Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Wed. Oct. 22 DAY 108 1:40 Am

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends

Tonight my grandson (who could be a Master Chef in his future) came home to me from work at 10 pm & whipped up a fantastic Gourmet Mushroom Soup (his first!).  The lesson in getting such great food 2 nights in a row is:  Keep your children close & your grandchildren closer.

Hope some of what I search the Internet for you will demolish, deflate, deflect & destroy the lies a somewhat ‘hostile to Jews & Israel’ world seems to be drowning in, creating a Tsunami of destruction.  Do you believe that ISIS, Hamas, Hezb’Allah, Islamic Jihads (of all kinds)…are a temporary aberration & will just dry up & blow away without the Free World getting our act together, mounting our defenses with all our smarts & wits about us, to fight back.  As Will Shakespeare said: “Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to take the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune or by taking up arms, end them….” 

Let’s do it!

Fight Pal Statehood x2; Defeat Terrorism against our 3 month old babies!!!; Instruct Europe in Defense against the Dark Arts of Islam; Spread the Israeli-invented mine/IED-sweepers around the Free World; Share our archeology & Protect it from being stolen; Hamas = ISIS & ISIS = Hamas; Defeat the 2 Stage/State Solutions; Teach the Brits proper manners; Save... Read More

Gaza War 2014

U.S. Congress

Gaza War Diary: Tues. Oct. 21 DAY 107 Midnight

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends, 

My grand-daughter made a lovely dinner:  Fresh Turkey Schnitzel, corn flake crumb crust with lemon juice, pickles & avocadoes.  Nice to have such nice things when the news below is so full of nastiness.  But, it is necessary to know the nastiness so I comb the websites for all the news you need to know.  (That’s a lot of alliteration.)

I haven’t written up Monday’s Movie & Panel evening yet:  “Body & Soul: the State of the Jewish Nation”.  But, I suggest you go to their website & order the DVD.  It’s worth it at from Doc Emet Productions.  2 other movies to choose also: “Unmasked Judeophobia & The Case for Israel – Democracy’s Outpost.  The bargain is all 3 for $33  PAL &/or NTSC – English & other languages in subtitles.

Below:  Iran’s Nukes x 4; Gaza x 2; plus health study; Shamrak miscellaneous; Islam & ISIS; & Lieberman’s Plan to Bolster Israel.  Enjoy, my friends & kinderlach.

1.- Hell-bent on a bad deal 2. IAEA chief ‘cannot guarantee Iran nuclear program is peaceful’ 3. NYT Report: Obama seeks to bypass Congress, suspend Iran sanctions’ 4. OBAMA, THE VIRTUOSO MANAGER By CAROLINE GLICK, JPOST 5.’Israel won’t allow Gaza reconstruction if tunnels rebuilt’ 6. IDF discontinues protection of some Gaza-vicinity communities 7. Study: Haifa has highest incidence... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Mon. Oct. 20 Day 106 2 Am

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends, 

Today we received another special blessing from Heaven/Shmayim:  It was a beautiful sunny day with some fluffy white clouds & some rain clouds.  Yesterday’s rain had washed our world free of dust.  The trees were so green.  The fall flowers were brilliant.  Even the air sparkled like new.

And now, back to reality.  I just returned from seeing the World Premiere of the movie “Body & Soul: The State of the Jewish Nation”.  It was a brilliant ‘tour de’ force” with all my most favorite speakers, historians, experts, archeologists, quotes from the Torah, paintings of our past history & photos of our recent past history – settling the Jewish Homeland as promised in the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, signed in the San Remo Treaty of April 25, 1920, ratified by the League of Nations in 1922 & never abrogated.  ALL the nations (including the Arab League) accepted ALL the League of Nations resolutions & treaties when the League of Nations became the United Nations.  I’ll bet the Arab & Muslim countries leaders & people don’t know that big fact.  I’ll bet Sec. of State John Kerry & Pres. Barack Hussein Obama don’t know that very big fact. 

I will try to transmit more later about the Movie & the amazing panel discussion held after it with... Read More

Gaza War 2014

Danny Danon

Gaza War Diary: Sun. Oct. 19 DAY 104 Midnight

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,  

We’re still here!  We had a huge waterfall of our first rains today.  Roads were flooded.  Trees were washed green.  Windows got cleaned without effort.   And we were home in our house  – watching the gorgeous torrents of precious water fall down on us from the skies – from Shmayim. 

A small digest of current thought pieces – to give you thoughts.  Share them with those you care about – & who care about the Jewish State of Israel.

We won’t be annihilated; voted out of our Jewish State – ‘only’ 40% of the British Parliament voted for the so-called state of palestine; ostracized; overdrawn by any other ‘state’; change our policy on Gaza; or give into Washington pressure – while we continue to build – in Judea, Samaria & especially in Jerusalem! 


Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Sat. Oct. 18 DAY 103 12 Midnight

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends, 

Saturday Night, Motzei Shabbat.  Is All Well?  We hope so.  Still on a holiday schedule.

I need a good article on the asinine vote in the British Parliament.  Remember it was only 40% of the members & non-binding.

But, Here are some interesting thought pieces.

US denies Kerry linked stalled peace talks to rise of ISIS 2. The Hamas-affiliated media recently reported that the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades was planning to establish what it called a popular army.” 3. NATIONAL SECURITY TRAUMA (rely more heavily on Israeli-made products) 4. KERRY BLAMES ISRAEL FOR ISIL – SHOWS CLUELESS ABOUT REAL SITUATION IN REGION 5. Thugs on the Temple Mount 6. The New York Times & Israel (again) 7. FACING IRAN AT THE MARGINS OF TIME: Israel, Preemption & Intl Law BYLOUIS RENÉ BERES


Have a great day & night, All the very best, 

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Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom

US denies Kerry linked stalled peace talks to rise of ISIS


Washington says top diplomat’s comments were distorted, slams Bennett’s response; ex-envoy to talks Martin Indyk bashes ‘rightist ministers’ attack’ on Kerry

In this Oct. 2, 2014, photo, Secretary of State John Kerry speaks to media at the State Department in Washington. (Photo credit: AP/Carolyn Kaster)


Abbas: ‘Settlers’ have no right to ‘desecrate’... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Tue. Oct. 14 DAY 99 11:30 Am

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends, 

A quick send before a 4 days Chagim, Sukkot (at Neot Kedumim, the Biblical Landscape Reserve of Israel, created by Nogah Hareuveni, z’l & Helen Frenkley – near Ben Gurion Airport).  Then Hashana Raba, Shemini Atzeret & wild dancing for Simchat Torah!

Have a wonderful Chagim celebrations, a peaceful week.  All the very best,

Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom 

1.R. Rachamim Pauli Digest

2. Very Good News Israel: The Jewish State in its true light.

3. “Too many Israelis” Have Abandoned the Suicide Option by Mark Langfan 

4. The Praise of Folly by Alexander Maistrovoy: A miracle will not happen. 

5.Devious NYT reporting: Jodi Ruderon reports on the Temple Mount today after the Ban Ki-Moon made a provocative statement

6. Dry Bones blog:  Funding for Gaza

7. Sweden’s Tilt Toward the Palestinians  By Joseph Puder 

8. Body and Soul: The State of the Jewish Nation by Dr. Phyllis Chesler  Movie Review

Moadim LeSimcha tomorrow is the day of the sealing of the book of life,

R’ Rachamim Pauli:

Before the Protective Edge battles Hamas was bankrupt to pay salaries now they have been pledged $5.4 billion which will cover reconstruction and believe me more and more weapons. The world is busy being hypocrites. If $540,000,000 were pledged to Ebola Research think of what could be done.

Ed-OP by me: A tragedy has occurred in a... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Mon. Oct. 13 DAY 98

by Gail Winston

Shavua Tov!  A good Week!  Mo’dim L’Simcha!

Dear Family & Friends,

7 hours of reading, cutting & pasting so you can view the news.  Lots to learn as always.  Enjoy.  “Fight the world war of words”.  I think I’ll change the name above from ‘Gaza War Diary’ to “Fight the World War of Words’ when the ‘Day turns 100’.

Have a great night, day, week of Sukkot, HaShana Raba, Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah.  Maybe another send tomorrow before those Holidays.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom 

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Netanyahu Slams Ban Ki-Moon’s ‘Occupation’ Remarks In Ramallah, Ban Ki-moon blasts settlements, Temple Mount strife The Significance of the First Hezb’Allah  Attack against Israeli Forces since 2006 Yemen Changes Hands. Will an Iranian Stronghold Emerge Near the Entrance to the Red Sea? Temple Mount riot foiled after police storm Al-Aqsa mosque Donors pledge $5.4 billion to rebuild Gaza Rebuilding Gaza is rebuilding terrorism Dead end for Hamas Israel successfully tests ‘naval Iron Dome’ US says Turkey will allow use of its bases against Islamic State Iranian opposition: Nuclear project relocated to unknown site U.S., Canada’s RCMP Team Up with Islamists

DAILY ALERT for Conference of Presidents 10/13/14. 

Netanyahu Slams Ban Ki-Moon’s ‘Occupation’ Remarks

By Arutz Sheva Staff 10/13/2014, 4:53 PM


PM fires at UN’s muddling of basic facts regarding Gaza. ‘There is no occupation of Gaza, because we withdrew,’ he explains.

Confronting ideas: UN Secretary Ban... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Sun. Oct. 12 DAY 97 7:30 Pm

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Too much information.  Preparing it for you to read is a privilege.  My eyes are blurry. So enjoy. 

It might sort of rain here.  We’ve had a few drops.  Can’t wait til the trees get washed off.  Remember my story of how 60% of the trees in the JNF forest across from my house got destroyed by last December’s big ‘ice/snow’?  Well, after the foresters came & cleared the dead, grey wood (a real fire hazard), it looks more like 90%!!!  The big pines were literally pulled out by their roots by the weight of the snow & not enough soil on eroded, terraced hillsides.  Hope they plant more.  They should be here forever.

Have a great night, day, more of Sukkot.  All the very best,

Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom

1.MKs Support Gush Etzion Building Projects at Outpost Event 2. Misunderstanding Palestine: The true costs of a two-state solution by Prof. Louis René Beres 3. Hamas Threatens Jews to Leave Israel – Or Else  4. MK Feiglin: ‘Hamas & ISIS Control the Temple Mount’  5. Israel-Bashing Westerners Beg the Caliph for Mercy: He knows with whom he is dealing, that Caliph  by Giulio Meotti 6. Can Israel Ever Trust Europe? Part III  By Manfred Gerstenfeld, INN  7.Iranian official: If US topples Assad, Israel will be at risk 8. British parliament to... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Sat. Oct. 11 DAY 96 2 Am

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Surprise!  Iran is heating up & exposing itself.  Do you think ISIS is bad news for the world?  Imagine ISIS with nukes.  Iran is their immediate path to Nukes. Who can stop Iran’s Nukes?  Who is your first response?  You’re probably correct.  These critical articles came in Friday before Shabbat.

Have a great night, day, week.  All the very best,

Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom

1.Iran Admits Testing Nuclear ‘Bridge Wires’ at Exploded Parchin by Mark Langfan  2. Report: ‘Foreign country’ behind Iran military center blast 3. Bringing happiness to Iran by Caroline Glick 4. Dry Bones: The Happy Holiday of Sukkot 5. Britain, Sweden – & a State of Palestine?  by Denis MacEoin  6. Thank You, ISIS By David Horowitz 7. Jewish Journalist Colleagues: Stop the Self-Censorship by David Bedein 8. America Praises & Supports Terrorist Government By David Rubin


Tishrei 16, 5775, 10/10/14 12:12

Iran Admits Testing Nuclear ‘Bridge Wires’ at Exploded Parchin by Mark Langfan 


Reports quote Iran as saying it tested devices to detonate nuclear reaction at secret facility that blew up this week.

In the wake of the reported massive explosion at Iran’s secret nuclear facility at Parchin on Sunday, it was reported by USAToday that Iran has admitted it had “tested ‘exploding bridge wires’” at Parchin, & “not neutron initiators.”

Just last Friday, Arutz Sheva published an article explaining how the IAEA in November 2011 reported... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary: Fri. Oct. 10 DAY 98 2:30 Am Chag Sukkot Sama’ach! Have a Very Joyous Sukkot. Sukkot Is Our Best & Most Joyous Chag (Holiday-Holy Day)!

by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

What can I say?  Sometimes what I read is better than what I could say – So, here’s your Friday read.  Enjoy.  Learn.  Fight back against the Manipulating Media!

Have a great night, day, Shabbat, Sukkot week-end.  All the very best,

Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba/Mom

1.If Cyprus is “EU outpost” Israel protects “EU outpost” By Mark Langfan with several maps! 2. Roger Cohen, the “Nakba,” & the Falsification of History by Seth Mandel | @SethAMandel  Commentary Magazine 3. Hamas Vows Fight to ‘Last Drop of Blood’ on Temple Mount 4. Succot, Jewish prophesy & your evening news  By Tuvia Brodie  5. “Remove Israel from That Map!” by Khaled Abu Toameh 6. Can Israel Ever Trust Europe? Part Two by Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld 7. PUMP the Movie & Cutting Off Funding for Jihad  by Citizen Warrior 8.  PUMP: The Movie that Can Help Kick the Oil Addiction by Edwin Black  9. Israel’s Bright Future  By Joseph Puder  10. Philo-Semitism by Prof. Paul Eidelberg & ABOUT JEWS  By Mark Twain  11. Al-Durah Whistleblower Launches New Campaign to Counter France 2 Advertising Blitz


FREEMAN CENTER BROADCAST October 9, 2014 For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace & for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest.” Isaiah 62.

FREEMAN CENTER FOR STRATEGIC STUDIES P.O. Box 35661 * Houston, Texas 77235-5661 * E-mail: OUR WEB SITE >

  During... Read More


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