Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Sat. nite-Sun. July 9-10, 2016 Day 740-741 12:30am 1

July 9th, 2016 by Gail Winston

We face a virulent & new kind of war.



Gail Winston Gaza War Diary Sat. nite-Sun. July 9-10, 2016 Day 740-741 12:30am 1

Dear Family & Friends,

Please view the lovely dance by Hallel-Yaffa Ariel & the song written to honor her by clicking on the banner photo at the top.

Road construction from Jaffa Gate to Kotel may irreparably damage Old City, lives of residents, longstanding health problems, noise, dirt etc.

Lots of challenges…but, as I said to a security guard who helped me find a building when 2 buildings had same address: “You’re always where you’re supposed to be. Wherever you are, you’re there….&…Nothing ever doesn’t happen for a reason!” And “America is nice place to be – from!” Six really nice Israelis helped me over that hot hour, to find building #6! One’s name was Yisrael!

The moon she is growing & very bright. Have a swell night, a sweet day.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

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Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Shabbat Shalom Fri. July 8, 2016 Day 739 6pm 10

July 8th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Herein is a long research paper which gives the background, maps & current importance of Ma’ale Adumim & E1 to the survival of the Jewish people & the Jewish, democratic State of Israel & her Eternal Capital, Jerusalem. It’s long & authoritative as is – so, I did not include the Footnotes. Go on-line if you need them.

Have a sweet loving Shabbat, wonderful night & day. Hug your kids.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

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1.Understanding Israeli Interests in the E1 Area: Contiguity, Security, & Jerusalem by JCPA

2.’Annex communities of greater Jerusalem’

3.Attack victim describes terrorist trying to drag her from her car


Bottom of Form

1.Understanding Israeli Interests in the E1 Area: Contiguity, Security, & Jerusalem

STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVES: Understanding Israeli Interests in E1 Area: Contiguity, Security & Jerusalem

By Nadav Shragai

Why... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Wed. July 6, 2016 Day 737 1am 10

July 6th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Too much rich material to summarize &/or highlight for you & sometimes it’s just too sad & tragic to write about. So, please dig in yourself & analyze these important pieces of news. Think deep thoughts of sorrow; try to evolve some solutions to pass forward & write about. And then have a piece of chocolate to sweeten up your day/night.

Have a sweet night & a great day plus a wonderful Hodesh Tov!

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

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1.Three soldiers wounded in suspected Gush Etzion terror attack 2.NIS 50 million earmarked for Hebron projects after deadly attacks & EU slams Israel for building plans in E. Jerusalem, West Bank 3.Should people of Israel remain “Jews of Silence” ? Legacy of Elie Wiesel. by David Bedein

4.Israeli sovereignty for Ma’ale Adumim [See my GW Diary Fri. for full report] 5.Danon: European applause killed Hallel-Yaffa Ariel

6.Arlene Kushner “Resilience in the Face of Obscenity” July 3, 2016 7.Dry Bones by Ya’acov Kirschen:“Plague of Islamic Terror”

8.Utterly Unconscionable by Martin Sherman

9.Israeli Foreign Ministry: 40 Dead, More Than 500 Wounded, Since Start of... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Mon. July 4, 2016 Day 735 4am 1

July 4th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Note the commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of our 3 boys being kidnapped & murdered which was the catalyst that started the Gaza War. We didn’t fight Hamas because we wanted to revenge our 3 boys. No, I believe that Hamas started rocketing the south of Israel because their “success” of their war crime at killing our 3 innocent boys roused their blood lust. Therefore, you can see why the Gaza War isn’t over. Until they reverse that “blood cult” of their Islamic Jihadism, we cannot put the 2014 Gaza War back into history.

I celebrated the Fourth of July today, by viewing Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Heroes & Remembrance Authority: A Memorial, Museum & Research Institution – with my son-in-law. So much to learn from this visit. For instance, we now have BDS but April 1, 1933 was “Boycott Day” in Hitler’s cruel reign…”Do Not Buy From the Jews”. The words: “Judea Raus” was graffiti on Jewish store windows. (Sound Familiar?) On April 7, 1933 he accelerated his repression of the Jews, including legislating the Law for Presentation of Professional Civil Service, eliminating the Jews from such jobs. September 1935 was the date of the draconian Nuremberg... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Sat-Sun. July 2-3, 2016 Day 733-734 1:30am 1

July 2nd, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

At the Shurat HaDin 2nd Annual Policy Conference on “New Laws for War” the 1000 participants learned that so-called Social Media in all its ramifications has morphed into the biggest War Weapon of Mass Destruction – a WMD for the 21st century. We could feel its evil encroachment upon our lives but, didn’t necessarily know how bad it really was.

Several experts during the session on Social Media expounded how easy it was for the companies who promote Social Media – whether Facebook, Twitter, Talkbacks, You-Tubes etc. to allow the Islamic Jihadists to actually teach their so-called “Lone Wolves” in training pants exactly where to Stab a Jew. These aimless, hormone-driven young men & women watch their Internet connections like an addition – worse than heroin. They absorb the inciteful messages that these multifarious companies pour out – like mother’s milk but, evil & bitter.

Solutions are much easier that you might think. These Social Media companies have huge, intricate data-bases of Algorithms that can read the contents of their entire product as it spews forth…And see or sense what is actually teaching murder, thereby to skillfully remove their dangerous promotion.

If they don’t... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Wed-Fri. June 29-July 1, 2016 Day 730-732 7pm 1

June 29th, 2016 by -

Gaza War Diary Wed-Fri. June 29-July 1, 2016 Day 730-732 7pm 1 Dear Family & Friends,

Preparing for Shabbat with my daughter & husband from Philly plus 2 of my grown grandkids: the Master Chef & the Gymnast. The kitchen smells yummy. Homemade Challa just came out of the oven. The sun is shining as candle-lighting time draws near.

The news is more terror.

Have a wonderful, blessed Shabbat. Hug your family, your spouse, your children.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

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1.PM Netanyahu: “You Don’t Murder a Sleeping Child for Peace!”

2.Father murdered in front of his children in Har Hevron shooting

3.Soul Talk:The Role of Failure in Living a Meaningful Life by Rabbi David Aaron


5.Dry Bones by Ya’acov Kirschen: “Talking Turkey”

6.Erdogan’s back is against the wall by Boaz Bismuth

7.The Turkey-Israel Agreement by Dr. Mordechai Kedar

8.IDF reveals defense strategy for first time in 60 years

9.An important document, at a crucial... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Dirary Mon-Tue June 27-28 Day 728-9 10

June 27th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Yehuda Glick Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Yehuda Glick, in response to the violence on the Temple Mount and the decision to temporarily bar Jews from it, has called for a more resolute stance, in a statement released by his spokesman.

“The Public Security Minister and the Israel Police have shown in the past year that they know how to fight unflinchingly against the violence on the Temple Mount. I call for them to continue standing against the violent rioters without fear.

“The events of the past year have shown that when the most extreme and violence-instigating elements are fought resolutely, quiet reigns on the Mount.

“I’ve contacted the Minister, and I will insist upon serious punishment for the rioters in the Internal Affairs Committee meeting.”

“We cannot allow a situation where dozens of tourists and Jews wanting to visit the Temple Mount, from which the call of ‘Nation shall not lift up sword against nation’ is supposed to emanate, are repeatedly held hostage by a violent rabble roused by radical Islamic clerics.

“I call for the Islamic leadership to show responsibility and understand that they will be most... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Fri-Sun. June 24-26, 2016 Day 725-727

June 24th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends, “Stand Our Ground & the World will Stand With Us!” Naftali Bennett said as he closed the Shurat HaDin 2nd Annual Conference on New Laws of War, June 20 & 21. Let us please adopt that slogan as our new reality & make a promise that it will stick!

David Bedein’s stalwart enterprise has borne precious fruit! The U.S. Congress recognizes that UNRWA is teaching Terror. The US Congress is deciding whether to de-fund UNRWA so it can no longer do so. However, the chronic, serial liar, Gunness, denies his documented actions – to no avail. He’s caught in his own web-trap. By capturing his images of seemingly ‘innocent’ young people spouting off the inciting brainwashing hate they’ve been taught, Bedein is proving his case mightily.

Read & be moved to action. Write, pray, love, be a complimentary island of peace in the midst of madness. Use this value added verbal ammunition to fight against this latest scourge of a death cult. These articles below are selections I’ve made to capture the true face of Terror. Remember: In Judaism, we love & celebrate life. We must survive in the light.

Have a quiet night & a happy day.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

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1.Bennett: If... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Mon-Thu. June 20-23, 2016 Day 721-724 3:30am

June 20th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

A busy & productive week. Two days of the Shurat HaDin Conference on revising the Laws of Warfare so the State of Israel can successfully defend the Jewish State of Israel & the Jewish people of the world against Asymmetrical Warfare. AW is unfair, unjust, deadly, a stacked deck, an unlevel playing field…you pick the best pejoratives. They have no rules to ‘play’ war by; we in the civilized world do. They use social media’s most dangerous attributes; we in the so-called civilized world don’t even pay attention.

Read about Social Media’s incitement-to-Terror dangers as reported at the Shurat Hadin Conference below. Therefore, how do we combat it? What Laws of War apply here? Do we need to re-write them? Or re-think them? Can we internalize what we’re really up against in order to adopt a self-protective, pro-active defense mechanism for our individuals’ personal safety & for our democratic countries’ permanent sovereignty & safety?

I vote democratically that we declare our permanent Sovereignty over all of our ancestral Homeland as the Jewish Nation State of & for the Jewish people.

Plus 3 articles eulogizing Dr. Irving Moscowitz & 3 articles about how Isaac Herzog, head of Zionist Union, personally negotiated with Abu Mazen & offered ALL of Israel to be given... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Fri-Sat. June 17-18, 2016 Day 718-719 10 pm

June 17th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

I had 34 pages cut down here to 24 plus 21 pages for Mon-Tues. It’s 1:30am-June 22nd. I I attended 2 days of the Shurat HaDin 2nd Annual Conference on improving the Laws of War &

hosted a meeting last night for my grand-daughter’s organization f.

So, Have a beautiful night under a white full moon, a terrific day.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

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5.820,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands by Amb. (ret.) Yoram Ettinger


6.Water as a weapon by Dr. Alex Grobman

1.Arlene Kushner “And the Good Too” June 17, 2016

After my last post (which now requires follow-up), I promised I would return to my regular format, which includes good news. Would that the good predominated. It does not, of... Read More

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