Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Tues. Sep. 30 DAY 86 1:30pm

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Please note that the United Nations seems to have deliberately scheduled major UN speeches, especially by Abu Mazen on Rosh HaShana, continuing during our 10 Days of Awe.  I hope that, based on the probable ‘heter’ (permission given) of ‘pikuach nefesh’, the people in charge of our country will be taking care of business. 

I’m sure that they are.

Please read PM Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations OF 9/29/14.   Then read the various analyses you may find in various news sources.  Judge for yourself.  Bibi’s speeches are always impressive, well-spoken with passion & discernment.  Are there any clues as to his intentions for Israel’s safety & security in any future ‘negotiations’ (whether overt or subliminal) which might endanger us?  Study his speech & make your opinions known – based on facts & reality, please.

Arlene Kushner “UN SEASON”   4.Israel’s strategy By Ted Belman     5. Where Islam Treads, It Leaves a Desert by Giulio Meotti 6. Wahhabiyya – name of the True Enemy! + newsletter By Steven Shamrak  7. From: Israel Resource Review  “’The Damascus Cover’ book becomes film” & 8. From: Israel Resource Review: Vast majority of UNRWA employees in Gaza are affiliated with Hamas (letter to US Embassy, TA unanswered).


Have a wonderful day & quiet night.  All the very best,... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Mon. Sep. 29 DAY 85 12:30 Am

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Lots & Lots of Islam today.  We have a new/old paradigm to learn so we can defeat its evil intentions, protect our precious ones, survive & thrive. 1.Pres. Barack Hussein Obama claims ISIL is not Islamic.  Dennis Prager skewers that.  2. UC Berkeley Students call for Murdering Jews: “We support the Intifada” 3. Stop Denying the Obvious:  Islam IS the Problem by Geert Wilders. 4. JPost interview with PM Bibi Netanyahu for Rosh HaShana 5. Our Real Syria Strategy: Containment-Plus by Charles Krauthammer 6. Obama has the Blood of 200,000 Syrians on his head by Ted Belman 7. It’s Time to Kick ISIS Members Out of America by Daniel Greenfield 8. Qatar’s Support of Hamas & Jihadist Forces in the Middle East by JCPA: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. 9. Iran’s “Hanging Machine” to Execute Reyhaneh Jabbari  

These are my collation from last night – after I sent yesterday’s Diary.  More to come today – Sep. 30th.

Have a great day & night. 

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom


FREEMAN CENTER BROADCAST September 28, 2014 For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace & for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest.” Isaiah 62.

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 Shana Tova All These Days of Awe We wish all our readers a Happy... Read More

Gaza War 2014

 Photo credit: AP  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – (last year at the UN)

Gaza War Diary: Sun. Sep. 28, 2014 DAY 84

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

So, while we were celebrating the Birthday of the World, 5775 Rosh HaShana! commemorating the birth of Adam, the first – the World in which we so celebrate continued at War.  Therefore, the title of my ‘Diary’ continues as is.

Yes, there is upbeat news that Bibi will trounce Abu Mazen’s totally hostile-to-Israel-&-the-World speech at the UN.

‘Tis also encouraging to note that between the night of 9/23-24 several Arab Muslim countries joined America.  Fighter planes from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan & Bahrain joined the American planes – while bases in Kuwait & Qatar provided logistical support for the American pilots bombing ISIS in Syria. It was an event unprecedented in scope in the Middle East, all in one night. 

To view WHY Radical Islam is the root cause of the ongoing War threatening the Jewish State of Israel & the rest of Western Civilization, please print this missive, sit down for an hour & read Radical Islam, Israel & Agitprop by Guy Millière from Gatestone Institute, p. 3-12.  It is only one of the best pieces I’ve read recently to make sense of the senseless, barbaric violence which Radical Islam has unleashed upon the Jewish State of Israel & our whole civilized world.  This is a ‘rich’ send for you all.  This is on a “need to... Read More


Dear Friends & Family, a Special Rosh HaShana Present. A Transcript From Sha’i Ben-Tekoa’s Webcast of 9/18/14. Please Enjoy & Learn. All the Very Best, Gail B”Sd

by Gail Winston

Dear Friends & Family, A special Rosh HaShana present.  This is a transcript from Sha’i ben-Tekoa’s Webcast of September 18, 2014.  Please enjoy & learn.  All the very best, Gail To logon to Sha’i ben-Tekoa’s Website, to comment & subscribe:


From the Mind of Sha’i ben-Tekoa  




Date: September 18, 2014 / כד אלול תשע”ד

Parasha: Nitzavim-Vayeilech / נצבים-וילך  

Title:  Jews: nation or Religion


Copyright: Sha’i ben-Tekoa 2014


Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, kafdales beElul, Parashas Nitzavim-Vayeilech, tav-shin-ayin-dales, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 18 September, 2014, webcasting from Israel, whose meaning is elusive.

The word is commonly translated as “he who strives with G-d” which works since it is the name given by that mysterious nighttime man who wrestles with Yaakov.

“El” means god or power, but the first three letters are more open to possibilities, given the nature of the Hebrew language. It could mean “he whose master is G-d”; or “he who is made straight by G-d” or “one who is chastised/painfully straightened for his own benefit.”

In any case, for sure, as the great Christian Zionist Orde Charles Wingate understood, Israel is the people who brought G-d into the world, the very idea of G-d, which fits a Protestant rebel like him against the Rome that preached... Read More

Gaza War 2014


“SHANA TOVA TIKATEVU v’METUKA!” & Gaza War Diary: Tues. Sep. 23, 2014 DAY 79

by Gail Winston

A good, wonderful sweet year with great health for everyone!”

Dear Family & Friends,

It’s sad breaking news because it reminds us of the personal & national trauma that began that day, Friday, June 12th. 

I was stopped by an IDF/Police security search on the road where our 3 boys (we’ll aways call them that!) had been captured by Terrorists the night before on their way home from their Yeshivas in Kfar Etzion.  Didn’t know what it was for til an hour later when my friends at the lunch meeting who knew how to work their Smartphones told me.  We listened for 3 hours.  At 3 PM we heard they were rescued & safe!   That was a false report.  15 minutes later, on arriving home, the news was the opposite & dire. 

For 3 weeks the whole country pulled together in prayer for their safe return.  We baked Challah as a ‘segula’ for a blessing; we lit our Shabbos candles 18 minutes early; we had urgent ‘demonstrations’ of prayer & hope; we prayed fiercely to pierce the heavens.  But, then we learned the truth.  They had been brutally murdered on the same afternoon they were taken. 

“Two of the missing teens, Gilad Sha’ar, 16, from the West Bank settlement of Talmon, & Naftali Frankel, 16, from Nof Ayalon near Latrun, are friends... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Mon. Sep. 22, 2014 DAY 78 Rosh HaShana Is a-Coming In!

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

This is a long collection for your Rosh HaShana reading.  No apologies.  It took all day.

Glad of it. 

May you all have a very happy, peaceful, productive, challenging, blessed, fruitful, joyous New Year. 

And may we know sorrow no more.

All the very, very best,  Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom

Rosh HaShanah guide for the perplexed, 2014 Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought: a US-Israel initiative” Based on ancient Jewish Sages, September 21, 2014 Amazon/Kindle e-book: (free & quick Kindle application:   

Happy, healthy, challenging & rewarding new year!

Rosh Hashanah is a universal, stock-taking, renewal & hopeful holiday, celebrated on the 6th day of The Creation, which produced the first human being, Adam. Rosh means, in Hebrew, “beginning,” “first,” “head,” “chief.” The Hebrew spelling of Rosh (ראש) is the root of the Hebrew word for Genesis (בראשית), which is the first word in the Bible. Just like The Creation, so should the New Year & our own actions, be a thoughtful – & not a hasty – process. Rosh Hashanah is celebrated at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, which means beginning/Genesis in ancient Akkadian. The Hebrew spelling of Tishrei (תשרי) is included in the spelling of Genesis (בראשית). Rosh Hashanah is also referred to as “Ha’rat Olam” (the pregnancy of the world), & it’s prayers highlight motherhood, optimism & the pregnancies of Sarah & Rachel, the Matriarchs, & Hannah, who gave birth to Isaac, Joseph & Benjamin... Read More


Gaza War Diary: Sun. Sep. 21, 2014 DAY 77 2 Am

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Rosh HaShana is coming.

I learned what a Shalom Zachor really means Friday Shabbos night!  Before a baby is born, he is learning Torah.  When he (or she) is born, G-d touches him on the upper lip where that little indent is, & he forgets it all.  His (or her) Shalom Zachor is a ‘party’ where we celebrate & consol the babe for his necessary loss – so he can spend his life learning Torah all over again.  (I hope I’ve got that right.)

His brothers covered their eyes & said the “Shma” for him.  It was to cry with sad happiness & joy.

All the very best,  Have a wonderful night, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom

FREEMAN CENTER BROADCAST September 20, 2014 For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace & for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest.” Isaiah 62.

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HAG SAMAECH! – We wish all our readers a Happy New Year Full of Prosperity, Health & Security




Iran to the US: “Assistance against ISIS? First be more tolerate on the nuclear issue” by Yael Klein JerusalemOnLine  Sep 21, 2014

Iranian officials offer assistance to the US in the fight against ISIS, however they do not remain indebted.

Reuters/Channel 2 News

Iranian officials said that the Islamic Republic is willing to assist in... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Sep. 19, 2014 DAY 75 Shabbat Shalom & Mazel Tov!

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Here are lots ‘good news’ articles to perk up your pre-Rosh Hashana thoughts & efforts.

However, the last article here today is most serious: Islam & the “Killing of Innocents” by Denis MacEoin - 23 Elul 5774 9/18/14

This piece is a real history of Islam as it became “Radical Islam” & why.  This history must be learned by us all if we are to face the virulence & violence inherent in Islam of the ISIS, HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, Hezb’Allah, Iran, ‘et al’ the other evil forms of Islam.  They have totally obliterated what may have once been a peaceful religion for Mohammed first few years of his leadership of the Arab Tribes who he converted to be Muslims – or die.

Today, those who wish to call Islam ‘peaceful’ only refer to those words & times.  Woe to them who refuse to read the whole Koran & what it has become today, fulfilling Mohammed’s example of head-chopping, selling captives (especially women, children & blacks) into slavery, amputating of limbs, lashes, etc.

On to Shabbos, and a Shalom Zachor tonight: to honor the new baby & family.

Have a wonderful Shabbat, All the very best,

Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom

West Bank Settler Group Boasts Rapid Growth  by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SEPT. 16, 2014, 2:15 P.M. E.D.T.

JERUSALEM — Israel’s settler population in the West Bank increased... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Sep. 17 & 18, 2014 DAYS 72 & 73

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

I took off yesterday to visit my new great-grandson & his new Ima!  WOW!  AWESOME!!!  This may be the biggest thrill one can get in life – after meeting my beshert, getting married, having my kids & grandkids, making Aliyah to Israel, & building my home here!  So now, I’m a Savta-Raba (means Great Grandmother in Hebrew)!

But, the world, our world turns on.  Back to work.  Reading, selecting, writing commentary & sending it all out to you is my current work.   It’s often (usually) grim but necessary so I’m strictly motivated to do so. 

Manny & I always had the inner drive to “save the Jewish people & the Jewish State of Israel”.  We did ‘Hasbara’ since 1973 – before we knew what the word meant.  Now it’s called “Public Diplomacy”.  After Manny flew here to Israel during the Yom Kippur War, photographed the battle scenes in the Sinai Desert & the Golan Heights (& I followed), we came back to the suburbs of Chicago to begin our 40+ years of Israel Advocacy.  The anti-Israel PR by the Muslim countries was increasingly virulent, affecting the minds of Western Civilization against Israel.  What really raised our alarm bells were bumper stickers in California that (because of the artificial oil-crisis) said:  “Burn Jews, Not Oil!”.

After the vote in the... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Sep. 16, 2014 DAY 71

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Just a brief letter.  Busy with family today.

All the very best,  Nice night, Gail/Geula/Savta/Mom

FREEMAN CENTER BROADCAST September 16, 2014 For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest.” Isaiah 62.

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Ya’alon: The coming year will not be quiet on the security front

Ya’alon: Security costs money, there are no cheap wars…by Yaakov Lappin The Jerusalem Post

Causes of instability include the presence of multiple terror organizations in Gaza, heavy fighting in Syria, and Iran’s strategy of becoming a nuclear break-out state, defense minister says.

Moshe Yaalon. (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post)

The coming year will not be a quiet one in the world of security, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned Tuesday during a briefing with journalists at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv.

“Things can occur in every sector,” he said, citing the high level of instability afflicting the region.

”Causes of instability include the presence of multiple terror organizations in Gaza, heavy fighting in Syria, and Iran’s strategy of becoming a nuclear break-out state, while remaining the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Additionally, Hezbollah continues to build up its capabilities in Lebanon, and Islamic State fighters are provoking conflict throughout the Middle East,... Read More


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