Gaza War 2014


Aug. 26 DAY 50 Gaza War Diary 4 Am

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

We seem to have another cease-fire.  Hope it lasts for a while. 

I’ll have a lot more to say tomorrow.  Tonight this is the fat & the skinny.

Life in Israel is a challenge worth fighting for.  Good people are dying for this country.  Everyone who lives here & everyone who is coming on Aliyah to stand with us thinks so, believes fervently that this is so.  We will keep Israel Jewish & free.   Anyone or country that messes with this Jewish country will regret it forever or for the rest of his life – whichever comes first. 

Goodnight, Mrs. G. wherever you are.  Have a quiet, peaceful, happy night, 

All the very best,  Gail/Geula/Savta/Mom

WATCH THE VIDEO AT:    United with Israel []

A shocking video that appeared on an Arabic-language Facebook page captures hundreds of Hamas followers rallying on the Temple Mount, calling to “spill the blood” of the “infidels” & to hit Tel Aviv.

Translated by Dr. Mordechai Kedar, an Israeli scholar of Arabic literature & a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, the chilling YouTube clip shows masked Hamas supporters chanting slogans of hate & violence, such as, “Bless the cigarettes (code for rockets)” & “Smash Zionist heads.”

The frenzied crowd proclaims allegiance not only to Hamas, but also to Seraya al-Aksa, the military wing of Fatah & Hamas.... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Aug. 25 DAY 49 Gaza War Diary Midnight

by Gail Winston

GAIL WINSTON Aug. 25 DAY 49 Gaza War Diary midnight

Dear Family & Friends,

First there were rocks [remember the Stanley Kubrick movie: “2001” how the ape used a club to kill his fellow ape - & that rock turned into a spaceship/rock-et?] Now there are rockets. In between, sticks, knives, swords, fire-bombs, Molotov cocktails, guns, explosives, bombs, missiles to rockets.

Is this truly human nature? I certainly hope not. This can’t be the best we can do. G-d gave us wonders to live with on this earth …wonderful children, beautiful spouses, gorgeous scenery. Why must our fellow humans muck it up with murder? How can their religion tell them to brutally kill anyone who doesn’t believe like they do?

Sadly, Islam is a death-cult. Gladly, Judaism is a life-giving source.

Must there... Read More

Gaza War 2014

AN ISRAELI army officer explains to journalists how Hamas built tunnels to attack the country. Photo: REUTERS

Aug. 21 Midnight DAY 44 Gaza War Diary

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends, 

It’s a lovely afternoon.  Hot. 33º = 98º Fahrenheit.  But, nice & it will cool off by dusk.  However, NOT for Israel’s endangered, threatened, rocketed South.  We get the Code Red Sirens over the beautiful Kol HaMusica’s classical music:  “Az’aka” then the town, kibbutz, city being targeted.  We are truly blessed with Israel’s brilliant brains, especially Brig. Gen. Daniel Gold, the maverick thinker who pushed Military hi-tec industry to convince the doubting Defense Ministry to develop our “Kipat Barzel” (Iron Dome). [See the full page article in the Jerusalem Post Magazine section of Aug. 8th, pg. 8.] 

Some dimwits in the UN want us to protect Hamas with it.

It seems as if Hamas is (hopefully) using up its last stocks of rockets, missiles & other projectiles – to kill (Heaven Forefend) our citizens & destroy what they’ve left of Gaza, including their own children, women & men.  They’ve literally murdered their own “tunnel diggers”.  So far 160 children have died or been executed while or for digging the Hamas Murder “T.M.D.” or “Tunnels of Mass Destruction”.   Hamas’ War Crimes stink to High Heaven! 

But, somehow the world is lining up to try Israel & Israelis for defending ourselves, calling that “war crimes”.  Has the world gone mad?

The hostiles of the world are attacking our civilians for... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Aug. 20, 2014 DAY 43

by Gail Winston

“Only With Sovereignty from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea will Israel have Lasting Peace, Independence, Freedom & Security in a Jewish & Democratic State”

GAIL WINSTON   Gaza War Diary Aug. 20, 2014 DAY 43

Dear Family & Friends,

Well, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never is but to be blest!”

Nevertheless, they started up again!  Sending rockets as far as their dwindling stocks can reach.  We got a siren, Code Red “Az’aka” in Mevasseret Zion at around midnight so spent some 20 minutes in our miklat (shelter), listening to the news – in Hebrew – on the radio & eating chocolate!

Israel fired back, Baruch HaShem.  I hope massively.  They deserve everything their child sacrificing, death cult leaders set them up for.  Their cowardly leaders hide in their terror-sponsor states of Qatar or Turkey or in their air-conditioned underground tunnels, into which they don’t permit their own civilians.

Do I sound mad?  I certainly hope so. 

[It’s now 8/21 at 4:30.  I’ll send this now & start preparing 8/21 Day 44 now]

We’re still hearing frequent “Az’aka” Code Red announcements but, haven’t got an update total….Maybe tonight we’ll catch up.

Have a great afternoon, evening, night.  All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Mom


From: Rabbi Rachamim Pauli  Wed. Aug. 20, 2014 @9:58 am

Somebody very high up in Israel leaked a video regarding our security... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Aug. 19, 2014 DAY 42

by Gail Winston

“Only With Sovereignty from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea will Israel have Lasting Peace, Independence, Freedom & Security in a Jewish & Democratic State”

GAIL WINSTON   Gaza War Diary Aug. 19, 2014 DAY 42

Dear Family & Friends,

Although we’ve had no incoming rockets, missiles & other ‘projectiles’ for the last few days, we are still in a War over Gaza.  The War of Words in the International MSM (MainStreamMedia), featuring with full pictures: all the hatred from the anti-Israel/pro-Muslim hordes;  all the false accusations by the UN (Ugly Nothing – as dubbed by Steven Shamrak below) with their UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council); all the guilty verdicts pre-given by the Council selected by the UN to stuff Israel into their Kangaroo Pocket;  all the schmutz thrown at Israel by its designated Chairman whose name strangely rhymes with “Shabbos”….. Maybe the Arab Muslims will declare him a “secret Jew” & discredit him.  That would be rich.  (PS:  I just learned from Sha’I Ben Tekoa’s Thursday Radio Webcast that Schabas’ father was Jewish.  Wow! Another self-hating Jew lurking inside of him – trying to get back at his father!)

All these words are deadly because they set us up to be murdered again.

It’s a War of Words but it is still deadly.  The ongoing ‘cease-fires’, their violent breakage, their restarts & stops,... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Aug. 16, 2014 DAY 39

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Shavua Tov!  Have A Good Week!   Quiet so far.  Several great articles for you to read.  A few need you to click onto their website to view their YouTubes &/or their complete articles.  But, it is very worthwhile for you to do so.

All the very best – a peaceful, happy night.  Gail/Geula/Savta/Mom

Demonstrate Sovereignty, not solidarity  by RUTHIE BLUM

Until Thursday evening’s rally at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, the last time I participated in a demonstration was in 2005. And though the two events could not have been more different, the connection between them was direct.

Back then, the Knesset was on the verge of approving Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan for the “unilateral disengagement from Gaza” — a less brutal name for the forcible evacuation of every last Jew from Gush Katif, and the eradication of four Jewish communities in northern Samaria.

Suicide bombers had been blowing themselves up daily on buses and in malls, and Israelis were desperate for the government to take action. Disengagement was Sharon’s answer.  In spite of countrywide protests — and a lost referendum within Sharon’s Likud party, which caused its leader to pull a stunt and form Kadima overnight — the entire media and much of the public was game to get out of Gaza.

The rest of us considered the plan... Read More

Gaza War 2014

Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett

Aug. 13, 2014 Day 36 12 Midnight – Gaza War Diary in Israel Continuing…Probably Tonight – Wednesday Night – Thursday Morning.

by Gail Winston

Dear Friends & Family,

Probably more war tomorrow. See below – as expected.

But, have a quiet, safe, peaceful night,

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Mom

Fresh Gaza hostilities likely Wednesday. IDF to expand counteraction for Hamas rockets

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 12, 2014, 11:18 PM (IDT)

Tags: Gaza, IDF, Hamas, Egypt, ceasefire, negotiations, US,

IDF mobile artillery ready for resumed Gaza warfare

The seventh truce in the ongoing Israel-Hamas passage of arms is generally expected to end Wednesday night Aug. 13, with a fresh outbreak of hostilities triggered by resumed Hamas rocket fire. The indirect Egyptian-brokered talks between the parties in Cairo have never got off the ground. From the start, all three realized that the gaps between Israel and the Palestinians were unbridgeable and, moreover, that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority were totally at odds on a common negotiating stance. debkafile’s intelligence sources report exclusively that Egyptian intelligence mediators presented separate papers to the Israelis and Palestinians, knowing – as they acknowledged informally – that the two papers were miles apart.

A source close to the talks told debkafile Tuesday night that the Israeli envoys had nothing to do all day in Cairo except to drink hot cups of strong tea in the hotel room assigned them by their Egyptian hosts. In any... Read More

Gaza War 2014



by Gail Winston


Dear Family & Friends,

Unless Hamas changes its spots while the US, UN & other world bodies dance naked in the moonlight – I don’t think so.  The Israeli government & IDF must decisively end the Hamas’ capability to launch deadly Rockets on our civilians at will. Can we do that from the air so as not to further endanger our young & older soldiers?  I think so.

We must destroy ALL of their tunnels – NOT just the ones we’ve discovered so far.

IF we need to go back in on the ground, risking our soldiers – WE MUST LET THEM FIGHT TO WIN!  We cannot endanger our precious soldiers by continuing to treat Hamas’ human shields – their own children, women & men – to ice cream popsicles.  We have to be as dangerous to them as they are acting to us & ours.

We must also maintain our sturdy, justified blockade of Gaza to prevent more arms & arms’-making materiél to enter.

We must block re-entry of cement & metal into Gaza to stop Hamas re-building of more tunnels which would permit their leaders to send their own children to their deaths while building those tunnels.   Hamas’... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Aug. 10, 2014 DAY 33 11:56 Pm ONGOING GAZA WAR on ISRAEL – AFTER GAZA WAR ENDED on TISHA B’AV, HAMAS STARTED UP AGAIN FRIDAY Before Cease-Fire Ended at 8 Am?!?!

by Gail Winston


Dear Family & Friends, Our huge family Shabbat of “15 around the table” was great, noisy, fun, Kdai Meod! [very worthwhile].

A huge beautiful full moon is smiling at me outside my computer window – so, “life is good”! Enjoy it!! While I write to you, I listen to Kol HaMusica, because I like to – but also, because they interrupt their beautiful music with the “Az’aka” Code Red Siren alert – listing the community, town, kibbutz, city where Hamas is launching its Rockets of Death. We have ‘Kippah Barzel’ Iron Dome to protect us…but, each defense missile we send up, costs us huge!

My computer & printers are ‘wonky’ today. No Google to rely upon. So please accept my ‘stream of consciousness’ on the ‘matzav’ (situation) here in beautiful Israel. Also, please enjoy edifying, scarifying & electrifying articles by several brilliant people. Total impression: Israel is being beaten up around the world for defending ourselves – as usual. Lots of lies, smears, heart-rending stories of our soldiers experiences in the field during the first 30 Days of what may be an ongoing War in Gaza.

Hamas is beaten. Hamas leaders hung their own people out to be killed. They poured Billions of dollars from various Muslim dictatorships into explosives for... Read More

European Union Policy Against Israel

Meetings of the Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels- North Atlantic Council Meeting


Originally published on 07/07/2006 | by Emanuel Winston

  7/7/06 1 year ago Four Islamic Suicide Bombs & Murders 52 London Commuters

Some time ago I noticed a small article in U.S. Defense News about the Europeans ‘somehow’ planning to employ NATO as their military arm as a Rapid Response Force.  My alarm bells started ringing that this was a threshold move to gather sufficient military power to cross the Mediterranean Sea and occupy the Jewish nation of Israel, claiming it was a “necessary move toward regional peace”for the good of all”.     Nothing in that small article suggested that there was a far greater ‘Game Plan’, intended to pacify the Arab and Muslim oil nations by driving the Jews either onto a smaller sliver of land, as originally proposed by the U.N. or to extinction….whatever was doable first.   That translates to seeing that which was not supposed to be seen.

Sometimes clues expose the intentions without the hard evidence of what is called the “‘smoking gun”.  So, let’s start accumulating the bits and pieces which, by themselves, don’t tell all of the story but point us in the right direction.

We know that in 1947 the U.S. State Department worked diligently at the behest of the Saudis, Egypt and the oil corporations to kill the U.N. proposal to allow the Jews to have their ancient homeland, the only place... Read More


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