ar said “There is a need to strengthen minorities in the Middle East, like the Kurds, in order to contain radical Islam in the region. Even if Mr. Erdogan won’t like this, I think it is important to support the Kurds,” he said.

A Panels Research poll broadcast Tuesday on the Knesset Channel found that Sa’ar was one of the top choices of the general public & right-wingers to replace Netanyahu if he is forced to step down due to criminal investigations.

Among self-proclaimed right-wingers, Sa’ar would tie with Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett with 21%, defeating the five other candidates: Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, Transportation and Intelligence Minister Israel Katz, Culture & Sport Minister Miri Regev, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon & Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi.

Among the general public, Sa’ar would win 29%, much more than 6 other candidates.

Gideon Sa’ar: No concessions for regional effort

17.Exclusive: My week with “the settlers,” Israel’s heroes: Part I

Arutz Sheva’s popular Italian columnist spent a week in Judea and Samaria, visiting Jewish communities and speaking to residents. He has given us the record of his impressions.

By Giulio Meotti, Arutz Sheva 22/02/17 09:59

Giulio Meotti is an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book “A New Shoah”, that researched the personal stories of Israel’s terror victims, published by Encounter and of “J’Accuse: the Vatican Against Israel” published by Mantua Books.. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary.

At night, the “settlement” of Elkana has the breath of an invisible city. Come morning, Jewish children are everywhere. Trees have been planted by the thousands, as if the earth, once rough & sterile, had been forced to turn green & fruitful. Elkana was my base for a week to discover the “terra incognita” of Israel, Judea & Samaria, the territories which the whole world would like to take away from the Jewish State.

The “settlers” are the hawks who do not want to lower their wings, those about whom the UN passes resolutions, those whom the labels of Europe & Obama’s admonitions have tried to drive away from their homes. In June, they will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their presence in Judea & Samaria.

Everybody speaks of Israel, few to Israel, fewer still to the “settlers”. Their towns look like fortified American suburbs, as if these pieces of Western civilization had fallen victim to some absurd storm in the middle of nowhere.

These Jewish towns are a kind of silent & tidy Switzerland.

Elkana dominates the view of Petach Tikva (literally, the beginning of hope) which is located inside the Green Line & is the first purposely established village of Jews who came to Palestine in 1878, not to die or be buried in the “land of the fathers”, but to fight & live.

You turn the corner & you see the “gederot”, the barbed wire fence which literally surrounds the community. Out of the gate it is really another world.

Outside the security fence, you find the most idealistic “settlers”. In the “territories”, moving towards the east, towards Jordan, is a way to demonstrate your firmness on the subject. We talk about 100,000 Israelis living outside the thousand kilometers of barriers, walls & fence that seal the other part of the Jewish State.

The geography of fear has been generous with Israel: from the northern border with Lebanon to the last centimeter in the south, the lives of Israelis every day are tied to insecurity.

In the “territories” you are always close to the border, close enough to have it sneaking into homes, cars, dreams & the nightmares of those who live there.

The “West Bank”, as the world calls it, is the most contested land in the world. It covers 5,600 square kilometers, like Liguria, one of the smallest Italian regions. The Israelis now control 40% of this region, according to the Oslo accords. The Palestinian Arabs use these roads, there are no roadblocks & almost no checkpoints, while Jews cannot enter the Palestinian villages. They would be lynched, as were 2 reservists who strayed into Ramallah. Is this “apartheid” the world talks about daily? No? Why not?

Exclusive: My week with “the settlers,” Israel’s heroes: Part I

Netanyahu visits Singapore synagogue

Flynn, Trump team, tried to defeat anti-Israel UN resolution

Watch Israel TV News Online JerusalemOnline

18.Galut & Geula, Part 2 By Tzvi Fishman

Scattered limbs without a soul Arutz Sheva 21/02/17 21:07

Tzvi Fishman was awarded the Israel Ministry of Education Prize for Jewish Culture and Creativity. Before making Aliyah to Israel in 1984, he was a successful Hollywood screenwriter. He has co-authored 4 books with Rabbi David Samson, based on the teachings of Rabbis A. Y. Kook and T. Y. Kook. His other books include: “The Kuzari For Young Readers” and “Tuvia in the Promised Land”. His books are available on Amazon. Recently, he directed the movie, “Stories of Rebbe Nachman.”

In our previous article, we began to explain the need for a deeper comprehension of Emunah (Faith) & Torah, in order to understand the rebirth of the Nation of Israel in our time. This deeper learning has the power to lift ourselves up to a higher level of existence – the transition from Galut to Geula, from a grave-like existence of dry scattered bones in gentile lands, to our full revitalized life of being a united body & Sovereign Nation in our own Land.

In his book, “Binyan Emunah”, Rabbi Moshe Bleicher explains that the Torah defines the parameters of existence & not the beliefs & opinions of man. An example is the definition of work (Malacha) on Shabbat. The notion of work which is forbidden on Shabbat is not determined by the concepts of man. For instance, human reasoning could maintain that if a person were to perform some difficult labor on Shabbat, this would be forbidden, & if he were to do some work without any effort, this would be allowed. But this is not the case. A person can carry heavy crates from one room to another in his home all day long without transgressing the laws of Shabbat, while if he were to carry a weightless needle in his hand from his house to his neighbor’s house across the street, in a place where there is no ‘Eruv’, he will have violated the Malacha of carrying an object from one domain to another, whose punishment is most severe. It is the Torah which determines the definition of work on Shabbat & not the definitions of man.

When we understand this idea, we can acknowledge another truth. Just as the activities of life are defined by the Halacha (Jewish Law), all of the events of life, large & small alike, are defined by the Torah. If the Prophet Ezekiel, along with Torah giants like Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi & the Gaon of Vilna, define the exile as death, even if the Galut seems in our eyes to be filled with flourishing Jewish life, one must recognize that it is the Torah which determines the definition of a situation & that the Galut is indeed a graveyard, because the essence of the Jewish People, our being Hashem’s holy NATION, does not exist there. Of course, we have to explain why this is so. How can it be that a situation which appears to be thriving, materially & even spiritually, for example, Jewish life in New York, with an abundance of Torah learning & observance, is nevertheless defined by the Torah & by our Prophets and Sages, as death?

In order to understand why the Galut is death, we have to first meditate on the meaning of life. True life is when an organism functions as a whole. For example, no one would say that a severed limb is alive. Or, if you were to place an eyeball on a table, of course it couldn’t see. Without being connected to the soul, the life-force of the body, an eyeball obviously won’t function. The eyeball by itself is dead. Only in its connection to the general body & life-giving soul, can it function & see.

Rabbi Bleicher explains that the reason that the eye cannot function without it being attached to the body is because the eye isn’t a private organ which exists by itself. This is also true for the other organs of the body – the ear, the brain, the heart, etc. If you were to take out all of the organs of the body & connect them together, a man wouldn’t result – only a big, lifeless doll. The thing which gives man his essence as a man is the general life force inside of him. This is what enlivens & operates all the organs of the body, determines their function & also gives man his consciousness as a man. From this general life force, the different parts of the body receive their value & importance.

Just as a life force animates an individual, the same is true for the Clal, the general community of all the Jewish People, past, present & future. As we previously mentioned, the Nation of Israel is the earthly vessel which testifies to the Kingship of Hashem in the world. We declare His praise & bring His Word to mankind. While there are individual Tzaddikim (righteous people) who influence the world with their spiritual greatness, the universal Sanctification of Hashem in the world comes through the Israeli Nation as a whole & not through individual Jews, however holy they may be (Ezekiel, 36:23-24).

There are nations of the world which also call upon the Name of G-d & praise His greatness, but in the very same breath, they are capable of murdering millions & carrying out the most savage, bestial acts. In contrast, when Am Yisrael calls upon the Name of G-d, it is to reveal & establish the Divine Ideal & Morality in the world, with the altruistic aspiration of bettering the life of all mankind.

Rabbi Bleicher writes: “While the world has greatly advanced in scientific & technological spheres, when it comes to morality, the improvement is far less noticeable. Much of mankind is still enslaved to primitivism, to idol worship & its seemingly more sophisticated offshoots like Christianity, without the awareness that that the world has a single Soul, the Source of Ideal Unity, which gives value to everything. Lacking this understanding, the majority of the world lives an illusion & walks like a blind man in darkness.

In contrast, recognition that the world has an Ideal Goal & the forces of life derive their value from a universal, unifying Divine Truth, gives existence a new exalted stature & reveals it is possible to live a life of purity, holiness & nobility, on a lofty & transcendental level” – not only for an individual, but for nations as well & for humanity as a whole.

“This lofty moral recognition is the innovation which Am Yisrael brings to the world. ‘This Nation have I created for myself, they will declare My praise.’ The ability of Am Yisrael to declare the praises of Hashem, to illuminate the world & liberate it from its truncated framework of private interests & egotistical concerns, from its bondage to individual lusts, by attaching all of the forces of life to their ideal Divine Source through the Torah. This stems from the unique vision of Am Yisrael that recognizes the existence of a single unifying Divine Goal which stands at the foundation of the world – the recognition that there is a single unifying force of life that lends ideal meaning to all of the details of life. This is a great Kiddush Hashem, the ability to reveal in life the Universal Unity which gives life to everything.”

The Nation of Israel was created to illuminate this Universal Truth of Divine Unity, to declare the Universal Kingship of G-d. When all of Am Yisrael gathers in its Land, with the Beit HaMikdash rebuilt on Har HaBayit, this Divine life-force appears in the life of the Israelite Nation, in all aspects of its national existence, in their most ideal & healthy format.

But even before the Beit HaMikdash is built, the return to the Land & the Nation’s rebuilding, even in its early, outwardly secular stages, injects the dry bones of the Jewish People with a mighty national vitality that astonishes all other nations in the miraculous nature of its rebirth.

Rabbi Bleicher continues: “Like with an individual man, whose soul gives life to all of his organs & limbs, so too, when Am Yisrael returns to Eretz Yisrael, its unique, national life-force, which only comes to life within the Nation when it dwells in its Land, radiates its powers to all of the national faculties of the Nation & to every vista of its life. The more the Nation is true to its inner essence & draws vitality & strength from the Divine Source of its life, the healthier it will be & it will succeed in achieving its mission in the most complete & ideal fashion.”

This is a life of national Kiddush Hashem, where the Divine Presence is revealed in our midst, through the realization of the ideal, universal, Divine Goals & Aspirations in the life of the Nation, a holy Nation living its national life guided by the Torah.

However, when the Nation of Israel is exiled from its Land & its general, national format is lost, along with the national life-force that goes with it, then its very essence undergoes a drastic descent. To protect itself from the impurity of exile, its general (Clalli) soul ascends to the celestial heights & no longer functions as the battery source of the now scattered & splintered Jewish People.

Exiled from its Land & unable to exist in its national format, the individual (prati) side of life becomes dominate & the forces of life appear separately, seemingly independent, one from the other, like scattered dry bones. In this way, the level of life changes & the entire observance of Torah & its Commandments falls into a totally different category of performance – the practice of the precepts without their inner national essence. Scattered throughout the Diaspora, the Jewish People lack the vivifying Divine Soul of the Nation – like a body without a head or a heart. We become scattered communities, like dismembered organs, without any true, national Israeli life of our own. To be continued.

Galut & Geula, Part 2 By Tzvi Fishman


19.Pres Malcolm Turnbull of Australia greets PM of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu

20. The Letter That Sara Netanyahu Received in Australia

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, together with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull & his wife Lucy, today (Thursday, 23 February 2017), visited the Moriah College Jewish school in Sydney. They were welcomed with cheers by the pupils, who played musical instruments & sang “Jerusalem of Gold” as well as the Australian & Israeli national anthems. The prime ministers & their wives attended a Hebrew lesson & spoke with the pupils. PM Netanyahu called on the children to visit Israel.

After the school children had sung & played the national anthems, Netanyahu told the children: “When you come to Australia, you feel warmth. First of all, the sun is shining, like in Israel. Secondly, people are completely informal, like in Israel. Third, there is just this vibrant friendship, a feeling of kindred spirits & it’s on this occasion that I come here with a great privilege with my wife Sara. It’s not the first time we’ve been to Australia, but it’s the first time that I come in the capacity of prime minister of Israel to extend the hand of friendship. That friendship, as Malcolm Turnbull had just said, extends for a century. A hundred years of friendship & we’re celebrating now the beginning of the next one hundred years of friendship between Israel & Australia.”

“Now, Prime Minister Turnbull has spoken of a great Jewish warrior, a great Jewish soldier, John Monash. But Monash was the exception. It’s important to understand what happened to our people, what happened to our people throughout our history & the great transformation that took place in the rebirth of the State of Israel.

“I was born one year after the establishment of the state. You all were born later. Probably your parents were born after the State of Israel and maybe some of your grandparents even. But it’s hard to imagine what the world was like for the Jewish people before the rebirth of the Jewish state.

“We take things for granted today, but they’re not obvious. You see, the fact is in modern times there were very, very few Jewish soldiers – almost non-existent. This is a great change compared to our antiquity. You know the story of the Maccabees, yes? They were great warriors. You know the story of Joshua? Great warrior. King David? The other kings of Israel? You know that story. So in antiquity, our people, though we were small, were known for their fierce courage, their ability to fight. We didn’t always succeed but we always resisted the attempts to oppress us & enslave us & we produced some of the greatest heroes that mankind has known.

“This is the story of the Jewish people in antiquity, but because we lost our independence against mighty powers, including the Roman empire, we were able to fight for our independence, able to muster our courage, able to show gallantry in the battlefield as long as we kept our land. But once we were driven away from that land, we were stripped of our powers.

“Century after century, the Jews were stripped of the power to resist the various attacks on our freedoms, on our very existence. And over the centuries in the Diaspora, the Jews who had been known as gallant fighters in antiquity were known essentially as a rootless people unable to fend for themselves, unable to demand the basic rights & respect that any human being & any human group deserves.

“So we were transformed from this fierce, fighting people in antiquity gradually to a people unable to defend themselves & this progression of calamities took place over the centuries – first massacres & pogroms & mass expulsions & then finally culminating in the greatest tragedy of all, in the Holocaust.

“There is a book, a film actually, that was produced by Claude Lanzmann, a French Jew, called Shoah. Have you heard about it? Yes. Well, in Shoah, in the Warsaw Ghetto, the darkest days of the Warsaw Ghetto, one of the survivors, one of the last occupants of the ghetto escapes through a sewage tunnel & he goes to seek help in Warsaw. He meets some Polish resistance people, non-Jews. He said, ‘Please help us. Help us. Bring us some help.’ The Polish resistance responded, ‘We cannot help you. We cannot help our Jewish brethren.’

“This person goes back through the sewage tunnel, exits in the heart of the Warsaw Ghetto & he sees no life around him. Everything is silent. Everything is dark. He says to himself, “I am the last Jew on Earth. The Jewish people are finished.”

“But it is a fact that we weren’t finished. It is a fact that we mustered that ancient courage that characterized our people, that we reestablished our independence in our ancestral homeland, that we rebuilt a state & formed an army that brought the courage of the Maccabees back to life. You see it in the soldiers of Israel. You see it in their courage, young men & women, who time after time stand up & defend our state. The world wonders & they say, ‘What is this Israeli army? Where did it come from?’ It’s been there all along, but we had to come back to our State. We had to come back & rekindle that spirit.

“So I spent 5 years in the Israeli army. I had a lot of training, walking around the country, hiking through it. It’s not a hike, you know? You carry a 50 kilo pack on your back. It’s not the most pleasant of experiences. Yet I remember that as we were doing these marches, I still would look at the country & I said there is something magical about it.

“I remember one time we came to the foothills of Masada, after a very lengthy trek & you think… You’d go to sleep, rest your body, but I couldn’t sleep. I was looking at that fortress & I was thinking of the great defeat that we had here, which also seemed to be the end of Jewish history. Then I looked up & I said, well, we’re here. The Romans are gone. The Jewish people & the Jewish State are resplendent, back to life, able to defend themselves, able to create a future for ourselves, able to contribute to mankind.

“This is the rebirth of the Jewish state & the amazing thing is the transformation that this created for Jews everywhere, because Jews everywhere drew power, strength, conviction & pride from the rebirth of the State of Israel. Natan Sharansky told me that when he learned of the Entebbe rescue, it gave him enormous, enormous conviction & enormous confidence in resisting the mighty Soviet empire. Jews were transformed as the Jewish state transformed Jewish history & Jewish destiny. You are part of that destiny. You are part of the reborn Jewish people.

“If there’s one thing that I could tell you here today: Be proud Jews. Stand up. Be proud. Stand with Israel. Stand with our people. Be proud Jews. Do this in Sydney & do it in Jerusalem. Come this year to Jerusalem.”

During the visit, one of the teachers of the school gave Sara Netanyahu a letter addressed to her.

Mrs. Netanyahu has participated for several years in events for lone soldiers & Garin Tzavar – which brings immigrants to Israel for IDF military service as lone soldiers. In the summer of 2015, at a Garin Tzavar event, they surprised a soldier & brought his mother from Australia. The soldier met with Sarah Netanyahu who embraced him & expressed appreciation for his decision to serve as a lone soldier in the IDF.

This morning the circle was closed, when the mother wrote in her letter as follows: “Dear Sara, as you embraced my son I would also like to embrace you with all my heart. Lone soldier’s mother, Janna.”

The mother thanked Netanyahu in her letter for her support & said that she was moved by the encounter with her son & Mrs. Netanyahu’s interest in him. “Much of the great longing has eased knowing that my son gets such a warm welcome.”

Sara Netanyahu was moved by the letter & is appreciative of the privilege of accompanying lone soldiers in their difficult decision to drop everything & go to Israel for IDF service. She said that when she meets with lone soldiers she always thinks of their mothers & salutes them in her heart.


Sara Netanyahu – Haim Tzach, Inc.

Bennett: Shaked has achieved the unbelievable

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Watch: Netanyahu greeted by Sydney’s Jewish community

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