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Eternal Jerusalem

Originally published on 03/16/1997 | by Emanuel Winston

Jews – Christians – Muslims: Each claims a special proprietary relationship with Jerusalem. But the contest over Jerusalem is merely a microcosm of the centuries-old competition that is endemic to the Middle East and underlies much... Read More


Lavi: Lion of the skies

Originally published on 07/03/1986 | by Emanuel Winston

The Israelis are pouring all known avionic technology into a state-of-the-art aircraft called the Lavi (Lion). In addition, they have gathered their considerable combat experience and made strenuous demands of their designers and suppliers to exceed... Read More


Killing the LAVI

Originally published on 05/16/1998 | by Emanuel Winston

Simply put, the Western alliance, based upon current planning and available equipment, does not have, and will not have, a ground support aircraft that can also survive a sophisticated combat environment well into the year 2000.... Read More

US Policy

Members of the American Congress

Originally published on 01/01/1997 | by Emanuel Winston

We, Americans, have unleashed powerful, uncontrollable forces against a friendly democratic ally.  We have done this under the rubric of “peace”, although we know there will be no peace.  The Oslo Accords were our version of... Read More

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