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Gaza War Diary 8 Thu-Fri. Feb. 2-3, 2017 Day 1245-1246 8 4am

Dear Family & Friends

Nadia Matar & Yehudit Katsover express my feelings on Amona’s Uprooting this week, so let them speak for me.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom Our Website [see our Jerusalem book as very relevant to this week]

1.Our Reaction To The Destruction & Uprooting In Amona by WomenInGreen

1.Our Reaction To The Destruction & Uprooting In Amona by WomenInGreen to WomenInGreen

The Cost of Applying Sovereignty would be lower than the Cost of Destroying Amona
Response of Women in Green to the destruction & uprooting of Amona:
The government of Israel has evacuated Amona – Does the Left or the world like us any better? Do they respect us more? Isn’t it better to apply the law in Judea & Samaria, to absorb exactly the same condemnations that we get in any case, but to do it to rescue the Land of Israel & Amona as part of it?
The Ha’aretz newspaper saw the destruction & uprooting of Amona as no less than a “last ray of light before the heavens darken forever”. In their view Amona symbolizes Israel’s loss of morality & the destruction of Amona as nothing but the bottom line. In an arrogant & patronizing expression they added that “the residents of Amona display their Judaism like a diplomatic passport. The laws of Israel do not apply to them because they are G-d’s consuls on Earth”.
Outside of Israel, the world behaves as always – the uprooting, the tears & the crisis in Amona evoked not even one sympathetic line. All of them, the BBC, the British Guardian, CNN, the French Le Monde & their European friends all focus on Israel’s bold approval
to build another 3000 housing units in Judea & Samaria as if it were a crime on top of another crime. In their jaded eyes, the destruction of Amona is nothing but proof that Israel admits the “Arabness” of the grounds of Judea & Samaria & that logic obviously dictates that justice is on their side. The High Court in Israel affirmed the world’s claim – we are guilty of occupation, dispossession & colonialism.
On the other hand, if Israel would apply sovereignty & its laws in Judea & Samaria we might bring about the expected reactions of fierce controversy in the entire world: Is that ethical? To whom does the Land of Israel really belong? Does the resolution of the League of Nations in 1920 still apply? Is the Bible relevant? Would the Arabs settle for only Judea & Samaria? This is our role, to be consuls of G-d on the Earth (you can even ask Ha’aretz) – to stimulate thinking in the world about the essence of justice & ethics.
Let us come to our senses – let’s apply sovereignty in Judea & Samaria & leave the defendant’s stand with no guilt on our hands & become guides, first for ourselves, [our children] our Land, but not only – also for the entire world.
All of this for the same political price of needless destruction, suffering & injustice.
Yehudit Katsover 050-7161818 Nadia Matar 050-5500834
The Movement for Israel’s Tomorrow : Women in Green

2.You Tubes of Amona Evacuation [& HOW TO USE YOU-TUBES see #]

3.Israeli Left Fanning Flames of Arab Glee at Evacuation of Amona Jews … › … › Jewish › Antisemitism › Anti-Israel NGOs BY: JNi.Media Published: February 2nd, 2017 Google Earth view of Amona reveals how little agricultural land is present there, exposing the lie about thriving Arab farms taken over by the Jews.

Photo Credit: Google Earth

The most striking response to the tragic expulsion of the Jews of Amona Wednesday belonged to Abd Rahman Abu-Saleh, the Mayor of the Arab town next-door to Amona, Silwad (birthplace of Hamas leader Khaled Mashal), one of the petitioners to the Supreme Court against the alternative-housing plan, who said, according to a Channel 2 News’ Gal Berger tweet: “The only solution for the Amona evacuees is to return to Europe, where they came from.”
Yes, that was revolting, but at least it wasn’t a lie – that’s how the gentleman really felt, which is, presumably, consistent with the way the majority of the Muslim Arabs living between the Jordan River & the Mediterranean Sea feel, deep down.
The more revolting response to the travesty of Amona’s destruction by the court came from the flagship newspaper of Israel’s left, Ha’aretz, which ran an op-ed by an 83-year-old Arab woman named Maryam Hamed, also a resident of Silwad, with the headline: “I’ve Already Prepared Wheat & Lentils for Sowing.” She related her memories of her father who used to till the lands up there, before the “settlers” came and took away everything.
“What I’d like to do is to come out of the house and happily hand out candy to all the people in the village,” Hamed writes. “I want to hand out candy to people because I’m about to return to my land. To go back work it again. I want to share this special moment with my family and neighbors. It makes me so happy, I’m almost soaring with joy.”
The story, whether true, partially true or entirely fiction, is accompanied by a picture of the joyous lady, distributed by the Yesh Din NGO for whom Wednesday was a day of enormous victory. After decades of utilizing millions in donations from the European enemies of the Jewish settlement enterprise, they finally managed to destroy several hundred Jewish lives, and then made sure these Jews were even deprived of the alternative homes the government had promised them. By making sure people like Hamed did not weigh the option of receiving ample compensation for their claimed lands – which, at 83, she could probably use – Yesh Din carried out its mission of annihilation faithfully.
The Nakba (catastrophe) of Amona also helped reestablish the myth of generations of Arab farmers who have owned their land in Judea & Samaria since the crusades. That part, a lie through and through, was by far the greatest accomplishment of the enemies of Zionist Jews Wednesday.
Arabs of Judea & Samaria erupted in two “intifadas” against the country that occupied those territories in 1948-49, Jordan. The local Arabs, along with their brethren east of the river, rebelled once in 1963, following the Pan-Arab, Socialist Ba’ath Party revolution in Syria & threatened to topple King Hussein. The rebellion was put down by the King’s loyal, Bedouin, British trained Legion. Three years later, in 1966, local Arabs rebelled again, following an IDF severe retaliation action against the village of Samu (a PLO landmine had killed three Israeli soldiers). This rebellion was also put down swiftly & brutally by the King’s Bedouins.
Both rebellions exposed the neglect of Judea & Samaria by the occupying government in Amman & in both cases
the King compensated thousands of local Arabs by handing them plots of land he did not own. Just as Israel’s presence today in Judea & Samaria is seen by the vast majority of the world’s countries as a temporary occupation, so did the Jordanian presence there from 1948 to 1967. In fact, Jordan faced expulsion from the Arab League at one point, for its reported plans to annex the “West Bank.”
Aerial photographs of the Amona area from the 1940s – made by the British & the 1960s & 1980s – made by the Israelis (no Jordanian photographs were ever made, apparently) show clearly that
the bulk of the land was never utilized. Not because the local Arabs were lazy, but because the land is mostly rock & to turn it into a profitable project took investments that were beyond the capacity of the local Arabs.
It stands to reason, despite whatever Mrs. Hamid recalls from the happy childhood assigned her by the PR folks at Yesh Din, that no self-respecting Arab farmer would shell out good money to purchase those almost barren lands. Indeed, the few areas on the Amona hilltop that were in use when the Jews purchased the place snaked in an irregular fashion, along the path of what little fertile soil was available.
Naturally, the farmers of Silwad never paid good money for the land – it was a gift from the king in Amman, to compensate them for their growing rage over their neglect by his government – for their lack of roads, power, water, medical clinics, schools – all the nice things the Israelis started bringing in after 1967.
The myth of ancient ownership of the Judea & Samaria lands by the local Arabs must be busted, repeatedly, using historic facts & persistent messages, because
the world is unaware of this Big Lie & Israel’s Supreme Court does not care.

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4.Watch: Police Violence in Amona Synagogue – Caught on Video at about 1:59 seconds into a 2:38 second Video to the end!

16 hours ago – Watch: Ramming Attack at Adam, 3 Israelis Wounded

…. Aerial photographs of the Amona area from the 1940s – made by the British – The 1960s and 1980s – made by the ….

It took 8.5 hours to evict 150 passive resisters.

By: Jewish Press News Briefs Published: February 2nd, 2017


“” href=”” target=”_blank” data-saferedirecturl=””>
Policeman punching a child in Amona – 2/2/17 Photo Credit: Hillel Meier / TPS Police violence against the children and activists in Amona during the synagogue evacuation was caught on film. Police can be clearly seen deliberately and repeatedly punching and kicking prone children and activists who are passively resisting.

Will Minister Gilad Erdan continue to defend the police as innocents, despite their illegal violence being caught on film? [At about 1:59 seconds into 2:38 second film – to the end]

Note: 1:54 – 2:00 , 2:29 Jewish Press News Briefs About the Author: brings you the latest in Jewish news from around the world. Stay up to date by following up on Facebook & Twitter. Do you have something noteworthy to report? Submit your news story to us here.


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5.WATCH: Aerial view of Amona evictions February 2, 2017 Video footage taken from a drone above Amona in Samaria shows the commanding height & strategic importance of the hilltop community from where the residents were evicted this week upon a ruling by the High Court of Justice, siding with a Palestinian claim ownership brought by a petition of an Leftist Israeli NGO “Yesh Din”. Where’s the proof?

6.Useful Guide on How to watch relevant YouTubes:

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8. Make sure your speakers are not on mute. Israeli Police in YouTube of Amona Evacuation. :58 sec. of Aerial View of Amona Evacuation In Hebrew: PM Netanyahu pledges a new community for Amona evacuees…now homeless. Israeli Police YouTube of Amona Evacuation. sec. AMONA: Violent confrontations in synagogue NewsGrid Israel begins evacuation of illegal Amona outpost 56 sec. Aerial view of Amona eviction followed by 12 titled still shots of more You Tubes.

7.Amona evacuation to continue after dark

Police state eviction of families from Amona to continue after dark despite falling temperatures. By Gary Willig, 01/02/17 17:13

Evacuation of Amona – Eliran Aharon

The police issued contradictory statements regarding the evacuation of Amona Wednesday evening. The initial statement stated that the evacuation will pause as sundown approaches and that the evictions of the 40 families which live in Amona would resume Thursday morning. However, a later statement said that the evacuation would continue Wednesday evening.

Security forces arrived to carry out the complete evacuation of the town Wednesday morning, where they met with resistance from supporters of Amona. Police announced that 15 people were arrested during the evacuation.

The cold February weather made the evacuation more difficult for all sides Wednesday afternoon. United Hatzalah announced that it had treated people In Amona for hypothermia in addition to light injuries.

A police spokesman issued the following statement:

“The situation as of this hour in Amona: Since the beginning of the evacuation 20 police officers have been lightly injured. Several were evacuated for medical treatment in the hospital and most of them have been released while others were treated on the spot. Hundreds of youths who had gathered in the community have been removed by bus. As of now, 28 buildings have been evacuated. 11 families living in the community have been fully evacuated and 11 other families were evacuated [voluntarily] in line with the agreement [between the residents and the government]. Since the beginning of the evacuation 13 young people have been arrested for violating public order, obstructing policemen in carrying out their duties, and assaulting police officers. The evacuation continues at this time.”

MK Shuli Mualem-Refaeli (Jewish Home), who has been at Amona since the early hours of Tuesday evening and met with residents, strongly criticized the decision to begin evicting the residents of Amona from their homes before the Supreme Court could rule on the plan to provide alternative housing for the residents. The court was to respond Wednesday to leftist organization Yesh Din which had filed a suit claiming the proposed alternative plots were private Arab land.

“The Supreme Court has not yet had its say in relation to the draft plan and the state is going to evict at first light.” MK Mualem said.

As part of a compromise agreement worked out by Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the 42 families of Amona were to peacefully evacuate their homes in exchange for two things: one, passage of the Regulation Law, which would protect other Jewish communities from expulsion over ownership claims made years after their construction.

In addition, the agreement provided for the relocation of 24 of the 42 families to alternative plots on the same hill where Amona currently stands. New homes and public buildings were promised as part of the deal, as well as a new community for the remaining 18 families, who would be resettled near Shilo.

Amona residents voted to accept the agreement, and the Supreme Court granted a delay in the implementation of the evacuation orders, pushing back the demolition from December 25 to no later than February 8.

No work was begun on the new neighborhood promised under the agreement because of the leftist NGO’s suit. Amona residents have nowhere to go.

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