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Ariel Sharon a week after the Yom Kippur War cease-fire. Photo: Emanuel A. Winston

Emanuel Winston: Photographic Memories

by Gail Winston

First picture: Ariel Sharon a week after the Yom Kippur War cease-fire. Photo: Emanuel A. Winston 


“This article was first published in a full page, plus of the Jerusalem Post on the day that Ariel Sharon was buried.” Article & Photographs may be used with attribution to Jerusalem Post Publisher, Emanuel A. Winston Photographer & Gail Winston, Author.


These seminal pictures of Ariel Sharon and his family are published here for the first time.

Manny Winston, my late husband, flew from Chicago to Israel to volunteer during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. He arrived with US secretary of state Henry Kissinger’s first ceasefire on October 21; I followed on October 30th.

Manny was picking grapefruit at Kibbutz Dalia when his friend Sol Baskin called with a permit to enter the war zone. They drove to meet Gen. Ariel “Arik” Sharon at the Suez Canal. “Shalom” Baskin was part of the Mahal volunteers from America to the IDF, and the only commissioned officer in Mahal. He was Arik’s commanding officer during the 1948 War of Independence, and they remained friends.

Manny brought his two Leica cameras and photographed an outstanding photo exposé on October 29 and 30. He saw and smelled the “killing fields,” the destroyed tanks and the young soldiers who had survived, and he met with Sharon.

When I displayed the signed photo of... Read More

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Archaeological Evidence for Story of Hanukkah

Originally published on 11/27/2013 | by Atara Beck, Staff Writer

A fascinating museum in the Holy City of Jerusalem is testament to thousands of years of Jewish continuity on this land.

The Siebenberg House – a home and a museum showing Jewish continuity in the Land of Israel.

Shortly after the 1967 Six Day War, Theo and Miriam Siebenberg purchased a new home on a hill in the newly liberated Old City. Eventually, the site also became home to the Siebenberg House, a remarkable museum of Jewish history.

When they moved in, Miriam explained in an interview with United with Israel, her husband “had the feeling that since we were so close to the Temple Mount, Jews must have lived here 2,000 years ago. So he wanted to dig.”

He spoke to the authorities, who granted permission to excavate. Immediately, “we pulled the hill out from under the house,” Miriam quipped.

“We found two ritual baths, a wall from the Second Temple period and a burial crypt dating back 3,000 years ago to the time of Kings David and Solomon,” she said.

Over the course of 18 years, many remarkable discoveries were made, including coins, pottery, glass, jars and mosaics. One example – relevant to the Festival of Lights, which is celebrated this week – is large stones from a building dating back to time of the Hasmonean dynasty, which included the heroic Maccabee fighters of Hanukkah fame.

The Hasmonean period began... Read More

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The Magnificent Maccabee Mansion Found Under a Home

Originally published on 11/20/2013 | by Abigail Klein Leichman

Siebenberg House in Jerusalem’s Old City sits atop revealed treasures of Jewish history, most notably a palatial residence of Hanukkah’s hero family.

The eye-catching gold ring on Miriam Siebenberg’s finger is a replica of a 2,000-year-old bronze key-on-a-ring excavated from underneath her home in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter. What did the key open? Siebenberg could only guess.

The ring was just the first indication that Theo and Miriam Siebenberg’s house, built on a hill in 1970, was sitting above an archeological site like a tiny cherry atop a layer cake filled with tantalizing ancient relics.

Underneath the four-story modern house, 18 years of digging revealed what Siebenberg calls “the perfect continuation of Jewish history in one place.” The base layer has emptied burial caves from the era of King David and King Solomon some 3,000 years ago.

Above that are the remains of a Hasmonean mansion inhabited by children of the Maccabees – the heroes of Hanukkah fame — who ruled Judea from 142-63 BCE after liberating it from the Syrian-Greeks.

This once grand abode is the showpiece of the subterranean museum that Biblical Archaeology Review called “an engineering and structural marvel,” open for group tours by appointment -

‘Stones don’t talk’

Remains of ancient aqueduct and stone walls in Siebenberg House Museum. Photo by Richard Lewis

From the start, Theo Siebenberg strongly suspected that the site of his house... Read More

Muslim Policy


Why Pretend? Read the Hudaibiya Treaty

Originally published on 06/29/2008 | by Emanuel Winston

Why pretend that Arab Muslims will ever commit to a lasting peace with the Jewish State of Israel? The bedrock of their inconstancy comes from the Koran. Even when Arab Muslim leaders are not observant Muslims, they invariably fall back on the instructions of Koranic law and Mohammed’s teaching through the ‘Hadith’ (Islamic oral teachings) when they need to stir up their people.

Another reason for this deep and abiding hatred for non-Muslims is a backward society, locked in the time warp of the 7th Century by the Mullahs who condemn their people to jealousy and hatred for any people who trek forward and accomplish.

Every country’s Foreign Ministry with well-educated bureaucrats would know that making an agreement with Islamic-driven nation is like using disappearing ink. The leaders of the 22 Arab and/or the total 57 Islamic countries make agreements with impunity, knowing they can and will break them at any time convenient or necessary to them.

In fact, according to Islamic law, they must break said agreements made with ‘infidels’ (non-Muslims) within 10 years …according to the Hudaibiya Treaty Mohammed made in the 7th Century with the richest of the Jewish tribes, the Banu Quraizah (allies of the Quraish Tribe).

He made that treaty while he was militarily weak so he could worship at Mecca. But, in two years he returned with... Read More

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A Muslim Tells the Jews to Evacuate the Tomb of Our Patriarchs

Originally published on 02/26/2010 | by Emanuel Winston

President Barack Hussein Obama, born and educated as a Muslim, adopts the role of spokesman for a non-people who call themselves Palestinians.   Since such a people never existed, Obama is creating a false background for a migrant desert tribal people who wander into any area where, through the work of others, they can find work.

But, like parasites, history of the Arab Muslims, be they Sunni, Shiite, Alawites, Sufi or others, they have a distinct history of conquest and living on the looted spoils of whatever they could capture.

Israel has a distinct history of being a unique, civilized people/nation some centuries before America was discovered – when Europeans were mere pagans – before there was Christianity or Islam.

But, Barack Hussein Obama wishes to give the Palestinian Muslims false cover – as if they had any history.   This is reminiscent of Adolph Hitler sending out teams of archeologists all over the world to find remnants of his swastika so he could use this symbol as an icon of racial superiority to prove that the Aryan nation had roots in antiquity.   They never found such evidence of their ancient existence but, nevertheless, Hitler claimed that Germans were a superior Teutonic people with lives in the ancient past.

History has shown that the burial site of Abraham and Sarah, Yitzhak and Rebecca, Ya’akov and Leah... Read More

Islamic Terror Threats


What Now? Awakening an Awesome Giant

Originally published on 09/14/2001 | by Emanuel Winston


I have been asked on most of the radio interviews I did over the last several days: “What Now?”  The answer: “No one knows but, we can speculate from the intelligence at hand”. I can tell you this “our enemies have awakened a terrible giant and no one will be safe until its righteous wrath has been satisfied”.

Yes, more attacks are expected.  As an open, democratic society, we are vulnerable.  Buses, trains, hospitals, department stores, malls, power plants, water resources and plants – any place where people congregate – especially if they are symbols of America’s best.   Remember that Osama Bin Laden’s M.O. (Modus Operandi) has been to hit where it is least anticipated.

How did this vulnerability come about?  Despite warnings by many different experts, successive  American governments coddled the Arab terrorist nations, even supplying them with arms, communications equipment and training – never responding to attacks against Americans, never tracking down terrorists because successive Presidential Administrations since 1975 and U.S. State Department policy for decades was not to risk alienating the Arab oil nations.

However, we were easily penetrated.  Our intelligence agencies knew that radical Islamic cells were spreading across most America’s cities.  This included on-campus Islamic radicals who were students during the day and Islamists at night.  They have been in place as... Read More



Killing the Merkava Is Like Killing the Lavi

Originally published on 06/29/1987 | by Emanuel Winston

If there ever was one clincher that Barak is in the U.S. pocket, it was the recent announcement that Israel would cancel the building of its own famous Merkava Battle Tank to purchase the American Abrams M1A1 Tank. This decision was tentatively announced by Chief of Staff Gen. Shaul Mofaz as a budget cutting measure – or so the story goes.

The Merkava was built as a superior fighting vehicle whose first priority was to protect its crew. The Merkava was created and built by Maj. Gen. Israel Tal whose vision of a tank as a combination of rumbling destruction and something a Jewish mother could love succeeded. Every component of the Merkava plays a role to insulate the crew from hostile attack as well as enhance the comfort of the crew, creating a vehicle conducive to high morale and “fightability”. This Jewish juggernaut fought and conquered the dreaded Soviet T-72 tank, which the U.S. and Europe thought was unbeatable. To their astonishment in Lebanon, 1982, the Merkava with its 105mm cannon and special Israeli-made kinetic energy shells destroyed the Soviet’s prized technology. (1)

The Merkava Mark 3 appeared on Independence Day May 1989. It is now modular, meaning that more than 50% of the Mark 3 protection system is modular and can be upgraded as improvements are made. The 105 mm... Read More

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Letter From Ovadia Yosef, Rishon Le Zion Chief Rabbi of Israel

Originally published on 11/07/1973 | by Gail Winston

I was an eyewitness when Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef presented his letter (enclosed) to the Jewish people, to all sons of Israel, to help the Ethiopian Jews who are true Jews from the tribe of Dan make Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael.

My husband, Emanuel A. Winston, z’l, and I came to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Manny went to the Sinai campaign as a photographer and writer. Then he went up to the Golan to cover that campaign with his cameras and pen. I hope to post on our Website his remarkable color photographs and written description of the battlefields and the young soldiers who won these two outstanding victories by our IDF – and their terrible losses.

While Manny was on the Golan, November 7th, then Quartermaster Corps Head, Chezi Ovadia took me to see Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, z’l. Rabbi Yosef gave this remarkable historical document to Chezi and me for Bernard Alpert of the Committee for Ethiopian Jews. Bernie and his wife, Fran, were then using audio-visual methods to describe the very difficult lives of our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.

Of course, Rabbi Yosef’s letter was in Hebrew. We went back to our hotel and translated it as best we could. Here it is in English.

This was the letter that declared that the Ethiopian Jews were true... Read More



Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria

Originally published on 07/24/1984 | by Gail Winston

The battle lines are drawn for Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, without which, the security of Israel is at extreme risk.  Israel cannot defend Jerusalem if she decides to surrender Judea and Samaria as a territorial sacrifice for the ‘sake of peace’.  The Arab/Muslim world, supported by the Soviets, Muslim (non-Arab) countries, non-aligned nations, Europe, Japan and Africa (for the sake of oil), and the Vatican will continue to press Israel to give up sovereignty of Jerusalem, if Judea and Samaria follow the precedent of Sinai.

We will not permit the loss of Jerusalem, or Judea and Samaria, as that loss is implied by the linkage interpretation of the Camp David Agreements, and the Reagan Plan [plus every other ‘Plan’ that has since followed].  Giving up under U.S. pressure would not only make Israel’s defense impossible, it would also break the morale of Israel’s population.  Then Israel’s fate could well become that of the Lebanese Christians.  The Arabs will not mind, but American Jews should.

Many frontier Zionist pioneers in Judea and Samaria left their comfortable homes in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York, Chicago and other countries to create pioneering facts intended to keep a Jewish presence in the Land of our Heritage.  If there is to be true peace, there is no reason for this part of our Land to be “Judenrein”. ... Read More



Jerusalem: The Winston Defense Collection!

Originally published on 03/16/1997 | by Emanuel Winston

July 28, 2013 ETERNAL JERUSALEM Originally Published: March 16, 1997

The following article: ETERNAL JERUSALEM was published March 16, 1997 – number 2 in our re-publishing of many of our articles defending Jerusalem as the Eternal, Golden Capital of the Jewish People given by G-d in perpetuity.

Jews – Christians – Muslims. Each claims a special proprietary relationship with Jerusalem. But the contest over Jerusalem is merely a microcosm of the centuries old competition that is endemic to the Middle East and underlies much of today’s conflict. Each challenging order submits their claim as if it supersedes that of all others, insisting conquest justifies their demand which of course, it doesn’t. The reader must understand that this region of the world breeds feuds that can last hundreds of not thousands of years.

Does it matter who claims Jerusalem as long as its true owners once again have full possession? The Jews are living in Jerusalem under an Israeli government, with their own laws, once again controlling their own destiny. Unlike any other city in the region, anyone may worship whatever G-D they are disposed to follow…or not worship at all. Like any city in America, you must merely obey the law, pay your taxes and you are pretty much free to do as you please.

However, there is a challenge hanging over the city which comes... Read More


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