Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Tue-Wed. May 2-3, 2016 Day 673-674 3am

May 2nd, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends

At 3am I’m ready to let the articles below speak for themselves – which they all do very well. Please enjoy. Have a gentle night, a productive day.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

Our Website:

1.Justice Minister Shaked Commits to Enforcing Sovereignty in Area C

2.US Investment In – NOT Foreign Aid TO – Israel

3.Trump: Israel should keep building in Judea & Samaria

4.Who are Security Council members so “concerned” about Israel controlling the Golan?

5.’If Ettinger’s Public Enemy No. 1, why isn’t there evidence?’

6.IDF goes to war against its soldier: MK Smotrich demands explanation

7. 3 IDF soldiers were injured in a vehicular ramming terror attack

8.The terrorist became ‘mister,’ they murdered us twice

9.Attacked by Haredi, Religious Officer Impounds His Hat, Forces Him to Sit & Learn

10.The Cycle Begins Again: Chareidi Rabbis Harvest Wheat for Next Year’s Pesach Matzot

11.”Never Again” is dead by Stanley Zir

12.Palestinian Islamic Jihad Delegation in Iran to ‘Bolster Intifada’ Raise Funds


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Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Thu. April 28-May 2, 2016 Day 668-672 1am

April 28th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends

Four days to report: We had the last day of Pesach: The Jewish people reached the Red Sea & crossed it on 7th day after leaving Egypt. A full Chag (holiday is celebrated), then Shabbat – both with one of my Israeli families in the country. Then on Sunday & Monday I drove up North to Lake Kinneret on Tiberias with my other Israeli family – visited the Kever (Tomb) of Rabbi Meir Bal HaNes, stayed in Tzfat (Safed) overnight. Lots of great family fun & travel through the wonderful spring greenery & cool, sunny weather of Israel.

BTW, I’m reading Dr. Michael Oren’s Book: “Six Days of War: June 1967 & The Making of the Modern Middle East”. See below #6 in which Dr. Eran Lerman describes the importance of the Closure of the Straits of Tiran by then Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser as the ‘Causus Belli’ of the Six Days War (Israeli pronunciation). How providential that was – a true Nes (miracle) from Shmayim (G-d in Heaven) to give us the complete Land of Israel from the River to the Sea…If Only, we would please declare Sovereignty for the whole of our Land, that would be the true deterrent to Arab Muslim Terror!!

Now I give you an... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Wed. April 27, 2016 Moadim L’Simcha Day 667 1:30am

April 27th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Today was a lovely cool day with gorgeous sun. Both of my Israeli families were here for a celebratory meal & lots of fun. Three babies to get acquainted with & older cousins for aunts & uncles to enjoy.

Tomorrow is the concluding Chag (holiday) for Pesach – when we Jews reached the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea. The next night & day are Shabbos so we have 2 ‘no work’ holidays together. I hope I ‘see’ you Saturday night after Shabbat.

Have a great Chag, day & night and a wonderful Shabbat, night & day.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

Our Website is full:

1. Trump blasts Obama over Israel, pledges to block Iran nuke

2. More in common with an Evangelical president than a Jewish one

3. Cruz chooses Fiorina as VP

4. Romantic Israel By Shmuley Boteach

5. InterNations Report: Israel Fourth Best Place to Raise Your Children

6. Hebron Launching 6 Day War Jubilee Celebrations Early

7. Obama Admin... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Tue. April 26, 2016 Moadim L’Simcha Day 666 2am

April 26th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends

Another wonderful Chol HaMoed Day (middle of the Pesach holiday): Two beautiful grand-daughters, a grand son-in-law & a ‘nin’ great grandson. What blessings to be here in My Country of Israel & My City of Jerusalem whenever I want to get out of My House in Israel! Cooking up lots of yummy food for my almost whole family to come tomorrow for a BIG family party for Pesach!

As Israel’s Birthday approaches with lots of other national anniversaries in our history, much news on the SOVEREIGNTY front from different sources. Women-in-Green, of course! A new settlement to honor a Terror victim: Evyatar in Samaria! 20 families “settled” for the night but agreed to move out due to government & army pressure…I don’t know why. It makes no sense. See tomorrow Big 8 day celebration in Hebron! My friend, Avi Kahalani & I agree – see #4. Lots of Temple Mount nasty issues! & Teaching Muslim kids to hate & kill Jewish kids! 5 reports of Hi-Tech triumphs for Israel!

I think the moon is out there but, I can’t see it for the clouds. Have a nice night, a swell day!

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

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Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Sun-Mon. April 24-25, 2016 Moadim L’Simcha Day 664-665 2:30am

April 24th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

The Kotel (Western Wall of the Temple Mount’s remaining retaining wall) was packed & glowing with men raising their talliesim over their heads & their sons while the Priestly Blessing was given on the Kotel’s loud speakers. Some of my family members were there today. I’ve been there before (a long time ago) in person & it was also inspiring & uplifting to view it on live camera feeds this morning.

So, tonight as the waning moon shines into my roof window during the intermediate days of Pesach, I send it to you. If any of my listed sites don’t work, Google it.

Have a sweet night, a swell day. All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

See our Website:

1.WATCH: Thousands attend Priestly blessing ceremony at Western Wall

2.French toast- Another pointless ‘peace’ initiative By Ruthie Blum

3.Israel should silence those who incite terrorist murders by David Bedein

4.Sorry to tell you, the facts are hard to swallow, but they are the truth by Mordecai Kedar

5.The Jewish World may actually be 5-10 million people bigger ... Read More

Gaza War 2014

View of the Kinneret (sea of Galilee), as seen from Mitzpe Ofir, in the Golan Heights. November 13, 2015. Photo by Gershon Elinson/FLASH90 *** Local Caption *** ???? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ????? ????? ???? ?????

Gaza War Diary Thu-Sat. April 21-23, 2016 Chag Pesach Same’ach & Moadim Le’Simcha! Day 660-663 2am 10

April 21st, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends

We had a wonderful Seder; 11 family around the table – including a darling year old ‘nin’ great-grandchild! Lots of questions, discussions, some dramatic illustrations of the graphic points – esp. the 10 plagues! Four cups of wine (or grape juice), delicate shmurah hand-made matza, & lots of yummy food.

My computer crashed Friday day so I have a large group of excellent articles, stories, philosophical presentations, & news of 3 days stored up to send you tonight. My brilliant grandson fixed it. He literally untangled a mountain of spaghetti wires, re-attached them & I could function. One last peek at the silver full moon & so to bed. Let’s go!

Have a great night, a wonderful day & a total of an 8 day Chag (holiday). I’ll try to send stuff.

All the very best for a Chag Pesach Freilich, Kosher & Sama’ech!,

Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

Our Website:

1.Hebron shooter Azaria released from detention for Passover

2.Our estranged generals by Caroline B. Glick

3.Passover, our festival of freedom and miracles By Isi Leibler

4.The victory of the Exodus narrative By Shawn Zelig Aster 5.Biden’s belligerent... Read More

Sha’i Ben-Tekoa

11.President Barack Obama

Sha’i ben-Tekoa: Obama Must Be Removed April 12, 2015

April 20th, 2016 by Sha’i ben-Tekoa



From the Mind of Sha’i ben-Tekoa


כד ניסן תשע”ה / Date: April 12, 2015

Parasha: Tazria-Metzora / מצורה-תזריט

Title: Obama Must Be Removed

Copyright Sha’i ben-Tekoa 2014

Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim.

It’s the evening of the 2nd day kafdales beNisan, tav-shin-ayin-heh, Parashas Tazria-Metzora, the evening of the 1st day, Sunday, 12 April 2015, webcasting from the Source, homeland of the G-d Who moves history.

Well, just before Pesach started, ten days ago, the President of the United States said the United States had reached an “historic understanding with Iran, a deal that meets our objectives”…and Iran has also “met all its obligations.”

Since then men whose opinions I respect have all, basically, exposed these remarks as baseless. What Iran says happened in Lausanne is not what Obama says, not by a country mile. Two different versions of reality.

I am afraid, ladies and gentlemen, we are witness to another instance of the mind of Barack Hussein Obama who told us the Ft. Hood massacre had nothing to do... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Wed. April 20, 2016 Day 659 1:30am

April 20th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends

I cried this morning when I read Caroline Glick’s moving piece about UNESCO’s vile dissection of Israel’s 3000 year historical connection to our holy, sacred sites in our ancient Homeland. That is the only way the world’s ongoing prejudice against the Jewish people & our religion can really attack us. We somehow overcome the knives, guns, vehicular homicides & latest, a bus bomb – even & especially BDS & JStreet. But, when the world tries to destroy our connection to our precious Homeland, that’s the cruelest hit of all. We will overcome it, not to worry. But, we could use the prayers, wishes, words of disapproval by letter to UNESCO & the world media – & by social media. Notice how they always use the alphabet letters to hide their names!

Most of all, know that Israel is the Homeland of the Jewish people & always will be. All of our ancient Jewish holy sites are ours & yours if this is your Homeland.

If you are in galut, abroad someplace, come home. We need you. But, you need us & your Homeland more.

Why go to foreign countries where a Jew cannot walk... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Tue. April 19, 2016 Day 658 12midnite 1

April 19th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

More last minute shopping for Pesach food & accessories. Stores happily crowded. If you live in the Diaspora – like America – do the check-out people wish you a Chag Same’ach with a smile when you check out? And do you ask their names & wish them a Chag Same’ach? If not, you’re missing something. If you don’t know that Hebrew phrase, ask me.

A beautiful chicken soup for dinner tonight – Israeli chicken does taste better, really.

The moon is smiling at me from my roof window as it grows to full by Friday’s Seder.

Have a lovely night & a vigorous day. All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

Our Website:

1.The “Hevron Shooter”, Sgt. Elor Azaria named & indicted for manslaughter.

2.Pollard lawyers mock US intel chief’s warning that ex-spy still poses threat 3.UNESCO says no Jewish history on Temple Mount; Hebron & Bethlehem ‘Integral part of Palestine’

4.UNESCO’s Anti-Jewish Policy Due to Israel’s Ambivalence by Batya Medad 5.Arlene Kushner “Where Are We All Going? Part 2”... Read More

Gaza War 2014


Gaza War Diary Sat-Sun. April 16-17, 2016 Day 655-6 1am

April 16th, 2016 by Gail Winston

Dear Family & Friends,

Hurray! My kitchen is beautifully turned over for Pesach! My son, daughter-in-law & grand-daughter masterfully scoured & cleaned & covered all the surfaces, shelves, fridge & put in all the appropriate foods & supplies. Now we’re ready to celebrate on Friday, Saturday & the ongoing week with family.

But, the world turns on. See what Congress is doing to secure Israel in #1. See what UNESCO is doing to sabotage Israel’s holiest sites in #2. What to do about that?! Bibi is going to see Putin in Moscow for a 6 hour trip in #3. Why? [Gail sez: Maybe because Putin is shipping major defensive weapons to Iran?] Full Sovereignty is the only answer for Israel’s future in #4. Praise for Ted Cruz in #7 & 8. More great writers: Sherman, Medad/Pollak, Blum in #9, 10 & 11. Enjoy!

The moon is rising & will be full for the Seder – as it always is on the 15th of the month.

Have a sweet night, a busy, happy day.

All the very best, Gail/Geula/Savta/Savta Raba x 2/Mom

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